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Found 7 results

  1. Currently in the process of joining the US Army. As soon as I can pass a drug test and take my physical at MEPS I'll get sworn in. So in about 3 weeks I'll be sworn in. Got a 64 on the ASVAB, pretty pleased with myself, 64 is good enough to be qualified for any job in the US Army. [IMG]http://i45.tinypic.com/28wi6xl.jpg[/IMG]
  2. I only do coding. Nothing with the cache. Wont ask for anything on return. Addme on skype = "Luay.husam" Thank you.
  3. Hello RuneLocus, Well, since I don't have a lot of trades that help out the community and don't know much about programming... I thought that I would give you my knowledge about enlisting into the Air Force! You can ask any questions... I've been there and done that... So, let the questions roll!
  4. Ive tried 3 different methods, none seem to work! NOTE: When I log in and Join a clan with any name, then sign out and sign back in Im not in the chat anymore It leaves the chat automatically when I log out If you can help me with this, id really appreciate it Skype: tonebawsjinx gyazo.com/b505b7000f3bd7a2815370b119085bd3
  5. Heyy there people, Me and Hoodlink just started working on a project ... if you wish to join our development team If you could fill this in it would be great Name: How old are you: MSN address/Skype: Coding Client side/Server Side: Java Experience/Web-Host Experience: Time zone: How long will you be on Everyday: OR If you wish to recruit us to any 562+ revisions i will Possibly join (ALTHOUGH me and Hoodlink will still be working on that project) What you need to know about me if you wish to recruit me: Name: Kamil How old are you: 14 MSN address/Skype: I have GMAIL [email][email protected][/email] or my skype: kamil.zuk1998 Coding Client side/Server side: Both... but I'm better off with the server Java Experience/Web-Host Experience: 3 years for java/ 2 months Web-Host Time Zone:GMT How long will you be on Everyday: 4-6 hours... Thanks Guys
  6. DDaviDD

    *joining any sever*

    Hey anyone need some one or more people in there sever? Well il Joing your sever and help you with it vote for it I ONLY LIKE SEVERS THAT ARE: 614 508 525 Or has a really a really good eco and good pking Comment below your sever name :) PS- HAS TO HAVE A STATUS PAGE SO I CAN CHECK IT OUT, DON'T WANT TO BE KEYLOGGED.
  7. Yes, I am in need of some founders for my RuneScape clan. This clan involves: Merching/Item flipping RuneCrafting Magic training/Alching Eventing More activities/skills being added to our agenda soon! Clan Leader: "IPrevention" (Me) Clan Founders: (I NEED 4 MORE!) Add me in Runescape, my username is "IPrevention". Note: The 4 founders must be trustworthy, kind, responsible, and mature. Ill keep you updated on the amount of Founder spots left as they get filled, but remembner, you can always join as a clan member once I receive the 4 Founders. Cape will be [COLOR="Red"]Red[/COLOR] with [COLOR="White"]White[/COLOR] trim. The icons will be [COLOR="Red"]Red[/COLOR] and [COLOR="Yellow"]Yellow[/COLOR] or [COLOR="Blue"]Blue[/COLOR] Phats. Please reply leaving your ingame name on Runescape, and add me in RuneScape. Also, if you could, in your reply, state whether or not you are a member.