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Found 21 results

  1. Java Daily - Home Hey all, I started this project around May of 2014 as something small, but after working on it, I found that it could have some huge potential. My influence revolved around sites like Khanacademy, CodingBat, and other programming-learning experience type websites. Currently, Java Daily contains a set of 6 exercises ranging from easy to hard. Users can read, code, compile, and run their code directly in their browser for ease of use. Edit (October, 2016): I've just brought this thread back from the dead, so please be patient while I add more information. Questions/Prompts: Select an exercise on the left, read the prompt to the top, then fill in your answer to be checked against the system. Logger and Compiler Errors: Java Daily will always give you feedback in relation to wrong answers or in the event of a runtime/compiletime error.
  2. Yes, I wanna learn "Java" and yes I've already looked at the Topic "Java Basics" it didn't help me much. I'm a high school student and wanted to go into a college in summer to learn the basics of java but I don't think they do that here in Florida at CF I'm going to be majoring in Computer Science and Engineering when I get out of high school and get my associates degree but first I wanna learn Java before I even go there and start learning so I have a bit of understanding of what I'm doing. I would like for you guys to give me some references on what I should do I'm a quick learner so that won't be a problem but I wanna make calculators, scripts for runescape, etc. I would deeply appreciate it if I didn't get any negative comments, thank you.
  3. Time

    Learn new music

    Hey guys, if you wanna find some new music, this is the post for you. Basically how this works is someone posts music they listen to currently, then others are free to give suggestions based off what they see. I'll start: Lately I've heard a few British grime songs and I'm really starting to like them. My favorite so far is One Two Drinks, by Meridian Dan. Any suggestions on other music in this category?
  4. Hey guys i'm currently wanting to learn revisions higher then 498 etc.. But i'm wondering, in your opinion, what is a great source to start off with i have been going through the downloads section of the forums and a lot seem to be useless or have a million and one things missing i.e. skills etc.. i would care to add these but i'm new to this revision and just want to know what 562 source would be great for learning?
  5. Title, add me on skype: mythaus i really want to learn how to code it sounds like so much fun.
  6. the title says it all im new to coding and I want to learn please help me out
  7. title says it all im new to coding and I wanna learn please give me some help
  8. Anyone have a 718 client, source with compilers and maby a link for basic 718 help i cant find anywhere good help.
  9. [SIZE=4][FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][COLOR="#FF8C00"]I am new to all of this, I am an admin on a server but it is becoming dead so am looking to start my own (in time of course) any tips/guides you guys can share would be greatly appreciated, maybe even some advice?[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
  10. hello, i am looking for someone who could learn me how to host a server and code and all the other stuff i need to know to start a rsps i will be able to pay the person who could do this and we can talk about a price in private. i have never hosted any rsps's befover skype : zeakis.jorgos if u add me message me with runelocus in the message
  11. hey everyone im new to runelocus and rsps coding and i would love if someone could help me with it. wont be able to pay but whatever i make i will give credit to whoever helps me please pm me or add me on skype "bigjeff30"
  12. 1. I don't know what means of (317,474,502,...,719).. Is this the RSPS version? Then I want to set my server like newest version , Is 719 latest version of RSPS? 2. When I go to RSPS download page. Then I can find catch file link. But I don't know how cache works. I want to know concept about cache. And Why chche link bolocked at this [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?87202-Citellum-RSPS-718-Lobby-Squeal-Pouch-and-whatever"]link[/URL]? Like [url]http://www.****************/runescap...736-cache.html[/url].. And I wnat to know what is the cache.
  13. title pretty much sums it up. i want a higher revision server/client and i want to be able to code for you. there's really no ulterior motive, i just want to have some fun, and help out.
  14. When I compile then start Breakingpoints Client This What Happens. Can someone help me? [ATTACH=CONFIG]5205[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]5206[/ATTACH]
  15. I've always wondered how people came to know so much about coding! What have you done to get where you're at right now?
  16. If anyone can help me get 667/704 (Client,Cache and Source) would be great. you can pm me or reply. We can work something out. Please need ASAP, as i'm really interested in learning 667s. However please I DON'T want a glitched/bugged version of 667, as I have already tried and It's a waste of time to fix it. Thanks.
  17. Ok so here's my problem. I search on Google for good ways to learn Java in detailed ways but my brains seems to block it. I need a good way so it enters my head because I feel like I can't learn now. If anyone got good books or tutorials to learn easily, just suggest them below :D
  18. Hi, i'm trying to learn how to program java, basically to start out just RSPSing. I don't want to learn anything that doesn't involve RSPSing. I know this might sound lazy but I will learn in small steps and work my way up. [url]http://www.thenewboston.com/?cat=36&pOpen=tutorial[/url] I ask you to look @ the video titles and make a list of the video number on what is necessary for me to learn.
  19. Herro I'm 13 and I wanna start learning java and make my own 640 or 660 private server. Can you guys recommend some tutorials for me to start off with.
  20. inside my NPCDrops i have [QUOTE]#tormented demon 8350:349 886:150 1149:1 1249:1 1201:1 1319:1 1289:1 1185:1 1247:1 1147:1 1432:1 1113:1 1373:1 892:42 829:20 565:20 560:40 561:67 1149:1 14484:1 15221:1 15032:1 15029:1 15028:1 3140:1 4087:1 4585:1 1187:1 6585:1[/QUOTE] Can some1 explain it? Iknow this much.. The NPC ID: 8350 (i dontknow what 349 means) drops 150 of 886 and 1 of 1149. Sooo what does the "349" mean in: "8350:349"
  21. Was thinking of making web templates and such, What would be best program for that? Just html?