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Found 6 results

  1. [SIZE=4]The fact that we all try to help out this Community and give our support of getting it back on track and members here that haven't been online in ages; decide to come on and treat us like garbage. We get told to respect our staff, and I personally do... but only for the one's who give us respect back. I'm sick of how all of a sudden we are getting infracted for sticking up for others and ourselves from staff members such as Christopher in which disrespects everyone and every other team member just allows it and punishes us? Like what did we do to you. I also don't like how I get infracted for apparently starting fights that Chris originally started but deletes his comments. [/SIZE][img]http://i.imgur.com/iWue2n7.png[/img][SIZE=4] Christopher` told me that our opinions don't matter. Great staff member? Thanks mate. You are so loyal and literally, the best... isn't that right @[B][URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/member.php?u=94449"]Ari[/URL]x[/B]? Doesn't make sense. If I'm going to be punished for pointing out people who literally break rules. Here I'll quote one: [/SIZE][QUOTE][SIZE=4][B] 3. No Flaming [/B][/SIZE][COLOR=#333333][SIZE=4]-Simply put, flaming is insulting others. This is not allowed at any time. If any arguments or flame wars take place publicly (eg. in a thread or on the shoutbox), all parties involved will be given infractions and possible bans. Take it to PM or some other form of communication.[/SIZE][/COLOR] [/QUOTE] [SIZE=4] [B][COLOR=#333333]We follow those rules. Christopher` doesn't. See, I understand that some of the team mates here are friends IRL, but doesn't give him the opportunity to disrespect the users of this community. Things were perfect before he came back online. He also told me that he just leaves his computer on and does other things. [/COLOR][/B][COLOR=#333333]So in my opinion, he's not looking after the forum(s). I read [/COLOR][URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?101567-The-Rules-Updated-Aug-15-2014"]these rules[/URL][COLOR=#333333] WEEKLY to keep updated and I follow them like every other member here. But he doesn't. [/COLOR][COLOR=#333333]Sorry for making such a big long opinion/complaint, in which would probably get closed considering you are best friends with him and since he's such a great staff member, I should treat him with respect; but this is just what I think[/COLOR][/SIZE]. [SIZE=4]...also whoever said I was "seeking" staff here, I was offering to help because @[B][URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/member.php?u=1"]Ikiliki[/URL][/B] stated it would be nice introducing new people in the team.[/SIZE] [SIZE=4] [quote name='Ikiliki']I’ve read your suggestion list, and the replies to it. There’s plenty of good suggestions in this thread. I’ll point out some suggestions that I either like, or have questions about. Dark Theme This won’t bring us activity, but it seems like people really want it nowadays so maybe it’s about time we implement a default theme that is dark. Community and Toplist Store I don’t think a store for toplist ads is a good idea as I’d rather keep the toplist as ‘free’ as possible. We have lots of competition nowadays, some of them cannot be considered a list ordered by votes, but a list ordered by the amount of money a server has. Store for the community seems interesting, what exactly do you mean? SEO There’s a little issue with SEO as you might have noticed indeed, we’ve dropped in Google rankings. This doesn’t have much to do with the amount of usage of keywords like “RSPS” though as far as I know. It’s mainly the brand new toplists that actually use “rsps” inside their domain name, and the somewhat bigger ‘general’ toplists that get high ranks because they’re having tons of more backlinks than we do because they’re a general toplist. I’d love to look into this and see what I can do to make a difference, but it’ll be really hard though. vBulletin to another vBulletin, as already stated in the thread, is also a pain in the ass when it comes to SEO. Perhaps its a good idea to finally change to another system. The question is just, what forum system do we need to change to. And more important, to what forum system can we change without losing the database? Note that this won’t actually bring us new traffic, but perhaps just make the forum a little more decent for the current members. [U] Staff The staff is losing interests in the RSPS scene, that is obvious. I indeed think it’s a good idea to introduce some new people to the team that can possibly use their ‘modern RSPS’ (that’s how I call it) knowledge to freshen up RuneLocus a little. Won’t get us much new traffic, but it also makes the forum decent for current members. [/U] ‘Fancier overall website that shows technological advancement’ I agree on this. Technology goes fast, we need to stay up to date with these things for sure. Perhaps in some ways, this might make RuneLocus seem more interesting to some too. Something unique @[URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/member.php?u=221446"]Shin[/URL]jea is right. We have nothing that separates us from the competition any longer. The toplist made us big, but nowadays there’s copycats everywhere and new toplists coming online every month or so. We need something new that the rest doesn’t have and many people would like to see. That’d give us traffic. Behind RSPS lines Couldn’t think of any better title, but if I understood @[URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/member.php?u=1045"]Emily[/URL] correct, that’s what she meant. The RS(PS) scene is dying. I’s definitely not a good thing to rely on something, let alone a game that is dying. I’ve been thinking (and partly working on) about making a new website out of RuneLocus for months that basically covers many different games. The main thing is that I’d need people who’re into other games, and know what is really wanted in those scenes. For example we have an item ID list, but what is a necessary thing that is barely offered in a scene like WoW, MC, etc..[/QUOTE] Thanks[/SIZE]
  2. [CENTER][SIZE=3]Hello, I'm Thee Lion. I've seen hundreds of dead download links for releases here on the website. I made this thread so that members can access active mirrors, backups and reupload links. [/SIZE] [SIZE=5]Active Download Links: [SIZE=4][URL="https://mega.nz/#!BUxT0TIJ!ws8qn-JZLmKXPSCPrBIlPZGS3ZQIKjQYFebQfVgg1RM"]Download[/URL] Matrix 718 [URL="https://mega.nz/#!RcgnBAYL!bfVRnwS92HylQX38yp6RbapXYQi1RTWuznK0L8Lo0wg"]Download[/URL] 803 Cache [URL="https://mega.nz/#!ochEmJqa!xMiOP_4laHGBousBGe4XsXX7kh3sCOAVy3_J2RZ3ymU"]Download[/URL] Fixed 667 Cache [URL="https://mega.nz/#!lBJwULSD!1Db7SL5I_bQmqy7a-s7wovJiSFZgis143aOIJyEUWps"]Download[/URL] ChronicScape AIO v4.5 + Tools [/SIZE] [/SIZE][SIZE=5]Want a backup of your file?[/SIZE] [SIZE=3][U][B]Post below the original download link[/B][/U] and I will upload it to my drive.[/SIZE][/CENTER]
  3. I have been speaking with @[B][URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/member.php?u=1"]Ikiliki[/URL][/B] about how we could make RuneLocus more successful than it is. Since we aren't receiving as much active members like we did in 2010, we would like to gather a bunch of your suggestions that would make it as it was before. I decided to write down a bunch of suggestions; and would like you to reply with your suggestion and opinion on mine so the RuneLocus team can view all of the suggestions at once. I'll update your suggestion(s) to the list. [LIST=1] [*]Dark Theme [*]New Logo [*]Community and Toplist Store [*]More Tools [*]Loyalty Titles (Beside Username) [*]New Ranks & icons [*]New Username Glows [*]New Subscriptions [*]Forum Marketplace Section (Req: 500 posts and one vouch copy from a staff member to post.) [*]Signature of the week [*]More Community Events [*]Update the rules [*]Add more website tags so Google redirects "RSPS" to RuneLocus. [*]Separated RSPS Sections (RS2, Classic and 503+) [*]Updated Homepage [*]Daily Tweets of Updates & the Community on Twitter [*]Longer threads [*]Thread title glows [*]More staff members [*]RuneLocus Wiki [/LIST]
  4. [SIZE=5]Introduction: [/SIZE] As you already know me, I am a people person. I like to work with others, collaborate ideas and put all my ideas together to create something big. I'm 17 and I live in Canada and have a good experience with web development and java programming. I've been working with Invision Power Board for over 2 years now, I've learned a lot and now have the ability to start a service. I need a bit of funds to put towards my project and make it successful. Once I start getting some work done, I will update the thread with some media of the work I've done. Thanks! [SIZE=5]I can perform:[/SIZE][U][SIZE=5] [/SIZE][/U] [LIST] [*]Setup and Installations [*]Adding Themes, Hooks and Applications. [*]SQL Management [*]Customization [*]FTP Uploading [*]Hosting [*]RSPS Integration [*]Adding Categories & Forums + Subs [*]+ More [/LIST] [U][SIZE=5]Prices: [/SIZE][/U]I will be as negotiable as possible. Just to make it fair between me and the customer. All I care about is making the customer happy and satisfied with the work that has been done. [SIZE=5][U]How to order: [/U][/SIZE]Post or private message me with this format: [LIST] [*]Skype Username [*]What is the issue you are having or what job do you want performed? [*]How much would you like to pay? [*]How fast do you want it done? [/LIST] [B][I]Or[/I][/B] add me on [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/sendmessage.php?do=im&type=skype&u=256490"]skype[/URL].
  5. Hi I need a hand in developing this project (Skype: cycnyg) please take the time reading through my thread before contacting me This is the very very first draft of my project, you will not find pictures or videos in here. It's being posted, to give me motivation to make my ideas come to life :cool:. Everyday, I will be adding more information, ideas and other goods. [COLOR="#FF0000"]22/06/2015[/COLOR] Story - You are a soldier in the Lions army. (From Earth), You were assigned to fly a space craft to an unknown planet (The wildy) to see if there is life on other planets. You landed exactly where they assigned you to land (The Lions Point) with other soldiers (NPC'S) You are now free to explore this planet OR go back to earth. *Wildy is not a pvp area* Shops - The NPC'S that came with you on the space craft are located at home, they sell basic stuff and teleport you places. There are other shops on this planet ([B]may[/B] make a new currency for them) and they sell good armour etc. I [B]may[/B] put custom items in some shops. EX: instead of bronze, iron, steel,,, custom armour & weapons on the unknown planet would be called Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter Saturn etc* *You cannot pass the wildy line* An NPC at home can teleport you back to earth. Events - I am in love with the idea of daily events. People can't get bored with new events every week. I will be making events that gives away event items that are considered rares or just simply coins. Skilling - There will tons of skilling locations in both planets (both areas). I don't think I'll be putting dungeoneering in this server.
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