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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I made this a while ago and I'm willing to sell it. This feature is 100% working and its very useful. features: 1. Server status (online, offline). 2. Players online count. 3. Players online names presented in a table. 4: players online kc, dc and kdr. 5. I uses SQL database to save. Ill provide you the simple php page and you need to redesign it. Also, there is an html page will be provided, and in that page no need to refresh it(auto refresh). Adding crowns is possible but for extra $ [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/sCJVm5r.png[/IMG] add me on skype: mr-m7md1
  2. [COLOR="Red"][614 Dragonkk source - Should work in all][/COLOR] First go into Player.java and put in a public int [CODE]Public int Kills; Public int Deaths;[/CODE] Next go to Skills.java and look for [CODE]public void deathMessage(int x, int y) {[/CODE] Under that add [CODE]p.Kills++;[/CODE] Now look for [CODE]public void sendDead() {[/CODE] On that public void look for [CODE]public void run() {[/CODE] Under that add [CODE]player.Deaths++;[/CODE] Now for the command it will look something like this [CODE]package dragonkk.rs2rsps.net.commands; import dragonkk.rs2rsps.model.player.ChatMessage; import dragonkk.rs2rsps.model.player.Player; import dragonkk.rs2rsps.net.Command; /* * Kdr command made April-May 2011 * Author Jet Kai */ public class Kdr implements Command { @Override public void execute(String[] args, Player p) { p.getMask().setLastChatMessage(new ChatMessage(0, 0, "I have "+ p.Kills +" Kills and "+ p.Deaths +" Deaths!")); p.getMask().setChatUpdate(true); p.getFrames().sendChatMessage(0, "You have "+p.Kills+" Kills and "+p.Deaths+" Deaths."); } }[/CODE] Compile and test :)
  3. hi guys, i wanted to add ::kdr command to my evolutionx source non pi as i said. cause always when i try find the code its always pi ,pls help i need it fast tough;) Thanks, greenday3