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Found 8 results

  1. I just recently got done port forwarding it, replaced the with my new ip, checked everything to make sure its all correct and everything seemed fine! My No-ip is running, IP is running good, but when i run the client it stays at 0% loading and says error game js5 connect. Before i done all this, the ip was and was set for offline, but now that its setup for others to connect it wont work.. Any ideas? :/
  2. Hi, i got a problem when i jarred my client, i get this error: [QUOTE]error game js5 connect[/QUOTE] i use this matrix client: [url]http://www.mediafire.com/download/4a84mh3cvis286p/718%2B+Client.rar[/url] I changed to my own ip at Loader.java (i changed it at 2 places to be shure) [IMG]http://gyazo.com/326bc4eaaa9138d341f423d51895f76c[/IMG] [url]http://gyazo.com/326bc4eaaa9138d341f423d51895f76c[/url] [IMG]http://gyazo.com/7b510d683f70b7a82b46e9dd1859a904[/IMG] [url]http://gyazo.com/7b510d683f70b7a82b46e9dd1859a904[/url] The SUB revisions are also the same at loader.java (client) and at settings.java (src) At Loader.java [IMG]http://gyazo.com/9e51bdb698d63f195c327372cfa1de16[/IMG] [url]http://gyazo.com/9e51bdb698d63f195c327372cfa1de16[/url] At settings.java Other information: This client only works on my local computer but not on other peopols computer. My server is connected as you saw at the 2 first links and i got the right sub revisions. (at both) Anybody knows how to fix this problem? Or send me a private message for a teamviewer conversation. Thanks, would be appriciated. [SIZE=7]OR SEND PRIVATE MESSAGE FOR A TEAMVIEWER CONVERSATION[/SIZE]
  3. Hello dear RuneLocus-ians, So - Ive been toying with a few different released servers and clients for RSPS's. And ive basically hit a brick wall with one, and for the love of god (its a saying), cannot fecking fix this issue. Locally, Citellum rsps - Works, perfectly. [ATTACH=CONFIG]10058[/ATTACH] ^ Proof Okay, now - when I stick it on one of my dedicated servers (with all ports unblocked and a static IP), I have changed the IP in loader.jar for the Public IP and the Lobby IP. Also theres a settings file in the server files somewhere which was set to also - So I have changed that, but still it makes so difference. So - Whenever I start the client from my laptop now (or any PC), It hangs on "Gathering Updates", on the console it says "error_game_js5connect" - and it just hangs. Ive tried everything I can think of, also (just remembered) - Yes, The client numbers and details/whatever are the same!!! So, please help :) Thanks - Will
  4. ive port forwarded and evreything on my pc and did the ipv4 but when i try to run my client it gets a j5 connect. ive changed the ip in loader and the class 26 line 24. another thing that happens is when i compile it tells me to recompile with -xlint and gives me warnings. if someone could do it for me or just give me some good guidelins it would be much appreciated. btw im using rune evo source and 718+ client
  5. Divine-X

    Ubuntu error js5

    So I'm running a 562 server and I'm trying to connect to localhost but it isn't working. But when I run a MineCraft server and connect locally it runs fine. Anyone know why I can't do the same for the 562 server? [img]http://i.imgur.com/7cOt24r.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/D6kIIaN.png[/img]
  6. [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]EDIT3: It is my source i tested another source and it worked what to do now? where can i figure out what i last touched?[/COLOR][/B] It always have worked.. and suddenly my client wont want to connect to my server -.- I try'ed those ip's: tony-best.no-ip.biz That's like all ip's that maybe could work but none of them connect to my server. Before it was and always have worked. anyone know whats wrong? EDIT: It is a private server just for meself not for anyone else. EDIT2: It is just 562 not loading anything.
  7. when I run my client for my server it gets stuck at connecting to update server Ive tried many different things and I can't fix this error. btw this is a 517 server.
  8. Well I Have a 562 server and client i've had for about lets see maybe 3 weeks i've been working on. Well i've never done any massive changing to the cleint and server's connection points such as logging in. Ok here's my problem I'll be connecting to and my regular port 43594. Any status checker will say it's online or the ports open but if I try to connect it says on my server cmd 15 then waits and another 15 and the js5_connection error as if it's not online... well there can even be others on=( which bothers me i've retraced the code back to where it checks to see if the servers online but it all seems fine. sometime i restart my computer then run the server and it works or just re-compile the server and re run it but most times i get js5. So i was wonder if anyone is having the same problems or knew how to fix it. I have almost a year or 2 of java experience behind me and i'm not the biggest client guy, so any help would be a great help =P