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Found 100 results

  1. Hi, For a school project i am trying to develop at rsps community and game, located at projectsequestered I am having issues turning the client into a web client, I have tried multiple times with different tutorials and followed them correctly step by step. Jarring is simple, Yet once i jar the client it does not open. The .Bat file gives off no errors, So i am simply stuck. Many people are suggesting jarring through an IDE (Eclipse). Anyways it is due in 2 weeks and if there is anyone out there that can either send me a webclient that i can simply just put the cache link & server ip in then upload would be awesome. Would be happy to send some money your way for helping me out. - Thanks
  2. For some reason, even with my updated client, it still makes a jar of the old client before I edited it. I changed the icons and the frame text and when I JAR my new files it still makes the old client. Can someone help me please...
  3. Okay, so i JAR my client and everytime i try to run it, It just comes up as a black screen with yellow letters saying "Sorry an error occured whilst loading runescape" then lists all these steps to correct it.. None of them work.. I keep hearing that it has to do with my Cache but i have an auto cache downloader and i've manually placed my Cache in multiple different directories.. /: Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
  4. Hello, long time ago for me working with RSPS and now trying to pick it back up, working with a Project-Exile source + client I came to a problem. I have been trying to jar a Project-Exile client for a bit now. Used all tutorials with jarmaker etc, but I prefer using Eclipse. Now Eclipse shows me alot of warnings. If I click finish and try to open my Jar file of the client nothing happens. I have set the main class correctly. Warnings listed here: [CODE]JAR export finished with warnings. See details for additional information. Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/sprite/SpriteLoader.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/sprite/AnimatedSprite.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/item/ItemDef.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/Class40.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/Censor.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/RSInterface.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/Class13.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/ObjectDef.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/RSApplet.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/TextInput.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/WorldController.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/ScreenManager.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/Player.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/RSFrame.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/Varp.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/ByteBuffer.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/Client.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/Class4.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/Entity.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/OnDemandFetcher.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/Class6.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/ObjectManager.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/Flo.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/FrameReader.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/StreamLoader.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/IDK.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/EntityDef.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/Logger.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/Model.java Exported with compile warnings: CLIENT/src/account/Creation.java [/CODE] Anyone have a clue of what I am doing wrong or what I should do?
  5. I am using DecietfulPk source,client, and cache. I don't know why but with this source it seems not want to be working when I jar it like all my other 317's that work flawlessly.. Anyone know the answer? [ATTACH=CONFIG]10928[/ATTACH] If you need more information to help me fix it please let me know. I have been working on this source editing it and don't want all my time to go to waste.
  6. Krakens

    Jarring Client

    I jarred my client like I would for any other one of the 317's I have done exactly the same way. Yet when I launch the client it does not work. Anyone know what is wrong? Also yes I have changed IP and everything it says "could not find or run main class" etc. I used this source and client. [url]http://www.************.org/runescape-development/rs2-server/downloads/585982-deceitful-pk-release-v1-1-a.html[/url]
  7. Hello, I was just having a problem with jar making. I have always had other friends do it for me because I could never get it down. I have watched youtube videos and other tutorials on how how to jar but it never works. I have no idea if it's my client or just me messing up, I have changed all IP's in the client side of the server but not the source because I'm not sure if you have to or not. I was just guessing not because I couldn't find any files with any IP's in them. But I watched a youtube video, got to the end, everything worked out fine, and when I click on the jar client nothing happens. Yes, I double clicked and the blue circle next to my cursor was spinning for a second, then nothing. I change the IP in my files to my VPS ip and jarred the client on my PC, I'm sure that's fine. Somebody help please, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!
  8. hello there. So i ran into an issue, after I jar my PI/ Using NR source and client. It wouldn't open. I tried double clicking but won't open. Any tips? Or anybody who had this issue and had it correctly fix? I've used many other clients and their seem to work. Idk why this one doesnt. thanks! add on skype if you can help ayye.geo
  9. Kingclawz

    Jarring problems.

    Hey guys so I'm trying to jar my client. And I've jarred it right and everything but for some reason when I open the client it's just stuck at "Connecting To File Server" and all these files popup on my desktop "nullmain_file" please tell me the fix. Here's a picture: [url]http://prntscr.com/417n58[/url]
  10. pindapoep

    After jarring!

    Whenever i jarred i get this error if i try to open the .jar [URL="http://gyazo.com/4373539615fab8651794884be963b188"]http://gyazo.com/4373539615fab8651794884be963b188[/URL]
  11. some help me jar a client i have no clue wat wrong plz help ty
  12. i need help jarring a client i tryed multiply times but it still would not work for me. pm me or skype me if u can help me out skype::lildee724 :confused:
  13. Hi, i got a problem when i jarred my client, i get this error: [QUOTE]error game js5 connect[/QUOTE] i use this matrix client: [url]http://www.mediafire.com/download/4a84mh3cvis286p/718%2B+Client.rar[/url] I changed to my own ip at Loader.java (i changed it at 2 places to be shure) [IMG]http://gyazo.com/326bc4eaaa9138d341f423d51895f76c[/IMG] [url]http://gyazo.com/326bc4eaaa9138d341f423d51895f76c[/url] [IMG]http://gyazo.com/7b510d683f70b7a82b46e9dd1859a904[/IMG] [url]http://gyazo.com/7b510d683f70b7a82b46e9dd1859a904[/url] The SUB revisions are also the same at loader.java (client) and at settings.java (src) At Loader.java [IMG]http://gyazo.com/9e51bdb698d63f195c327372cfa1de16[/IMG] [url]http://gyazo.com/9e51bdb698d63f195c327372cfa1de16[/url] At settings.java Other information: This client only works on my local computer but not on other peopols computer. My server is connected as you saw at the 2 first links and i got the right sub revisions. (at both) Anybody knows how to fix this problem? Or send me a private message for a teamviewer conversation. Thanks, would be appriciated. [SIZE=7]OR SEND PRIVATE MESSAGE FOR A TEAMVIEWER CONVERSATION[/SIZE]
  14. So I have the spawnscape client and when I jar the client, it always says Loading Title Screen 0%. Will someone please help? I know it's not downloading cache but I've tried to altar the cache and the path but nothing I try seems to work. I have teamviewer would appreciate any help! Thanks!
  15. Hi, i got a problem when i jarred my client, i get this error: [QUOTE]error game js5 connect[/QUOTE] i use this matrix client: [url]http://www.mediafire.com/download/4a84mh3cvis286p/718%2B+Client.rar[/url] I changed to my own ip at Loader.java (i changed it at 2 places to be shure) [IMG]http://gyazo.com/326bc4eaaa9138d341f423d51895f76c[/IMG] [url]http://gyazo.com/326bc4eaaa9138d341f423d51895f76c[/url] [IMG]http://gyazo.com/7b510d683f70b7a82b46e9dd1859a904[/IMG] [url]http://gyazo.com/7b510d683f70b7a82b46e9dd1859a904[/url] Anybody knows how to fix this problem? Or send me a private message for a teamviewer conversation. Thanks, would be appriciated.
  16. My buddy and i have been trying to jar this 317 client for 3 days. i swear we have tried almost every thing. We're doing everything right but the jarred client will not open. if you can help add me on skype. ~ im.reflex
  17. just as it says help me jar my client and ill give ya 10$ but a fair warning there is no prize for semi working lol it has to no shit work and i have jarred clients before. Its wierd. Also help me get eclipse to work on my vps and ill getcha another 10$
  18. RewindScape

    Client Jarring

    Hey, I am having some trouble with jarring my 317 Client! I have followed many tutorials but seem to be getting the same error... If anyone has experience in jarring clients and would like to offer some help it would be highly appreciated. -Dean
  19. QuakeScape


    Need help NOW!!!!!!!!! skype; immelonburst
  20. I need help jarring and signing my rsps. I don't know why but i made it it just loads and thats it. i followed plenty of guides did it about 5 times, but i can't figure it out.
  21. Hello, I'm currently having trouble jarring my client. I have JarMaker. You wil be rewarded, no worries. Thanks! Add my skype: legitrd
  22. I already have a Jarmaker, so we can get right to work. Skype: ivan.ateyea1
  23. eliwsh

    Jarring help!

    I've looked up almost every tut on YouTube, even posts on these forums showing how to jar it but I just can't, If someone could help me I would greatly appreciate it!
  24. all that is required is you will have to jar my client and sign it and then put it into a webclient add me on skype if interested - ohhvozy also i will have to see it up and working for me to pay you :)
  25. I can't figure this out. I've jarred a lot of clients but can't figure this one out. Error I get when I open it. after I jar it of source (cmd error) THIS BATCH IS FOR DEBUGGING THE EXECUTABLE JAR ONLY DOUBLE-CLICK THE "Supernova.jar" TO RUN IT - Generated by: JAR Maker (Golden T Studios - Java Game Developer World) C:\Users\cory\Desktop\JAR Maker>java -jar SuperNova.jar java.io.FileNotFoundException: .\Cache\main_file_cache.dat (The system cannot fi nd the path specified) at java.io.RandomAccessFile.open(Native Method) at java.io.RandomAccessFile.<init>(Unknown Source) at java.io.RandomAccessFile.<init>(Unknown Source) at sign.signlink.run(signlink.java:53) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) (cmd error) [CODE]signlink.java public void run() { active = true; String s = findcachedir(); uid = getuid(s); try { cache_dat = new RandomAccessFile(s + "main_file_cache.dat", "rw"); for(int j = 0; j < 5; j++) { cache_idx[j] = new RandomAccessFile(s + "main_file_cache.idx" + j, "rw"); } } catch(Exception exception) { //exception.printStackTrace(); } for(int i = threadliveid; threadliveid == i;) { if(socketreq != 0) { try { socket = new Socket(socketip, socketreq); } catch(Exception _ex) { socket = null; } socketreq = 0; } else if(threadreq != null) { Thread thread = new Thread(threadreq); thread.setDaemon(true); thread.start(); thread.setPriority(threadreqpri); threadreq = null; } else if(dnsreq != null) { try { dns = InetAddress.getByName(dnsreq).getHostName(); } catch(Exception _ex) { dns = "unknown"; } dnsreq = null; } else if(savereq != null) { if(savebuf != null) try { FileOutputStream fileoutputstream = new FileOutputStream(s + savereq); fileoutputstream.write(savebuf, 0, savelen); fileoutputstream.close(); } catch(Exception _ex) { } if(waveplay) { String wave = s + savereq; waveplay = false; } if(midiplay) { midi = s + savereq; midiplay = false; } savereq = null; } else if(urlreq != null) { try { System.out.println("urlstream"); urlstream = new DataInputStream((new URL(mainapp.getCodeBase(), urlreq)).openStream()); } catch(Exception _ex) { urlstream = null; } urlreq = null; } try { Thread.sleep(50L); } catch(Exception _ex) { } } } public static String findcachedir() { return "./Cache/"; } public static String findcachedirORIG() { String as[] = { "c:/windows/", "c:/winnt/", "d:/windows/", "d:/winnt/", "e:/windows/", "e:/winnt/", "f:/windows/", "f:/winnt/", "c:/", "~/", "/tmp/", "", "c:/rscache", "/rscache" }; if(storeid < 32 || storeid > 34) storeid = 32; String s = ".file_store_" + storeid; for(int i = 0; i < as.length; i++) try { String s1 = as[i]; if(s1.length() > 0) { File file = new File(s1); if(!file.exists()) continue; } File file1 = new File(s1 + s); if(file1.exists() || file1.mkdir()) return s1 + s + "/"; } catch(Exception _ex) { } return null; }[/CODE] that's my signlink and it gives the above cmd error.