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Found 8 results

  1. So I'm trying to help a friend to get his server online for us to play on. So we have forwarded port "43594" Edited so the sub revision matches. We've edited Class26.java / Class291.java / Loader.Java and so on to change the ip to the owners. He have compiled the server after each edit to the java files. Yet this is all the issues i've found about "js5connect" related error's. Is there anything I've missed? please let me know ;) We are just stuck at 0% when trying to connect to his server
  2. I've went through at least 17 servers so far, maybe more. Seventeen just on my history for the day, and every single one has the same common error in the client. "Error Game Js5connect", I CANNOT AND NEITHER CAN ANYONE WHO HAS HELPED FIGURE THIS OUT! So if someone a lot smarter than I or anyone I have been working with care to help and and possibly take a look, please.. Be my guest. ALSO JUST TO KEEP YOU ALL WHO IGNORE PEOPLE WITH "EASY ERRORS", I have changed the client revision, the IP's and even the Ports. I setup my environmental tabs just as the Java tutorials explained and everything. Still get the same error.
  3. gonzalez

    Js5connect error

    Hello....my friend and me are trying to mmake a rsps and we have really weird problems we have no ideas such as problems on the client like js5connect or errors porfowarding....can someone help me please is really ergent! Skype: rsps117 Thanks
  4. bare with me as i have little experience in building private servers, but when i load the source then the client it opens and stops at 0% and on the command prompt thing it says: "error_game_js5connect" just was wondering how can i sort this out, was the possible causes? thanks! :)
  5. ok so i have my server online and it works on my computer. i gave it to a friend and he has been able to connect to my server but most of the time it gives the js5connect error. if someone knows how to fix this that would be awesome. actually been trying to fix this for a while now. just want people to be able to play my server. i found this by the way: [url]http://services.runescape.com/m=forum/forums.ws?25,26,700,63996042,&showuser=Mod%A0Bro[/url] and maybe this is the problem. if so i have no idea how to fix it. thanks -Jefersonpang
  6. Fabo

    js5connect 639

    hey all, I have been trying to fix this error for about 2 weeks now and I thought I should get some help. lol. Details: I have recherched what to do and i have port forwarded, cheked ip, checked cache, compiled, edited paths ect.. here is my run.bat file to show that everything loads. [ATTACH=CONFIG]5615[/ATTACH] as you can see no errors... This is the same all the way to the top. normally this should work yes? This is all I get: [ATTACH=CONFIG]5617[/ATTACH] Now I do run the server and the client at the same time (or after the server has finished loading) and this is what I don't get.. If I am doing something wrong like a stupid mistake id love to hear it. or of you have a fix.. Id be for ever grateful. Thanks.
  7. Hey, I was just loading the ''run'' from Source: [URL=http://fotopocket.nl][IMG]http://fotopocket.nl/fpimages/2011/12/17/faf940949375ae96c470c80651fec27f/Naamloos.png[/IMG][/URL] It says everything is loaded, but when i start client i'm getting this: [URL=http://fotopocket.nl][IMG]http://fotopocket.nl/fpimages/2011/12/17/1605699371d827f36bc8cc7d590717be/Naamloos.png[/IMG][/URL] What am i doing wrong?! :confused:
  8. when I run my client for my server it gets stuck at connecting to update server Ive tried many different things and I can't fix this error. btw this is a 517 server.