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Found 9 results

  1. the base has two .bat to lanch server i need to run the run.bat(server) and after the client is possible to make this in one bat? client [MENTION=7458]echo[/MENTION] off [MENTION=11342]Tit[/MENTION]le Disturbed "C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe" -Dfile.encoding=Cp1252 -classpath bin;lib/libs.jar;lib/graphics.jar;lib/substance.jar; Loader pause server [MENTION=7458]echo[/MENTION] off title runserver "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_40\bin\java.exe" -Xmx815m -cp bin;lib/*; com.rs.Launcher true true false pause
  2. Well I want to re-launch an old server I was running over 2 years ago. It was called HeavenlyHeroes (can be changed) and it has a pretty cool source already. This was the old advertisement thread: [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?73972-HeavenlyHeroes&highlight=heavenlyheroes[/url] So I'm looking for someone who's experienced in coding a 562 (this one is running 657) I would like to launch it in like a week but atm there are a couple of bugs I want to get rid of first. If you become co-owner you will obviously get a certain percentage of the donations. Send me a private message if interested or mail me: [email][email protected][/email] Cheers
  3. I try to run the server and im getting this error [CODE]Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: dragonkk.rs2rsps.net.ServerChannelHandler at dragonkk.rs2rsps.Server.<init>(Server.java:113) at dragonkk.rs2rsps.Server.main(Server.java:120) [/CODE] Could anyone help me? I can't solve this on my own..
  4. Can somebody give me step by step instructions on how to launch axters project xplur eoc client?
  5. Nick

    Server Launch Help!

    I tried running a ServerLauncher.bat from Citellum downloaded files. I get the old "'java' is not recognized as an internal or external command," I have 64 bit system, I have checked the PATH, and environmental variables. I'm really not too sure what to do now. :S Code for ServerLauncher.bat: [CODE]@echo off title Test Citellum java -Xms512m -Xmx512m -cp bin;data/libs/* com.rs.Launcher false false true pause[/CODE]
  6. I don't know what's wrong, my GUI is fine, I know I've set up the launch code correctly, but it's just not running when I run the server. [code]package com.rs2hd; import com.rs2hd.model.Player; import com.rs2hd.model.World; /** * * [MENTION=52317]auth[/MENTION]or Divine-X * */ [MENTION=19271]supp[/MENTION]ressWarnings("serial") public class DivineFramework extends javax.swing.JFrame { /** * Class Constructor */ public DivineFramework() { initComponents(); setSize(450, 300); setResizable(false); } private void initComponents() { jTabbedPane = new javax.swing.JTabbedPane(1); contentPane = new javax.swing.JLayeredPane(); sendMessageButton = new javax.swing.JButton(); announceMentJTF = new javax.swing.JTextField(); messageJTF = new javax.swing.JTextField(); setDefaultCloseOperation(EXIT_ON_CLOSE); setTitle("Divine Framework"); this.contentPane = new javax.swing.JLayeredPane(); this.contentPane.setBorder(new javax.swing.border.EmptyBorder(5, 5, 5, 5)); setContentPane(this.contentPane); jPanel1 = new javax.swing.JPanel(); jPanel1.setBounds(0, 0, 450, 300); this.contentPane.add(jPanel1); jPanel1.setLayout(new java.awt.BorderLayout(0, 0)); jPanel1.add(jTabbedPane); jPanel1 = new javax.swing.JPanel(); jTabbedPane.addTab("Main", null, jPanel1, null); jPanel1.add(sendMessageButton); jPanel1.add(announceMentJTF); jPanel1.add(messageJTF); jPanel1.setLayout(null); /** * Text field */ announceMentJTF.setText("[Announcement]"); announceMentJTF.setFont(new java.awt.Font("Rockwell", 1, 12)); announceMentJTF.setBounds(65, 10, 300, 25); messageJTF.setText("Message"); messageJTF.setFont(new java.awt.Font("Rockwell", 1, 12)); messageJTF.setBounds(65, 40, 300, 25); /** * Button Handling */ sendMessageButton.setText("Send Message"); sendMessageButton.setBounds(145, 70, 130, 25); sendMessageButton.setFont(new java.awt.Font("Rockwell", 1, 12)); sendMessageButton.addActionListener(new java.awt.event.ActionListener() { public void actionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt) { sendMessageButtonActionPerformed(evt); } }); } /** * Button Effects * [MENTION=75098]Para[/MENTION]m evt */ protected void sendMessageButtonActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt) { String preText = announceMentJTF.getText(); String yellText = messageJTF.getText(); for (Player p : World.getInstance().getPlayerList()) { p.getActionSender().sendMessage((new StringBuilder()).append(preText).append(": ").append(yellText).toString()); } } /** * [MENTION=75098]Para[/MENTION]m args the command line arguments */ public static void main(String args[]) { try { javax.swing.UIManager.setLookAndFeel("com.sun.java.swing.plaf.nimbus.NimbusLookAndFeel"); } catch(Throwable e) { e.printStackTrace(); } java.awt.EventQueue.invokeLater(new Runnable() { public void run() { new DivineFramework().setVisible(true); } }); } //Declared variables do not modify private javax.swing.JTabbedPane jTabbedPane; private javax.swing.JLayeredPane contentPane; private javax.swing.JButton sendMessageButton; private javax.swing.JPanel jPanel1; private javax.swing.JTextField messageJTF; private javax.swing.JTextField announceMentJTF; //End of variable declarations }][/code] [code]package com.rs2hd; import java.io.File; [COLOR="#FF0000"]import com.rs2hd.DivineFramework;[/COLOR] import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.HashMap; import java.util.List; import java.util.Map; import com.rs2hd.content.LoadPrices; import com.rs2hd.content.ShopHandler; import com.rs2hd.content.Shops; import com.rs2hd.content.minigames.BHWorld; import com.rs2hd.content.skills.combat.NpcVsPlayer; import com.rs2hd.content.skills.fishing.FishSpotLive; import com.rs2hd.content.skills.mining.RockLive; import com.rs2hd.content.skills.prayer.Prayer; import com.rs2hd.content.skills.summoning.Summon; import com.rs2hd.content.skills.thief.StallLive; import com.rs2hd.content.skills.woodcutting.TreeLive; import com.rs2hd.content.ClanChat.ClanMain; import com.rs2hd.content.ClanChat.SaveChats; //import com.rs2hd.content.grandexchange.*; import com.rs2hd.content.LoadEquips; import com.rs2hd.io.MapDataLoader; import com.rs2hd.io.MapDataPacker; import com.rs2hd.io.XStreamPlayerLoader; import com.rs2hd.model.ItemDefinition; import com.rs2hd.model.NPCDefinition; import com.rs2hd.model.World; import com.rs2hd.model.clipInfo; import com.rs2hd.model.NoclipHandler; import com.rs2hd.packethandler.PacketHandlers; import com.rs2hd.util.BanUser; import com.rs2hd.util.Censor; import com.rs2hd.util.MuteUser; import com.rs2hd.util.AddTile; import com.rs2hd.util.Scripts; import com.rs2hd.content.*; import com.rs2hd.model.NPC; import com.rs2hd.util.PathFinder.*; import com.rs2hd.util.pathfinding.*; import com.rs2hd.util.log.Logger; import com.rs2hd.util.WorldList; import com.rs2hd.util.AutoSaveEvent; import com.rs2hd.tools.*; /** * A varek has called it before, the 'central motor' of the game. * * That means it handles periodic updating and packet handling/creation. * * [MENTION=52317]auth[/MENTION]or Graham * */ public class GameEngine { public static ClanMain ClanMain = new ClanMain(); private static SaveChats save; public static boolean DarkCoreOn = false; /** * Logger instance. */ private Logger logger = Logger.getInstance(); /** * Running flag. */ private boolean isRunning; /** * Poison */ public static Poison poison = new Poison(); /** * This makes you wish that Java supported typedefs. */ private Map<Integer, int[]> mapData; /** * Our worker thread. */ private WorkerThread workerThread; /** * Handles player some classes by Dragonkk */ public static LoadEquips equip = new LoadEquips(); public static FishSpotLive FishSpotLive = new FishSpotLive(); //rocks public static StallLive StallLive = new StallLive(); //stalls public static RockLive RockLive = new RockLive(); //rocks public static TreeLive TreeLive = new TreeLive(); //trees public static MuteUser mute = new MuteUser(); //loads muted users public static AddTile AddTile = new AddTile(); //loads muted users public static BanUser ban = new BanUser(); //loads banned users public static Censor Censor = new Censor(); //load bad words public static LoadPrices prices = new LoadPrices(); //prices public static Shops shops = new Shops(); //load shops stuff public static ShopHandler shopHandler = new ShopHandler(); //shops configs public static NpcVsPlayer nvp = new NpcVsPlayer(); //nvp public static Prayer prayer = new Prayer(); //pray not needed to be here public static Summon summon = new Summon(); //not needed soon wil remove public static BHWorld BH = new BHWorld(); //bh //public static clipInfo clipInfo = new clipInfo(); //bh public static NoclipHandler clipInfo = new NoclipHandler(); //bh /** * Thread group. */ public ThreadGroup threads = new ThreadGroup("Project Skux"); /** * Creates other things vital to the game logic, like the world class. * @throws Exception */ public GameEngine() throws Exception { /* * We are running. */ isRunning = true; /* * Check if mapdata packed file exists, if not, then we pack it. */ File packedFile = new File("data/mapdata/packed.dat"); if(!packedFile.exists()) { MapDataPacker.pack("data/mapdata/unpacked/", "data/mapdata/packed.dat"); } packedFile = new File("data/clip/packed.dat"); //ItemXmlToBinary.main(null); /* * Actually load the mapdata. */ mapData = new HashMap<Integer, int[]>(); MapDataLoader.load(mapData); /* * Load handlers. */ PacketHandlers.loadHandlers(); /* * Load item definitions. */ logger.info("Loading item definitions..."); ItemDefinition.load(); logger.info("Loading npc definitions..."); NPCDefinition.load(); setSave(new SaveChats()); setSave(null); logger.info("Setting up world..."); World.getInstance().setEngine(this); logger.info("Loading world list data..."); WorldList worldList = new WorldList(); worldList.load(); //GUI Start [COLOR="#FF0000"] logger.info("Launching GUI..."); initComponents = new DivineFramework();[/COLOR] //GUI End logger.info("Launching worker thread..."); workerThread = new WorkerThread(new XStreamPlayerLoader()); newThread("WorkerThread", workerThread); Scripts.init(); } public void newThread(String name, Runnable r) { try { new Thread(threads, r, name).start(); } catch(Exception e) { } } [COLOR="#FF0000"]public static DivineFramework initComponents = null;[/COLOR] /** * Handle a major update. */ public void majorUpdate() { try { World.getInstance().majorUpdate(); } catch(Exception e) { } } /** * Handle a minor update. */ public void minorUpdate() { try { //mn.Restarter(); //World.getInstance().minorUpdate(); } catch(Exception e) { } } /** * Called every tick. */ public void tick() { try { World.getInstance().tick(); } catch(Exception e) { } } /** * Gets the is running flag. * @return */ public boolean isRunning() { return isRunning; } /** * Sets the is running flag. * [MENTION=75098]Para[/MENTION]m isRunning */ public void setIsRunning(boolean isRunning) { try { this.isRunning = isRunning; } catch(Exception e) { } } /** * Gets the worker thread. * @return */ public WorkerThread getWorkerThread() { return workerThread; } /** * Stops threads, saves games, etc. */ public void cleanup() { try { threads.interrupt(); } catch(Exception e) { } } public int[] getMapData(int region) { return mapData.get(region); } public static void setSave(SaveChats save) { GameEngine.save = save; } public static SaveChats getSave() { return save; } } [/code]
  7. I am currently trying to Launch Ben's Project 718 with 737 cache and I got these Java errors, can someone help or team viewer me and help me get this up already? Screenshot below.. thanks a lot!! [IMG]http://i45.tinypic.com/1rzuw4.jpg[/IMG] skype: nick.lanz
  8. I've followed several guides of which have showed me to do exactly the same thing. So pretty much, the following. Output directory is simply placed as my desktop. Input directory is my client folder. Manifest-templated is set as client. I create the jar.. but it does not launch. So, I figured perhaps I need to sign it? So.. I placed my created jar as the input jar file. Jarsigner found in my jdk/bin Hit generate keystore. Found my keytool location (in the jdk/bin) Output is my desktop, file is called certificate. Done my alias and public/private keys. Deleted the information below the validity days' 0. Hit generate keystore. Keystore file = certificate on the desktop. I punch in the appropriate alias and key details. Hit Sign jar. Jar is signed.. but still will not launch. Any idea what I have done wrong?
  9. Ok, I hate this error, I get it with almost EVERY client! And it's getting old, Time to learn how to fix this. Pic below, Thanks! [URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/17/errorhh.png/][IMG]http://img17.imageshack.us/img17/182/errorhh.png[/IMG][/URL] Uploaded with [URL=http://imageshack.us]ImageShack.us[/URL]