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Found 6 results

  1. ryhno

    NPC Levels

    Hi, the NPCS on the source im using right now have EOC combat levels.. any ways to revert them back to normal? [ATTACH=CONFIG]9878[/ATTACH] HERES MY NPC.JAVA [QUOTE] combatLevel = -1; public NPCCombat getCombat() { return combat; } public void resetMasks() { super.resetMasks(); nextTransformation = null; changedCombatLevel = false; changedName = false; } public int getCustomCombatLevel() { return combatLevel; } public int getCombatLevel() { return combatLevel >= 0 ? combatLevel : getDefinitions().combatLevel; } public String getName() { return name != null ? name : getDefinitions().name; } public void setCombatLevel(int level) { combatLevel = getDefinitions().combatLevel == level ? -1 : level; changedCombatLevel = true; } public boolean hasChangedName() { return changedName; } public boolean hasChangedCombatLevel() { return changedCombatLevel; } [/QUOTE] appreciate any help!!
  2. I know how to make max level 50, but how would I make the exp required 50 something different. Say I wanted to make the exp required for 50, 10Mil. How would I do it? And how would i change the scaling of the levels. Like how the exp required progresses to become greater and greater.
  3. I recently followed a tutorial to make summoning give you combat levels up to 138. It works for the player but if you right click someone that is past 126 it will just show 126... :/ Any help is greatly appreciated :) -Nick
  4. [IMG]http://i1199.photobucket.com/albums/aa480/134cb/untitled-3.jpg[/IMG] i made my client load 668 cache everything works perfectly fine...but this. for some reason skills are 1/1 instead of 1/99 now, i have no idea how to fix this tbh i looked in player.java/RuntimeException_Sub1.java and skills.java and NOTHING. please help. -idk if this is a client thing or server sided tbh.
  5. What levels would you recommend to fight jad? For example, range and other stats?
  6. Hi all, (Don't know if it matters but just incase, I'm using a PI source) Just say I wanted to set my attack to 150 how could I do it? I know I can go into character files and set it to 150 but then it starts to decrease as if I boosted it using a potion. Is there not anywhere I could right something like if playerName = 'Me' then setLevel 0 150 I'd like the level to actually be 150 so if I pot it boosts past 150 and when I die it goes back 150. Thanks in advance.