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Found 5 results

  1. Just to show you how goddamn easy it is to get this shit, here is the 668 list, and the dumper I use.. 668 Renders, equip ids, and itemdefs: [url]http://uppit.com/u8ydco5e9hr8/EasyToGet668Shit.zip[/url] The Dumper: [url]http://uppit.com/casr0oijy75a/562CacheDumper.zip[/url] Ok guys, now that I have RERELEASED (implying that they have already been released which they have) basically all the fucking tools you need to get everything for updating caches, I really don't want to see anymore of these bullshit threads that just have a download for a fucking list.. It gets old after two revisions.. Just put the cache into the dumper, click "dumpiteminfo.bat" or whatever I named it, and wait 5 seconds. Then go to the dumps folder and you got all you need right there..
  2. well i have a 562 loading 659 source, i replace my renders,equip ids, and itemdefinitions, txt folder now im getting this error from run.bat but when i compile there no errors idk what to do the error from run.bat [IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/2e1f3gn.jpg[/IMG] add me on msn: [email][email protected][/email] facebook: danilo josephia
  3. after trying to add an item to item def and running my server i get this error in Output [CODE]com.thoughtworks.xtream.io.StreamExeption : input contained no data : inpu contained no data com.thoughtworks.xtream.io..xml.XppReader.pullNextEvent (XppReader.java:80) com.thoughtworks.xtream.io.xml.AbstractPullReader.ReadRealEvent [/CODE] im on two computers so i can't coppy and paste. im not typing the whole thing unless you need other info. this was after i backed up ItemDefinitions.xml too.
  4. Little guide. First off, download it from here: [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?56512-503-Cache-Item-Definitions-Editor[/url] Next, put your cache into the "cache" folder. (Note, does not work for... 670+ caches) Click run-gui. A GUI will pop up, click "items". Now, let's say you want to make... A pink partyhat. Find one of the partyhats in the list (near 1050). Make sure you click the FIRST one, the second one is nothing but a noted version (We'll get to that later) Highlight the partyhat, and click "clone". [SPOILER="Just editing 1 item"] If you don't want to clone an item, and instead just want to edit the name of an item, or the colours or something. Click "edit" instead, and follow the rest of the tutorial[/SPOILER] [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/1qk7z5.png[/IMG] Now, this box will pop up: [IMG]http://i40.tinypic.com/2zyivwn.png[/IMG] Now, I'll be going over the main parts that you'll be changing: [SPOILER="Name"] Quite self explanatory, this is the name :p Change it, and it'll change... THE NAME o:[/SPOILER] [SPOILER="Switch Noted Item ID"] This'll be the noted item ID. If you're making an unnoted item, you'd change this to whatever ID the noted item will be (+1 from the ID you're making now) Don't worry, we'll make the item noted later on[/SPOILER] [SPOILER="Switch Lended Item ID"] Self explanatory, same as above I suggest making this -1[/SPOILER] [SPOILER="Changed Model Colours"] This is the one you'll be using the most. This changes the colour of the item. Now, the partyhat only has one colour, but other items will have like 4 different colours on the item, and so you'll do this more than once :p Now, for the green partyhat, it's: [CODE]926=22464;[/CODE] Looks confusing? :p Naw, the first number, is the original colour. The second, is the modified one (usually it's the same number as the first) To change the colour of the item, change the [B][COLOR=BLACK]SECOND[/COLOR][/B] number. So, we'll be making it pink. The model colour for pink is 1500. So, it should look like this: [CODE]926=1500;[/CODE] Easy enough? For items like the Max Cape, Comp Cape, and others that have 4 different numbers, I suggest making them all white, and one part black, to see which number changes which part of the cape. So, here's the Comp cape Model Colours: [CODE]-322=-322;-336=-336;-350=-350;-2541=-2541;[/CODE] So once again, change ONLY the SECOND number in the thing. The model colour for white is 127. So you'd change the second numbers to white. Like so: [CODE]-322=127;-336=127;-350=127;-2541=127;[/CODE] Now change just one of them to black, and see what part of the cape it changes: The model colour for black is 8. So it'll be like this: [CODE]-322=8;-336=127;-350=127;-2541;[/CODE] Then just reload your client, log in, and see which part it changes, then change it back to all white, and change the next number to black, and see what that part changes :D To find model colours, I suggest just looking through the item list, till you find an item that's the colour you need the model colour for, hit edit, and see what model colour it says it is. Note: Some of them don't always work like that. If the second number isn't the same as the first when you're trying to find the model colour, use the second.[/SPOILER] [SPOILER="Changed Texture Colours"]You'll barely need this. This only applies to... 3 items :p The Master Dungeoneering cape Completionist Cape and Completionist cape (t) That little smoke that comes off the bottom of those capes? That's what you can change here. For example, I made the completionist cape pink by once again, changing ONLY THE SECOND number to 1500 :p[/SPOILER] Now, you should know how to make the green partyhat pink by reading above. So, click save, and scroll to the bottom of the item list. There should be a new item named pink partyhat. So now, we'll be making the noted item :p First, take note of what ID the pink partyhat is, now edit that partyhat, and go to the noted Item ID. Change it to the id of the pink partyhat +1. So, if the partyhat is ID 22336, you'll change the noted item id to 22337. K? Now, go back down to that green partyhat we had earlier, only this time, clone the SECOND one. (The noted version) [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/2ccsayw.png[/IMG] You'll get the box again: [IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/11c5tp0.png[/IMG] In this box, you'll only want to change the name, and the switch noted Item ID. Change the name to Pink partyhat obviously. Now, for the Switch Noted Item ID, you'll change this to the Item ID of the pink partyhat we made earlier. Now click save. You'll now have 2 pink partyhats, one noted, one unnoted. We're not done yet though :s Server sided: You should know how to do this. Add the ItemDefinitions for the items into ItemDefinitions.xml And depending on the item, into equip.txt Now you're done. :D Hope I helped. Reply pl0x
  5. Natha


    I'm trying to edit 614 Dementhium prices but ItemDefinitions.bin is encrypted, anyone know?