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Found 9 results

  1. Being that I spent many hours working with this, trying to figure out what exactly was the issue and why it wouldn't work, I've decided to share this information with you all so that it may save you both the time and trouble. Furthermore, because I only have seen one snippet pertinent towards item floor examining and the amount of 718 revisions+ that have ground item examining are slim to none. What was the issue? Well, as most of you are surely aware, client packets must be precise. The variables were not. NOTE: If you either used this or if this helped you in ANY way, please don't hesitate to up-vote (its FREE!) First you'll need to declare your packets+size inside WPD: Then add this under processPackets method: Inside WPE:
  2. When I change the range str of a bow and pack ,it changes the whole gear to that bonus and also doesn't add the bonuses together when I wield armour or bolts, anyone know how to fix?
  3. shershah1

    item bonuses

    Hi, i have tryd to compile my items stats with a compiler but it gives me this error: [QUOTE]error: Class names, 'com.rs.tools.ItemBonusesPacker', are only accepted if annot ation processing is explicitly requested 1 error Druk op een toets om door te gaan. . .[/QUOTE] Any answers greatly appriciated.
  4. Hello guys and girls. I am having trouble figuring out how to make an item be used as currency in a shop i made. Also, i want the same item be able to be exchanged for experience in a skill. Can anyone help me out on this?
  5. I have dumped this to my 580 cache in my grandmother computer DL Link:[URL="https://mega.co.nz/#!MpEDHb7b!Il6wSE0LVXYS5lpVl75uofFdwijUI4HoM6Xd69gCGEQ"]https://mega.co.nz/#!MpEDHb7b!Il6wSE0LVXYS5lpVl75uofFdwijUI4HoM6Xd69gCGEQ[/URL]
  6. A RuneScape Item Price Estimator Tool should be added into RuneLocus. A tool that estimates a price in game of an item. Something like the Grand Exchange should be added. Following a marketplace for items and gold that only staff can sell items on or instead of that, a whole new subscriptions shop for ranks, toplists, banners etc. Plus we should add a Webclient Builder or webpage builder? :)
  7. I'm trying to make an Npc talk along with take an item from someones inventory and exchange it for something else. With different options depending on the item you have . I understand the basic dialogue with cases and stages and options to select but how do I add in item exchange as well. I'm not talking about a shop either. I just want the npc to talk a certain way depending on which item or items you have and be able to exchange it with something else. I am new to 718 coding i'm reading all the tutorials I can and i've searched the forums and have found "item repairs and just normal dialogue and dialogue that opens up shops but not anything with dialogue with item exchange and if it is its a repair that just opens Options to select one you talk to the npc yeah that's close but that's not quite what i'm looking for lets say if you have a abyssal whip in your inventory and you want to have a different color idk i'm just throwing this out there and you talk to the npc and dialogue starts [CODE] Npc - Hello "name" I am "NpcName" I recolor whips for players! Player - Good that's why I am here! Npc - Checks which whip you have and dialogue starts depending on if you have a whip With recoloring dye or Req item Npc - Different dialogue if you have a colored whip to recolor NPC - Dialogue if you have no whip or no colored whip with you to recolor with required dye or item NPC - Dialogue if you do not have the dye or other REQ item. [/CODE] [B]If has a whip or colored whip[/B] [CODE] Player - I have this whip or *Color* whip NPC- Options Normal, Red, Blue, White, Orage, Purple - just putting options to give an example. NPC - Takes either whip or *Colored* whip and exchanges it for another color Player - Says thank you and goodbye [/CODE]
  8. Okey so i've added a custom called 'hell sword' and for some reason every shortbow (shortbow, oak shortow, willow shortbow,...) turns into the hell sword and it looks like dropped on the ground. Picture to show what i mean : [url]http://prntscr.com/6juyg6[/url]
  9. I'm trying to add p-ring for admins+ but, When I go to change the stats for pring and run itempacker, it makes every other item 0 stats, how to fix it from doing that?
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