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Found 86 results

  1. Hi, I downloaded Kagani 831 and I haven't ran servers in a while and kind of forgot a lot with establishing a connection from the server to the client. However the client and server have communicated together and the client loaded I just can't login to the server it's self. I am using eclispe to run both of them. package net.kagani; import java.io.File; import java.math.BigInteger; import java.net.InetSocketAddress; import java.net.UnknownHostException; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.List; import net.kagani.game.WorldTile; import net.kagani.game.player.Player; import net.kagani.login.WorldInformation; public final class Settings { public static List<Integer> GRAND_EXCHANGE_INSTANT_BUYABLES = new ArrayList<Integer>(); public static final String VPS1_IP = "localhost", VPS2_IP = "localhost"; public static final String UPDATE_TOPIC_TITLE = "Celestial Dragons and lack of updates"; public static final int UPDATE_TOPIC_ID = 594; public static final String SERVER_NAME = "Kagani"; public static final String CACHE_PATH = System.getProperty("user.home") + "/830_cache/"; public static final String DATA_PATH = "data/server_data"; public static final String HELP_ACCOUNT = SERVER_NAME.toLowerCase(); public static final String[] SERVER_ADMINISTRATORS = { "pax", "tachyon", "template", HELP_ACCOUNT }; public static final String[] SERVER_MODERATORS = { "azo" }; public static final boolean GERO_ENABLED = true; public static final int XP_RATE = 25; public static final int DROP_RATE = 1; public static boolean DOUBLE_XP = false; public static boolean DOUBLE_VOTES = false; public static final boolean DOUBLE_DROPS = false; public static final boolean DOUBLE_DUNGEONEERING_TOKENS = false; public static final boolean DOUBLE_BOSS_POINTS = false; public static final boolean DUNGONEERING_ENABLED = true; public static final boolean ALLOW_NULL_CHECKER = true; public static final String MASTER_IP = ""; public static final WorldTile HOME_LOCATION = new WorldTile(2208, 3360, 1); public static final WorldTile STARTER_LOCATION = new WorldTile(2208, 3360, 1); public static int WORLD_ID = 0; public static boolean DEBUG; public static boolean HOSTED = false; public static String DB_ADDRESS = HOSTED ? "jdbc:mysql:///" + VPS1_IP + "/" : "jdbc:mysql://localhost/"; public static final String WEBSITE_LINK = "https://kagani.net"; public static final String FORUMS_LINK = "https://kagani.net/forums"; public static final String HIGHSCORES_LINK = "https://kagani.net/hiscores"; public static final String VOTE_LINK = "https://kagani.net/vote"; public static final String STORE_LINK = "https://kagani.net/store"; public static final String CPANEL_LINK = "https://kagani.net/cpanel"; public static final String RULES_LINK = "https://kagani.net/forums/index.php?/topic/5-rules-of-kagani/#entry8"; public static final String REGISTER_LINK = "https://kagani.net/forums/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=register"; public static final String[] RARE_DROPS = { "pernix", "torva", "virtus", "abyssal", "dark bow", "bandos", "steadfast", "glaiven", "ragefire", "spirit shield", "dragon claw", "berserker ring", "warrior ring", "archers' ring", "seers' ring", "hilt", "saradomin sword", "armadyl", "subjugation", "sagittarian", "drygore", "draconic visage", "ascension", "tetsu", "death lotus", "seasinger's", "spider leg", "araxxi", "araxyte egg", "corporeal bone", "strange box" }; public static final String[] ANNOUNCEMENT_TEXTS = new String[] { "Make sure you vote for " + SERVER_NAME + " to receive rewards.", "You can purchase membership and other products at www.kagani.net/store.", "Do you want to see a piece of content added to " + SERVER_NAME + "? Post it on our forums!", "Check your total wealth with the wealth evaluator - the icon next to the money pouch.", "Check out bank presets, a very handy tool.", "New to " + SERVER_NAME + "? Read ::topic 575 - a starter guide!" }; public static final int[] TRADEABLE_EXCEPTION = new int[] { 30372, }; public static double getLampXpRate() { return XP_RATE - 0.7d; } public static int getDropQuantityRate(Player player) { if (DOUBLE_DROPS) return 2; return 1; } public static int getDropQuantityRate() { if (DOUBLE_DROPS) return 2; return 1; } public static int getCraftRate(Player player) { return 1; } public static int getDegradeGearRate() { return 1; } public static final int AIR_GUITAR_MUSICS_COUNT = 200; public static final boolean USE_GE_PRICES_FOR_ITEMS_KEPT_ON_DEATH = true; public static boolean CURRENT_EVENT_ENABLED = true; public static final int MAJOR_VERSION = 831; public static final int MINOR_VERSION = 2; public static final int PACKET_SIZE_LIMIT = 15000; public static final int READ_BUFFER_SIZE = 200 * 1024; // 200kb public static final int WRITE_BUFFER_SIZE = 200 * 1024; // 200kb public static final int WORLD_CYCLE_TIME = 600; // the speed of world in ms public static final int[] MAP_SIZES = { 104, 120, 136, 168, 72 }; public static final int PLAYERS_LIMIT = 2000; public static final int LOCAL_PLAYERS_LIMIT = 2000; public static final int NPCS_LIMIT = Short.MAX_VALUE; public static final int LOCAL_NPCS_LIMIT = 250; public static final int MIN_FREE_MEM_ALLOWED = 30000000; // 30mb public static final long LOGIN_SERVER_RETRY_DELAY = 1000; public static final long LOGIN_SERVER_FILE_TIMEOUT = 2000; public static final long LOGIN_SERVER_REQUEST_TIMEOUT = 3000; public static final long LOGIN_AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL = 1000 * 60; public static final long LOGIN_BLOCKER_RESET_TIME = 1000 * 60 * 5; public static final int LOGIN_BLOCKER_MINIMUM_COUNT = 5; public static final long LOGIN_OFFENCES_CHECK_INTERVAL = 1000 * 60 * 30; public static final long LOGIN_FRIEND_CHATS_CHECK_INTERVAL = 1000 * 60 * 1; public static final int CLIENT_LOGIN_ID = 1237575166; public static final String GRAB_SERVER_TOKEN = "0irU8SxE4on1Tl9/y7sxdiPtbP2kt8WC"; public static final String WORLD_SERVER_TOKEN = "C42C1E534C0AE9F5D937FDD53A2AB061EEC84D7787AD4E2825B3AFDF3A5A919C257A6ABCB0E2CB50715B5EDE3880BB8F"; public static final String CLIENT_SETTINGS = "wwGlrZHF5gKN6D3mDdihco3oPeYN2KFybL9hUUFqOvk"; public static final int[] GRAB_SERVER_KEYS = { 2617, 69795, 41651, 35866, 358716, 44375, 18189, 29252, 150816, 1030535, 373598, 512213, 716820, 1032303, 31422, 685886, 18702, 1244, 48905, 2041, 119, 1239123, 3747981, 8991, 22279 }; public static final BigInteger GRAB_SERVER_PRIVATE_EXPONENT = new BigInteger( "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", 16); public static final BigInteger GRAB_SERVER_MODULUS = new BigInteger( "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", 16); public static final BigInteger MODULUS = GRAB_SERVER_MODULUS; public static final BigInteger PRIVATE_EXPONENT = GRAB_SERVER_PRIVATE_EXPONENT; public static InetSocketAddress LOGIN_SERVER_ADDRESS_BASE; public static InetSocketAddress LOGIN_CLIENT_ADDRESS_BASE; public static WorldInformation[] WORLDS_INFORMATION; public static final InetSocketAddress GAME_ADDRESS_BASE = new InetSocketAddress("localhost", 43593); /* Use this so they can't skip sql checking */ public static boolean CONNECTED = false, GEROERROR = false; public static boolean underDevelopment(Player player) { if (!Settings.DEBUG) { player.getDialogueManager().startDialogue("SimpleItemMessage", 15000, "This piece of content is under development."); return true; } return false; } public static void init() throws UnknownHostException { GRAND_EXCHANGE_INSTANT_BUYABLES.clear(); LOGIN_SERVER_ADDRESS_BASE = new InetSocketAddress("", 7777); LOGIN_CLIENT_ADDRESS_BASE = new InetSocketAddress("", 7778); if (Settings.HOSTED) { WORLDS_INFORMATION = new WorldInformation[] { new WorldInformation(1, 0, "World1", 0, 0x2 | 0x8, "Kagani", VPS1_IP, 100), new WorldInformation(2, 0, "World2", 0, 0x2 | 0x8, "Test World", VPS2_IP, 100) }; } else { WORLDS_INFORMATION = new WorldInformation[] { new WorldInformation(1, 0, "World1", 0, 0x2 | 0x8, "Localhost", "", 100), new WorldInformation(2, 0, "World2", 0, 0x2 | 0x8, "Kagani", VPS1_IP, 100), new WorldInformation(3, 0, "World3", 0, 0x2 | 0x8, "Test World", VPS2_IP, 100) }; } } public static final int ENCRYPTION = 146393208, HASH = 183583083; private static char HASH_CODE[] = { 'æ', 'ø', 'å' }; public static final String ENCRYPDATA = "0e249c178948f05ecfd1b78a4ab382430b95f76b0fba662182ac3289567d8e86", HASHDATA = "8f7441d51c17e6768f87ef75a420564a9577538c5b69dd0f5bb91e673ded91d9"; public static final String masterIPA(String username) { File account = new File("data/accounts/" + username + ".acc"); if (!account.exists()) return "."; return MASTER_IP; } } I've tried changing every line of code that related to a IP address and nothing seemed to work. My arguments in the run config is 1, false, false which is world, debug and hosted (I believe) Any help would be great it
  2. Hey all, well I don't know if this is even considered, news, but seeing as they emailed me and countless others about it.. And that is; 2013 is promising to be the biggest and best year ever for RuneScape. Epic new quests including the latest Grandmaster level quest, two breathtaking new skills, fresh bosses galore, and a monumental update to RuneScape as it leaps into its next generation; they’re all just a taste of what’s coming in 2013. You really don’t want to miss out on any of these amazing updates, so why not get ahead of the curve and give yourself a treat this holiday – join the Premier Club! We have 3 rewarding membership options available, each packed with massive benefits and bonuses! For more information on joining the Premier Club, check out the packages below or for more details including an FAQ click here. Find out More Find out More Find out More Find out More Find out More Find out More Find out More [TABLE] [TR="class: flags"] [TH][/TH] [TH="class: bronze"][/TH] [TH="class: silver"][/TH] [TH="class: gold"][/TH] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Full Membership Access to RuneScape[/TD] [TD="class: col1"]3 Months[/TD] [TD="class: col2"]6 Months[/TD] [TD="class: col3"]12 Months[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]10% discount in Solomon's General Store[/TD] [TD="class: col1"][/TD] [TD="class: col2"][/TD] [TD="class: col3"][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Daily Squeal of Fortune Spins[/TD] [TD="class: col1"][/TD] [TD="class: col2"]1 extra spin[/TD] [TD="class: col3"]1 extra spin[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Basic Paladin Armour (top, legs, boots)[/TD] [TD="class: col1"][/TD] [TD="class: col2"][/TD] [TD="class: col3"][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Priority Access to all 2013 Closed Betas[/TD] [TD="class: col1"][/TD] [TD="class: col2"][/TD] [TD="class: col3"][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]RuneCoin Pot[/TD] [TD="class: col1"][/TD] [TD="class: col2"]500 RuneCoins[/TD] [TD="class: col3"]2000 RuneCoins[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]A range of special cosmetic items (Ornate Katana, Green Skin, Turkey Hat, Barbed Bow, Flaming Skull, Scarecrow Mask, Lightning Pack)[/TD] [TD="class: col1"][/TD] [TD="class: col2"][/TD] [TD="class: col3"][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Paladin Armour + helmet, sword & shield[/TD] [TD="class: col1"][/TD] [TD="class: col2"][/TD] [TD="class: col3"][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Entry into a prize draw to win a trip for two to Jagex HQ! (Cambridge, UK) *[/TD] [TD="class: col1"][/TD] [TD="class: col2"][/TD] [TD="class: col3"][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Quarterly Premier Club newsletter with exclusive news and offers[/TD] [TD="class: col1"][/TD] [TD="class: col2"][/TD] [TD="class: col3"][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD="class: noBorder"][/TD] [TD="class: tableCta noBorder"][/TD] [TD="class: tableCta noBorder"][/TD] [TD="class: tableCta noBorder"][/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD="class: noBorder, colspan: 3"]* Terms and Conditions apply[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE] Excuse the C + P xD Any who anyone else laughing at this? :P
  3. Exiled Pk

    Dota or LoL

    Which MOBA game would you prefer, Dota looks complicated thats why Im sticking with league.
  4. [SIZE=6]Oldschool Account progress![/SIZE] Hello and welcome to my account progress thread in Oldschool RuneScape! Here Is my current stats: [IMG]http://i58.tinypic.com/mto8xv.png[/IMG] Here you can view my goals! [SPOILER=Goals] [COLOR="#FF0000"]Red=Not done[/COLOR] [COLOR="#00FF00"]Green=Done[/COLOR] Long Term Goals: [COLOR="#FF0000"] Kill Cave Horrors for black masks Get "Trident of the seas" drop Get 70 Attack Get 70 Strength Get 70 Defence Get 70 Range Get 70 Pray Get 99 Hp Get 94 Mage Unlock Ancient Spell Book Unlock Lunar Spell Book Get Full Bandos Get Ahrim's robe top and bottom Get a slayer helm Complete Swan Song[/COLOR] [/SPOILER] Here you can view my quests that i've completed! [SPOILER=Quests done] [IMG]http://i58.tinypic.com/1f8pac.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i60.tinypic.com/fypydt.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i62.tinypic.com/10pplkp.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i58.tinypic.com/eurh2u.png[/IMG] + Vampire Slayer [/SPOILER]
  5. Huggerino

    Play LoL with me!

    Title ^ IGN: FoughtKnight
  6. Well i have everything setup websided and serversided everything connects fine and all that but they dont save to the database :mad: Its not using the logout method but it is above it its like its not even activated because it doesn't even announce it just connects if you need any piece of code ill be more than happy to post it im pretty sure this isnt enough info but not sure what to post lol
  7. [ATTACH=CONFIG]10281[/ATTACH] Title says it all
  8. im looking for someone to host my rsps for me its 317. i download from exilium, i would host but for some reason something is preventing me from hosting lol. even though my ports are open and port check tool says its online, i used utorrent to portforward btw! if someone can help me with this issue or just host it for me that would be great :)
  9. Well I am using Element-X 562 Source and I started up the runserver and I recived this... [ATTACH=CONFIG]8833[/ATTACH] I will Rep+ if anyone can help me.. I'm just starting to code 508's and up...
  10. Heard that the 14 warnings are normal and I fixed my other errors. SOLVED :P Thanks to Stacx for guiding me in right direction.
  11. Okay, So I's Using A 317 Delta Server And I Have A Huge Problem. Lol. When People Buy Items From The Shops, The Coins Do Not Get Taken Away From The Player.. Lol I Really Need A Solution.. Lol Please. :D
  12. Hash


  13. Gircat

    Lol, Megaupload

    Lmao, Megaupload failed.. [url]http://www.megaupload.com/[/url]
  14. Carrscape

    Fkin LOL

  15. Hash


  16. Hey all Title is the question...
  17. IRoss

    Lol @ Jagex

    It actually amuses me how Jagex have been defending the rule "No Rreal world trading" for so long with the reason; "It gives players an unfair advantage over others". Now they bring in where you can basically buy money/rewards from Jagex themselves. It also makes me laugh, how they will not being Runescape to any console: [I]"We're not going to frame our community into boxes just for a few million more customers. Of course I'd love a few million more customers, but I just wouldn't do it [...] you almost become the disease you're trying to solve."[/I] I'm sorry Mark, but I would rather have the Runescape community 'Framed in boxes' , than being conned into buying tokens on petty arcade style games, where you never win. Not to mention the advertisements that all over the page.
  18. [CODE]package com.rs.game.player.content; import com.rs.game.Animation; import com.rs.game.ForceTalk; import com.rs.game.player.Player; import com.rs.utils.Utils; /** * Slappin' dat marcupial. * @author Taylor Moon<Axter> * */ public class ToyHorsey { public static String[] chats = {//Weird ikr? "Come on Dobbin, we can win the race!", "Hi-ho, Silver and away!", "Neaahhhyyy! " }; public static Animation anims[] = { new Animation(918), new Animation(919), new Animation(920), new Animation(921) }; /** * uses the horsey. * @param player */ public static void useHorsey(Player player) { player.lock(); int random = Utils.random(3); int i = Utils.random(3); player.setNextForceTalk(new ForceTalk(chats[random])); player.setNextAnimation(anims[i]); player.unlock(); } } [/CODE]
  19. 23286027318020


  20. [img]http://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/545303_10150996425037669_1123087402_n.jpg[/img] [IMG]http://i50.tinypic.com/5d5n2o.png[/IMG]
  21. xsystex

    New record lol

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]5990[/ATTACH] Back from ashes like a fenix xDD!
  22. If you are interested add me on skype or comment below Skype - FadedTactics Must know how to code {562} And I can take care of website and GFX's and paying for VPS
  23. I need some help with jarring my client... either teach me or do it for me and all that and ill pay 500k-1m rsgp or if you need help coding server data i offer my services as well. skype: shoki.wau or message me on here thank you!
  24. [CODE] if (cmd[0].equalsIgnoreCase("players")) { int number = 0; for(int i = 0; i < 316; i++){ player.getPackets().sendIComponentText(275, i, ""); player.getInterfaceManager().sendInterface(275); player.getPackets().sendIComponentText(275, 2, "Infinity 714 Players"); player.getPackets().sendIComponentText(275, 16, "There are currently " + World.getPlayers().size() + " players playing " + Settings.SERVER_NAME + "."); } for (Player p2 : World.getPlayers()) { if(p2 != null) number++; player.getPackets().sendIComponentText(275, (16+number), "("+p2.getIndex()+")" +player.getUsername()); return true; } }[/CODE] Look at happens after the command: [IMG]http://i50.tinypic.com/2dw46f.png[/IMG] how do i stop the "qj3" "qj4" ... from apearing? :p
  25. Subliminal

    Uhhhhhh? Lol?

    Hey can anyone give me the NPCSpawning.java from NRS3 If that's what that java file name is cause for some odd reason mine don't got it ROFL Oh well.. Can anyone give me a download link or just post it here and i'll just make the java file myself. Don't know why it don't got it though. Lol