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Found 10 results

  1. source: https://twitter.com/JagexAsh/status/466215463077171201
  2. Hey guys, I am making a tile-based building(create an empire, build buildings, train troops, etc....) game that will be online for people to play and I am currently using Java Language for this. I want some feed back on what would be the best programming Language for this, I have seen Flash works pretty well but I would like to get some feed back from the fellas here at RL. If you could answer the question with ...... -Language -Why it is better Thank you, I don't want examples of code or if its easier, I just want feed back on what is better Language to do it on. I'm looking for performance, how big the map can get without lag, connection availability such as, can it connect to mySQL, can it be secure for people to play without hacks? etc..... and also sprites, what is the better language to add sprites on, like flash uses Symbols as a sprite locater which i dont think they are called sprites in that case, but they work as such..... and java has cached sprites, well don't have to be cached but you get my point. Thanks guys ill be waiting for your feed back and help
  3. Runescape only type english.. But My contry do not use english main. I want to type Korean in my private server. How can I setting it?
  4. I want to type Korean in my server. ex)한글. And want to chat. But can't.... How can I fix it?
  5. I've seen plenty of communities that have failed to reinforce what the correct approach to learning a language is. Because of this, they have been forced to deal with a member base that requires constant and continuous spoonfeeding. When i say spoonfeeding, i refer to members expecting information to be thrown at them with very little work on their side of the fence. There's many negatives to spoonfeeding: 1. You miss out on vital problem-solving skills. You soon become very dependent on the community for help and you very rarely learn how to solve problems for yourself. 2. Your ability to find adequate resources lessens because they're handed to you on a silver platter. 3. Contribution decreases because the blind soon lead the blind, with no real 'outside the box' projects being conducted. The original knowledge is just circles and decreases in quality each round that it makes. [U]So instead of following the template of other communities that preach such bad habits, i offer you another method. [/U] [B]Read[/B] Read like there's no tomorrow. I would be very surprised if you were to read one of the many 600-page books on a language and not have learned anything new by completion. Read your heart away. Start easy even, with the 'for dummies' collection. Go to your local library and find every book on the subject that you can. Nobody ever said it was easy. It requires hard work and dedication. Most of all, interest. This later breeds passion, that feeling you gain from accomplishment. [url]http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/reallybigindex.html[/url] [B]Write[/B] Write, write, write. Write until your hands bleed and you're unable to pleasure yourself for a month. Write something simple, run it and see how it preforms. Everything you read is useless until you put it into practice. You will begin remembering what you've read the day before and you will know many methods of attaining the same result. You will develop a style, learn design and increase your ability to problem solve. The key to problem solving after all, is knowing multiple ways of achieving the same result. [B]Write.. again[/B] You can attain your desired result, great. This doesn't mean you should put it in the back of the brain and move on to another chapter. No. Re-write the same thing, in a slightly different way. Observe the results. Analyze the benefits or it's shortcomings. You will eventually learn a bit of efficiency which is vital. This can become a little dull after a while, re-writing the same thing 3-4 times. Once again, i never promised it would be an easy path to walk along. [B]Keep Notes[/B] I'm an addict with notes. I keep them for almost anything and those notes have saved me a lot of time. Note everything. Did you slip up with the last piece you wrote? Note why and how you fixed it. Found a great resource? Note it. Did you wish something was a little easier or was there a part where you struggled? Note it and then work on it. Note keeping is also vital for client examination, in my belief. [B]Help Yourself[/B] Instead of asking how you would approach a problem, first [i]try[/i] figuring it out for yourself. You will fail loads or reach a halfway point where you realize that it's just not going to work. That's fine, at least now you're aware of it. You should never ask for the aid of other members unless you've tried fixing it yourself and show your work so far. It gains a lot of respect posting your source code. It shows you tried. There's no respect for the lazy. [b]JavaDocs and Resources[/b] They are your friend. They usually provide great examples and in-depth descriptions. They are your friend. Love them. Use them. [url]http://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/[/url] Also remember that a lot of the problem you face, will have already been resolved by other people on their own little projects. Especially in the RS cheating scene. Google with correct searches. Use the forum's search feature. The internet has a wealth of information. Eventually you will become faster as separating the bullshit from the useful. [b]Gain a Mentor[/b] Know someone who rather knowledgeable? They are a great resource. Have them on an IM client and help each other and discuss ideas. The experience of others is a huge asset to have. Mentors can be found by seeing who contributes the most or even in certain IRC channels. [B]Share and Credit[/B] Share whatever you have managed to do, even if it is minor. Usually you will get a lot of harsh criticism, though there are some diamonds in the dirt. Eventually as you progress, you will see other members start to respect you a lot more and together you will start contributing information to the community. This is how a community progresses. The amount of times i have seen communities produce something great, from just a few starting words in a thread. I'm aware that this was largely Java based but it seems appropriate for it to be, considering what usually gets worked on in this particular community. Wish you all the best.
  6. Been bored with OpenGL and got sidetracked with this :p. It's really fun I think. I need to work on the syntax but right now I'm just trying to make some functionality. Only supports print atm, will add all the methods/classes soon with reflection(:(). Also has math parsing, but it's kind of slow so I need to work on that. This is the script I've made: [CODE] SScript FirstScript { function doSomething() { var expressionTest = (2 - 3 * (3 * 4) + (405 - (5 - 4 - (5 + 5 * (2 * 2)))) * (4 * 90)); print("Hello from [email protected][email protected]@!"); print(expressionTest); } } [/CODE] has support for imports too, just dont need them right now :p. This is the output I get, [CODE] Script name: FirstScript Hello from [email protected][email protected]@! 154406 [/CODE] I'll keep anyone interested updated here I guess. I'll probably get sidetracked sooner or later. It's named SScript for Steve's Script :D.
  7. If anyone interested in learning the Japanese language like me seeing as I plan to live in Japan as I grow soon. Here is a channel recommended: [video]http://www.youtube.com/user/japanesepod101[/video] I learned a lot so I thought i'd share it.
  8. [CENTER][img]http://assets.shitbrix.com/hashed_silo_content/silo_content/260/resized/girls-on-chair-3245.jpg[/img][/CENTER]
  9. I recently changed my computer to Arabic for a while, to see what it was like, but when I change it back to English, some of the words are in questionmarks. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  10. [CENTER]Is there a way to make the server + client support the Arabic Language[/CENTER]