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Found 16 results

  1. hillspk20

    logout bug

    I have a pi source and when people log out and in they gain 10 hp and idk how to fix this can someone please help me???
  2. Hey guys , I need help with my server , It logs after 30 secs out i want to change the 30 secs to like 10 mins?:o
  3. Okay so I have been looking for it for about an hour now and no luck. I do not wish to disable dropping items. Does anyone know how to fix this dupe?
  4. Everytime i click logout tab it doesnt bring of the thing that u click and it actally logs you out PLEASE help THANK YOU.
  5. title says all, if i log out it doesnt save my account.. any help? is it client sided or server sided?
  6. I got my server running, though, every time that I logout, I get the message in the server "run.bat" log: [code] [00:00:00]: Shard Revolutions [00:00:00]: Created by Graham, Vastico, Jonas and thiefmn6092 [00:00:00]: Based on work by Winterlove, Daiki and Blake [00:00:00]: [00:00:00]: Loading... [00:00:00]: Loaded 7365 item definitions. [00:00:00]: Loaded 6800 stackable data. [00:00:00]: Loaded 6800 note data. [00:00:00]: Loaded 6800 sellable data. [00:00:00]: Loaded 6800 tradeable data. [00:00:00]: Loaded 6800 twohanded data. [00:00:00]: Loaded 199 item spawns. [00:00:00]: Loaded 8521 object definitions. [00:00:00]: Loaded 3 object spawns. [00:00:00]: Loaded 2715 npc definitions. [00:00:00]: Loaded 2925 npc spawns. [00:00:00]: Loaded 18 npc first click actions. [00:00:00]: Loaded 11 npc second click actions. [00:00:00]: Loaded 0 npc third click actions. [00:00:00]: Loaded 7 npc drop definitions (total 33 items). [00:00:00]: Loaded 71 dialogues. [00:00:00]: Loaded 7 shops. [00:00:00]: Ready and listening on port 43594. [COLOR="#FFFF00"][00:00:02]: Registered Mopar [idx=Mopar, online=1] [00:00:02]: Loaded 61 packets. [00:00:04]: [COLOR="#00FF00"][B][U]Unregistered[/U][/B][/COLOR] Mopar [idx=1, online=0][/COLOR] [/code] So I looked into the coding for this to see if I could fix it somehow. Since I literally started looking at java coding for rsps's yesterday and have no education on coding in JAVA, you must forgive me if I'm missing something ridiculously easy to fix... But here is the code for my issue below: [code]/** * Handles a connected and logged in client. * * @author Graham * */ public class Client extends Player { private ActionAssistant actionAssistant = new ActionAssistant(this); private ContainerAssistant containerAssistant = new ContainerAssistant(this); private DialogueAssistant dialogueAssistant = new DialogueAssistant(this); private CombatManager combatManager = new CombatManager(this); private TradeAssistant tradeAssistant = new TradeAssistant(this); private FriendsAssistant friendsAssistant = new FriendsAssistant(this); private boolean muted = false; private boolean yellMuted = false; private Map<String, Object> extraData = new HashMap<String, Object>(); public Map<String, Object> getExtraData() { return extraData; } public void println_debug(String str) { if (Server.isDebugModeEnabled()) System.out.println("[client-" + playerId + "-" + getPlayerName() + "]: " + str); } public void println(String str) { System.out.println("[client-" + playerId + "-" + getPlayerName() + "]: " + str); } private Socket mySock; private Stream inStream = null, outStream = null; private Cryption inStreamDecryption = null, outStreamDecryption = null; public Client(Socket s, int _playerId) { super(_playerId); mySock = s; outStream = new Stream(new byte[Constants.INITIAL_BUFFER_SIZE]); outStream.currentOffset = 0; inStream = new Stream(new byte[Constants.INITIAL_BUFFER_SIZE]); inStream.currentOffset = 0; if (BanProcessor.checkMuted(getPlayerName())) { muted = true; } if (BanProcessor.checkYellMuted(getPlayerName())) { yellMuted = true; } } public void destruct() { if (mySock == null) return; // already shutdown System.out.println("Unregistered " + getPlayerName() + " [idx=" + playerId + ", online=" + (PlayerManager.getSingleton().getPlayerCount() - 1) + "]"); Server.getItemManager().destruct(this); // set this player's items so // anybody can pick them up! friendsAssistant.destruct();[/code]
  7. hay706

    Logout fix

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]5261[/ATTACH] Hi, how can i change the sprite to the door? Btw the other logout button at the top doesnt work either.
  8. The bank text says "Bank of DDSSpeced" and the logout says "When you have finished playing foxscape please use this button to log out safely." How do I change these? My source and client are delta. Been trying forever, can't find out how to change it.
  9. [code] public void logout() { if(System.currentTimeMillis() - logoutDelay > 10000) { outStream.createFrame(68); outStream.createFrame(109); } else { sendMessage("You must wait 10 seconds from being out of combat to logout."); } } [/code] What I Added: [code] outStream.createFrame(68); // this makes it so that it resets the buttons states so that it can help stop bug//s with attack styles and running, etc... [/code]
  10. The log out says when you have finished playing foxscape... and the bank says THE BANK OF DDSSPECED How do I change that? IT IS DELTA IT IS DELTA IT IS DELTA IT IS DELTA IT IS DELTA IT IS DELTA IT IS DELTA IT IS DELTA! Also, If you could teach me how to add god sword stances on Delta 317, that would be nice too.
  11. Currently you can logout during the duel arena minigame on my server where would i add it so you cant logout in it and how also its only if you just stand there if you attack you cannot logout.
  12. Ok so in my server when one person logs out then everyone on server logs out. I got team viewer if anyone can take a look please help. Here is my logout void [CODE]public void logout() { synchronized (this) { if (playerRights == 0 || playerRights == 3) { MysqlManager.createConnection(); if (KC >= 10) { MysqlManager.savePlayerKills(this); } MysqlManager.destroyConnection(); } if (System.currentTimeMillis() - logoutDelay > 10000) { outStream.createFrame(109); properLogout = true; } else { sendMessage("You must wait 10 seconds before logging out."); } } } [/CODE]
  13. I have problem with logout.Allways when i click on logout button coming connection lost.I dont know where is logout script in my sourche.PLZ help me!
  14. It says in my server "When you have finished playing EdgePkers x please click the logout menu to logout safely" I need that changed to my server name. Now the problem is that i checked client.java (both server and client sided) and rsinferfaces.java and i still cant find it! If any1 could help please i have teamviewer. Thanks
  15. Im pissed off everytime i go code a bit RL logsout. Call me lazy but i cba to log everytime i wana check posts :( #######RAGE
  16. xylority

    [PI] Logout Error

    basically when you logout this error is thrown non-stop in the server's CMD box [12/6/10 11:24 AM]: java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: 11 [12/6/10 11:24 AM]: at java.lang.String.getChars(String.java:849) [12/6/10 11:24 AM]: at java.io.BufferedWriter.write(BufferedWriter.java:208) [12/6/10 11:24 AM]: at server.model.players.PlayerSave.saveGame(PlayerSave.j ava:322) [12/6/10 11:24 AM]: at server.model.players.PlayerHandler.process(PlayerHand ler.java:129) [12/6/10 11:24 AM]: at server.Server.main(Server.java:165) im using PI as a base, Destination Pk specifically.