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Found 22 results

  1. Tried plenty of tutorials and such and when I go to canyouseeme dot org it still says my port is closed/offline. We can do this via teamviewer. It would be much much appreciated. ALSO - when I check on runelocus status checker, says its offline.
  2. Nowadays people are quickly starting to have smartphones and tablets, and a majority of people in my area currently own a smartphone/cellphone. I was just curious at to what types of cellphones people here use, ever since I sort of drifted away from the internet for a little, I did a lot of phone stuff, especially with android. I guess I'll start! I'm a proud owner of the HTC DROID DNA on VZW. :) [img]http://blog.laptopmag.com/wpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/droid-dna-i.jpg[/img] I am happily rooted, S-OFF, and running CyanogenMod, android version Jelly Bean, 4.2.2 :) iPhones, basic phones, android phones, whatever it may be, reply! Are you happy with your phone? How long have you had it?
  3. I'm really at a cross roads here. I don't know what kind of server to open lol. I like 718, 639 666, 742 and 317, but I don't know what people would play so here are my questions: What revision: What kind of eco (easy, med or hard): Exp rates:
  4. Hello, As the title says, I would like to make a RSPS system the same as the Bukkit system. Now, I am going to college, and I don't have much time. Also don't always feel like I want to work on it. If you believe it is better to use a different revision, let me know and post it in the comments below. [B][SIZE=5]1. What is the Bukkit System and how will it be used?[/SIZE][/B] If you don't know how the Bukkit system works, it basically allows you to put in custom code, without altering the base code in the form of plugins. Example: you want a minigame but are not sure where to put it, or what to do to make it work. Well, if a minigame plugin exists for this source(*) then simply download it, drag & drop it to your plugins folder and restart the server. As you might realize, in the beginning there won't be any plugins. It will take a while before people find this and take effort to make plugins with the API that will be provided. [B][SIZE=5]2. Planning [/SIZE][/B] I'd like to keep it simple at first, and expand later on. So the lower the revision the better really. However it's up to you guys. If you would like to help on this, just say so. This source will also be on Github. This would be a Runelocus exclusive. [spoiler='Progress: 1%']Making Workflow Chart: [CENTER][IMG]http://codiction.com/rsps%20workflow%20chart.png[/IMG][/CENTER] [LIST] [*]Plugin System: Started, creating the very base concept. Loader->Plugin [*] [/LIST] [/spoiler] [spoiler='Team'] [LIST=1] [*]Arix [*]Gircat (Maybe left) [/LIST] [/spoiler] [B][SIZE=5]3. Reason [/SIZE][/B] I have been into RSPS myself. And most sources are INCREDIBLY unorganized. Putting myself in the mind of a beginner, I would have no hope in modifying anything in a source like that. If you provide an API that makes modifications easy, will that not encourage people to create their own stuff? There will not be frustrations from breaking your source if you forget a } or anything like that. No confusing explanations of where to put pieces of code in order for it to work. This API will do it all for you. All you will need is the server jar and then all the plugins you want. Are you into java? Why not create your own plugins?! [COLOR="#B22222"]The JavaDocs will be available soon.[/COLOR] [B][SIZE=4][COLOR="#008000"]Here is the GITHUB Repository: [url]https://github.com/Codiction/RSPS2[/url][/COLOR][/SIZE][/B] [I][B]Revision[/B]: It's now definite. The chosen revision is 562.[/I] [I][SIZE=1][COLOR="#808080"]* user made, so it is community based[/COLOR][/SIZE][/I]
  5. Well title is obvious so i'll start with mine. You know those guys/girls who think they sing good but really they suck ass and really people only say there good cause they feel bad for them? Yeah those people annoy me because supposedly they have good voices and it makes it an excuse to act as superior than everyone else as possible..
  6. Im gonna post my server then when i get 2 posts :D Its a custom modified pi base. Custom items, and interfaces. What kind of clients/server do you like?
  7. Qrst292

    Back (Kind of)

    Well I finally got my old RuneLocus account back. <3 You people may know me as "Siles" on the forums, but some may not. Just letting you know you'll probably see me on this account more that my other. Seeing as I got this one back. See y'all around!
  8. [CENTER][B][FONT=Impact][U]PROJECT ELIXIR[/U][/FONT][/B][/CENTER] Looking for a new kind of private server? One with all sorts of adventures? How about one with a friendly community? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're in the right place. Project Elixir is a new king of rsps that takes most things to a higher level. [B][U]Features:[/U][/B] [LIST] [*]Fully working skills and stats! [*]Corporeal Beast, Nex, and other bosses! [*]All God Wars bosses! [*]Great PvP with perfect switching! [*]Active and User-Friendly staff! [*]Working Grand Exchange! [*]Wyrms! [*]All specs for every weapon! [*]Fully working prayers/curses! [*]Ancients, Lunar, Normal Magicks! [*]And a bunch of other things waiting for you to explore! [/LIST] [B][U]Staff:[/U][/B] [LIST] [*]Sam - Owner [*]Imacer - Owner [*]Frederik - Moderator [*]Nathan - Moderator [*]Th3lucky0ne - Support Team [*]Tkpi - Support Team [*]Reaper AH16 - Administrator [/LIST] [B][U]Media:[/U][/B] None atm :( sorry! So what are you waiting for?! Come to the forums, download the client, and join today! [B][U]Links:[/U][/B] [url]http://www.elixirftw.com/index.php[/url] Click on "Play Now!" in the top right and choose which client you want to use!
  9. [CENTER][IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/bg22ht.png[/IMG] Base: [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/runescape-development/rs2-server/downloads/296956-rs2-server-474-user-friendly.html"]Rs2-Server 474 User Friendly - Hyperion[/URL] • Information About My Progress With Hyperion: This is my first Hyperion so i'll be comparing PI's and Hyperions and see if I can convert some vital things into it. As my first Hyperion I know it will be a bit challenging though I think I can get the hold of things in a few days if not then more. [B]• Credits: Credits Go To Those Who Contributed To Hyperion And Rs2-Server 474[/B] • The Overall Goal Of Ωmega: Say Hi To Ωmega. Sigma's Older Brother! The Goal Of Ωmega is to bring back an era of Runescape that is widely underrated; Many new school servers are taking over the advertisement section with many 317 Loading Higher Revision Data, however, i'm one of those people as well though not to a point where it's annoying. So what do I plan to do with this server? Well, I plan on bringing back a time that looks as if your back in Elvemages kind of time, you know the one without Godswords and other overpowered weapons to take over the game. Essentially this also isn't a remake it's aimed to be a Custom OldSchool server though with Advanced Skilling, Custom Quests etc; Now some of you maybe not fond of this idea though you don't see it quite often especially with the amount of remakes going on. The Economy in Ωmega is quite strict so you best believe you got to work hard for your items as many drops revolve under Runescapes Drop Rates; Players must depend on PvM, Bosses, PKing, Skilling, Questing and lets not forget Merchanting. [IMG]http://i1251.photobucket.com/albums/hh541/SigmaTFR/Untitled-4.png[/IMG] [URL="http://www.rune-server.org/members/faris%27s+godfather%AE/"]Faris's GodFather® - Main Developer[/URL] Update Log [CODE] • Started Project • Changed Clients • Changed Gameframes from 474 to 459 • Woodcutting Base Finished • Fletching Base Finished • Fishing Base Finished • Flax Picking Base Finished • Leather Making Base Finished • Tanning Finished • Bank Dialogue Base Started • NPC Distance Configured For Bankers • Deposit Box Base Done • Core Map Data Refined Thanks To Jerba [/CODE][/CENTER]
  10. [img]http://i.imgur.com/mG3bS.png[/img] Something like that? The guy said it blocked 600+ spambots/voters.
  11. What kind of Movies do you like? (Genre) posting poll, so wait a bit when the thread is created >.<
  12. Hey everyone I am looking for a server with 3 essencial things. First: it can't be a ::master or pure or spawn in anyway. Second: it must have a highscore. Thirde: this one needs some explaining. A server with "prestige" or "rebirth". What is prestige/rebirth When you get all combat skills to a max level you can get them resetted to lv 1 and get a title or perm combat boost. I've seen 2 servers with this so far one off them was ftwscape v 508 once you got those to 99 you could rebirth for an unlimit amount off times making the content and highscore never "stuck" you could always get rank 1. Next one is still semi alive I think project catastrophe same deal but this one gave combat boosts till the 10th time you prestige. After that you can still do it just not getting any combat boosts. Thats about it if you know any server with these 3 things please tell me I've been looking for 3 months now never found one.
  13. whats your favorite pie myns pumkin :)
  14. [video=youtube;316AzLYfAzw]http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=316AzLYfAzw[/video] Probably not. Belgium does, therefore Belgium rocks.
  15. Tittle pretty much says it all... My favorite kind of pop is Orange.... Sunkist/Crush
  16. What kind of black magic fuckery is this? [IMG]http://i43.tinypic.com/21loghg.jpg[/IMG]
  17. just practicing in photoshop ;S [IMG]http://i54.tinypic.com/2udum4k.png[/IMG]
  18. [img]http://i51.tinypic.com/dfzriv.png[/img] [IMG]http://i51.tinypic.com/2dcb8jt.png[/IMG]
  19. Hello, i'm working on a server which will be PURE 317 content, no godswords, no helm of neitiznot, no torsos, bandos, dboots, ETC. REAL economy, all that will be in shops is whats in real RS. original skilling areas, no spawned rocks or anything. open world, everything will be spread out and not packed into 3 areas. best items in shops will be addy gear, rune will be made by smithers with the appropriate levels. all skills will basically reward what they reward in real rs, no half assed cut gems from 1-99. gems wont be sold to shops for rediculous amounts of profit. im going to try and aim for as realistic of an economy as i can, whats your guyses thoughts/suggestions?
  20. well, recently some fags are crashing my server. They are demanding 300m rsgp or mod on my server <_< idk wat kind of attack is that... but well, i observed on the cmd screen there are...many connections initiated and then it nulls. cant be a flooder coz i got 2 layer flood protection :p.... one stops more than 4 connections per ip...other is mainly for laz's flooder. Now, they have done the same thing with corruptionx also and few other small servers too...... any1 haz any idea?? help pl0x :D