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Found 5 results

  1. So I have a ladder, ID 1765. So in ActionHandler, I added: [CODE] case 1765: //c.getPA().movePlayer(3067, 10256, 0); if (c.objectX == 3017 && c.objectY == 3849){ c.startAnimation(828); c.getPA().movePlayer(3067, 10256, 0); } break; [/CODE] It looks okay, and It should do the animation and teleport me, but nothing happens when I click the ladder! The ladder is not a custom addition. The coords are all proper, so is the animation! Any ideas on whats going on?
  2. [b]What does this do?[/b] [LIST] [*]If your height level is 0 and you're going down a ladder, it takes you underground [*]If your height level is 0 and you're going up a ladder, it takes you up [*]If you're underground but your height level is 0, and you're going up, it takes you above ground [*]If you height level is more than 0 and you're going up, it takes you up [*]If your height level is more than 0 and you're going down, it takes you down [*]If the location up or down a ladder is not simply getY() + 6400 (underground) or getZ() +/- 1 (special == true), you can define specific set of coordinates [/LIST] [code]setTeleportTarget(special ? loc : (Location.create(x, (down ? (z == 0 ? y + 6400 : y) : (y > 6400 ? y - 6400 : y)), (down ? (z == 0 ? z : z - 1) : (y > 6400 ? z : z + 1))))); [/code] If the destination is not directly above or underneath the clicked ladder, then it's a special ladder and you must set the specific coordinates (loc).
  3. Ok, so, what the f..., i did everything to the ladder works fine, buuut... look at that... My point is, im trying to make the ladder work only 1 time per floor, so people dont keep clicking it for xp, created a boolean for that on player.java [code]public boolean floordone;[/code] Ok, going ahead to ObjectHandler.java [code]} else if (id == 3784) { if (player.floordone = true) { player.sendMessage("You already voted to go ahead."); return; } } else if (player.floordone = false) { player.getSkills().addXp(Skills.DUNGEONEERING, 833); player.getDialogueManager().startDialogue("DungeonExit"); player.floordone = true;[/code] What's wrong lol? can someone understand what im trying to do? EDIT: tried boolean: [code]public boolean floordgdone = false;[/code] I think its pretty much the same LOL
  4. I'm trying to fix a ladder in my 317. this is what I have: if(objectID == 1750 && objectX == 3183 && objectY == 3447){ //ladderVarrockBANK if(GoodDistance(objectX, objectY, absX, absY, 1)) { setAnimation(828); heightLevel = 1; toX = 3183; toY = 3446; } } And It always does the animation right after the player goes up. How can I make it do the animation and then wait half a second before the player goes up? It looks really stupid.
  5. Does anyone know how i can make a Staircase or Ladder work? or would i just have to add my own?