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Found 7 results

  1. RicardoPa

    A lil question?

    How to add items to a shop I get it you go to shop.cfg and search for the shop u wanna add in it but when i add the item id and amount i can't run server anymore Can some1 answer my question and how to add a whip to shops for example PI based btw ;)
  2. Ok almost got this figured out so this is what i'm getting when i compile... [code]src\com\rs\game\player\Pets.java:47: error: ';' expected public int getNpcId { ^ src\com\rs\game\player\Pets.java:51: error: ';' expected public int getItemId { ^ 2 errors Press any key to continue . . .[/code] So I tried doing getItemId; { and getItemId;{ but then i get 25 errors. Please Help Thanks!
  3. [video=youtube;OZLUa8JUR18]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZLUa8JUR18&feature=endscreen&NR=1[/video] discuss etc
  4. [CENTER][img]http://www.damnlol.com/i/5deab166be1875ee6bf90562677513ef.JPG[/img][/CENTER]
  5. Lil wayne wallpaper [url]http://postimage.org/image/29z15e71g/full/[/url]
  6. This is what i think of lil wayne please do not hate on me. I like lil wayne hes a good rapper and i don't care what you guys think you know hes good because everyone compares him to other rappers and why is that its because hes good. im not saying other rappers are shit because i like eminem young jeezy tech n9ne and drake. but alot of people hate him but over haf of the country lissin's to him. SO I DONT CARE IF YOU HATE ON ME SO LET THE HATE COME.
  7. Defil3d ko3d

    Lil help

    Well, it's not really a proper coding help thread but help is required none the less. Basically, I used to play on CrisisX. They changed their server A LOT so I quit. I was wondering if anyone knows what souce they used to have, the one where they had pest control and you could get 99 strength in a short while. I want this source because it was great to play, as you could make up any type of pure in a couple of hours and just mess around in the fun pk. I'll give you some features so that finding the source can be easier: 1) Fun PK 2) Pest control that gave loads of points, you could sit in the boat and wait for everyone else to finish and you would still get the points. 3) It was old school, with the old range animations 4) It was a 317 5) It had one wave jad (you only had to kill jad) 6) No construction 7) No customs whatsoever 8) It did have godswords and whips, it also did have barrows I know the description above may be a bit vague, but I am sure that people on this forum must know what I am talking about. The times when Crisisx were fun. Thanks in advance if you do help. I will still be looking in the downloads section for this source, if any.