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Found 88 results

  1. Ive seen guides but they're mostly on windows, does anyone have any experience in running - making a ps on a mac. I want to run the server by myself so i can muck around on it and test some stuff. I want the server to be around the 2010 - 2011 era, so if someone can link me to a good source pls do. Can someone also link me to another post that shows a mac guide on how to make it - run it. Or make a few pointers on how to do it here, Thanks. If you don't understand what i am trying to say, just post below and i will try to explain more clearly.
  2. Hi, there's this server I found which I play on, but only on my PC. I'd like to know how to make it play on my mac for when I'm not at the home where my desktop is. I can open the .jar but nothing will load and will stay on a white screen.
  3. Not an end of the world problem just an annoying one. Stuck the specs of my mac below if that makes it any easier to understand. i'm running rsps clients absolutely fine in 'safemode'. but i seem to crash whenever i select 'software or 'opengl' from the graphics settings. Does anyone have any solutions to this? [attachment=80:Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 21.46.51.png]
  4. Hey, I've always been interested in making my own RSPS, and I go to look at tutorials however they are all outdated. Unfortunately, I use a mac, which makes it more difficult as there are a lot less tutorials. Can anyone guide me through it or help me? thanks.
  5. Hey guys i know I'm a nobody here and everyone is probably just going to pass because of that truth is i had an account can remember the name so i made a new one. Anyway i'm trying to make a rsps on a mac and i'm having some trouble i know how to get no-ip, i know how to port forward, and i know how to run the run server.bat file in terminal. my only problem is getting a client which is able to be ran on a mac so if anyone can help me there please it would be much appreciated. lolking
  6. Alright, first things first; what source do you guys recommend for a classic RS experience? I played around 2007/2008, and I have no idea which version I should go for. I have both Simplicity v2 and InsanityX downloaded, but not sure which to use yet. Secondly, do y'all have any tutorials for running these things on a Mac OS X machine? I'm not sure how to get it set up properly on my OS. I have Eclipse and the JDK, as well as MAMP for hosting a server locally on my machine. Since Macs can't very well run .bat files and it seems most of the sources have their .bat files set to look around in places like C:/ (which Mac doesn't have), they give me errors when I run them in Boxer. Thanks for any help! :D
  7. Hello guys, I've got a problem that I have been trying to solve for quite some time now, and it's driving me nuts :'( I am playing on a mac and I have the same problem as most of the mac users with safemode, but I can't even access the login for the server. Whenever I click on "auto setup" the client crashes, same goes with the webclient. The login screen looks like this: [ATTACH=CONFIG]10840[/ATTACH]
  8. I've just brought a mac and tried running a friends server on it when logging in (718 matrix client) i click on auto set up and it crashes then i try playing without clicking auto setup and it logs in fine but as soon as the tele port to seers it crashes. i can play fine on my windows comp so its got to be a problem with java on mac if anyone could help out i would be very grateful!!!
  9. Me & some of my friends are looks for games we can play but they have macs and some of us have PC. On Steam there are a few games that we can play, but they all look boring. Can you recommend any games games we can play? Thanks, luv u.
  10. Hey I've got an error regarding cache downloading on OSX. It has nothing to do with the location (user.home) as the client runs fine when the cache is in there + I've edited signlink & my cache update class myself. The problem is that the cache is not/partially downloaded and being extracted. This leaves my cache folder with only the main_file_cace dat file & all idx files on 0 byte size. Subfolder (I know, unpacked sprites are a no-no but that's how the cache came with the source) aren't downloaded aswel. Help is much appreciated. PS for those who are wondering: Windows downloads & unpacks everything fine. Also noticed that this is my first post on Runelocus :/
  11. [SIZE=4][SIZE=5][SIZE=7][SIZE=4]Hi, I am looking for someone to help me run a runescape private server. After it is set on my computer and people can download it I will be fine. I am looking for someone to help me set it up using team viewer or some program like that. I will be happy to pay for this sort of help. I depends on how much you ask for. I am looking for a 474 server. Please Email me or reply to this post if you're interested in helping me out. P.S I am on a iMac[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
  12. I have a server hosted from my computer. And my friends is using mac and X as OS How can I make the client so they can play from it? Can anyone try to help me out? I need to figure this out asap
  13. Simple tutorial for banning through MAC address. Not 100% foolproof, but it's usually more than enough for the average spammer, advertiser, or otherwise annoying players. [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MAC_address]This is a good read up if you want to learn more about MAC[/url] This tutorial only covers how to send the players MAC address through to the server. To actually ban, just follow/copy the IP ban in Connection.java (and then through the commands) open signlink.java add the int macAddress under the method run, after the first try statement [code]try { InetAddress in = InetAddress.getLocalHost(); NetworkInterface face = NetworkInterface.getByInetAddress(in); macAddress = byteArrayToInt(face.getHardwareAddress();, 0); } catch (UnknownHostException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } catch (SocketException e) { e.printStackTrace(); }[/code] now go to client.java add in [code]stream.writeDWord(signlink.macAddress);[/code] right under [code]stream.writeDWord(signlink.uid);[/code] now in the server, RS2LoginProtocalDecoder.java define the integer playerMac add in [code]playerMac = in.getInt();[/code] right under [code]int uid =[/code] Now the server will receive the network's MAC address. This method of sending data from the client -> server on login can also be used creatively for banning or security for mods/admins. For example, we can create a file in the cache or wherever on the client side, fill it with some integer or what have you, then send it to the server. If it's "0", then login is cleared. If you decide to ban them, send the command to change that number to "1" or something and then if they try to login from the computer, check if it's equal to "1". If so, don't let them in. Another possible layer of security to add for your mods/admins is to have a file/integer sent on login to make sure it's from their computer. If someone steals their password and tries to login from another computer that does not have this number, then deny their login (as it's from a computer that isn't the mod or admin's) Of course there are exceptions you need to make but you can be creative about those.
  14. Hi everyone, This is my first time trying to make a rsps, i followed the tutorial on how to make a one and everything was going good until it told me to run the ".bat" file of a client i had download. I have a mac. Could anyone please tell me what i have to do? Thanks in advance!:D
  15. I want something simple (317) and something that would be good for a beginner programmer, but it would be very helpful if it also worked for mac :). Please leave any recommendations, thanks!
  16. Criley

    Rsps on a mac

    I'm looking for a good base to start a simple project on a mac. I've been looking for awhile and have not been able to find a base that works on mac. Leave suggestions, thanks!
  17. i have tried to log on to most web clients and it doesn't work, what software do i need to download the desktop clients and how do i install them?
  18. Hey guys! So I have been wanting a RSPS foreverrrr and have played them for almost 5 years and thought I should make my own :) I am very confused at this process as I AM ON MAC. So I have seen tutorials on how to do it on a Mac but they are very outdated and I can't follow them. If someone could please help me I'd really appreciate it. Thank you very much
  19. [video=youtube;afxofUNkWeA]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afxofUNkWeA[/video]
  20. Does anyone know how to do this? I've had a look at the very few tutorials that there are and they're getting me nowhere.
  21. One of my favorite albums to date. I can listen to it on repeat for hours. Mac really matured in this album. [video=youtube;qJMk2tyjW_I]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJMk2tyjW_I[/video]
  22. i have a webclient setup but it doesn't work for my mac, how do i get it to work for mac?
  23. Dr Fawad

    [Mac Users]

    If anybody can help me. I have a Mac please add me on skype: tetreeoflfie21. I just need basic RsPs help & help with eclipse.
  24. I am using the parascape client. I have never been able to get any clients to run on macs actually. I thought this client could be different. Help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  25. Does anybody know how to make a 719 server on mac? Please help me if you do. Thank you:)