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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, this is my first post here so hopefully I don't do anything wrong within this thread. I am what I would consider essentially new to RSPS development. Prior to picking up this source I had no Java experience but I am proficient in C++ and assembly. I'm a CS student and know my way around code in general, but don't know much about managing a package of this size or scale. I've been messing with my source on and off for a little over 2 months and have run into some snags that I can't work out on my own due to a lack of understanding and resources on the web. I have a 718+ Matrix source which *I think* is loading a 742 cache. I've worked through all the typical noob stuff of getting the server to compile, run, client connect, port forward, host it on a server, etc. To make this easier to read I'll simply list what I'm having the most trouble with. [LIST] [*]Large (and some small) NPC animations not working properly [*]NPC Spawning [*]Interface management [*] [/LIST] For the animation issue, I do know that it has to do with selecting the proper attack/defence animations in the NPCdefinitions file, but I have no idea where to get the proper animations from or how to narrow it down. NPC spawning, upon deleting my packed NPC spawn file I am getting an error while trying to generate the new packed file by running the server. The error is telling me there's an invalid spawn in my unpackedSpawns.txt. The weird thing is, I only get this error about half the time with the exact same spawns in the unpacked list. Interface management... where do I even begin. What kind of clusterfuck is the interface system? I don't even know where to start looking to try and edit existing interfaces or add one such as a quest tab server info pane. Also, when opening the popout equipment stats window, it opens fine and shows my stats as it should, but I can't click the equipment to unequip it without going back and using the tab interface to do it. Lastly, I would like to add items from another server as practice with cache management (just some 120 master capes and the mage and range versions of the kiln capes). I can find tutorials for loading entire caches but how do I edit just parts of my cache? Sorry if the post is too wordy or long, but I have looked all over and can't find specific enough answers for my situations. Also, I'd appreciate it if people would hold off on the "drop down to a lower source" comments as I don't really see the value in it since the mechanics between 317 and 700+ are completely different for what I'm struggling to do. EDIT*: The specific source is Project Runescape, I don't have the link but it is somewhere on the Runelocus forums, hopefully this helps. Thanks in advance, and I appreciate all genuine input.
  2. I have changed these lines of code in launcher.java /* Special game ranks */ public static final String[] DEVELOPERS = { "James", "Olly" }; public static final String[] MAIN_ACESSS = { "James", "Olly" }; I changed the name in the commands to be able to use them but none of it works. I can change titles etc but when i compile its like this doesn't work
  3. Im trying to add commands and they are not working. Also, unable to change welcome note. Any hep i would be very grateful.
  4. Hey guys so I've been using Cheat Engine and the old cheat client "Reflection" for rsps for a while and most of Cheat Engines bugs are not helpful, while Reflection only will start up .001% of the time on servers so I decided to step it up and try Rune Agent. Now, I understand certain aspects of Java as in I am very good with cheat engine so I understand variables and sort of how objects interact with eachother in the game. Where I get VERY confused is the real java stuff like Client.java, framing, all that jazz. Basically I downloaded Rune Agent watched the only tutorial on youtube for it and tried to engineer my way into getting it to work. I found the text for the Run.bat folder which was "java -noverify -Xbootclasspath/a:"RuneAgent.jar";"lib/bcel-5.2.jar";"lib/rsyntax.jar";"client.jar"; -javaagent:"RuneAgent.jar"=config.js -jar client.jar pause". I made it a .bat folder, then I i put a client into the folder of Rune Agent like in the video, renamed it to "client.jar" and opened the Run.bat file. I got this error: [attachment=5:050a234849.jpg] This confused me because I clearly renamed the client "client.jar" so that it would open the client in the folder. I guess I'm just a total noob so if any of you would be kind enough to help me in layman's terms I would be very appreciative. Heres how my Rune Agent folder is setup: [attachment=6:aae37f2a91.jpg] Also, I want to learn java but all of the online tutorials confuse me. I guess I need a more hands on approach? Does anyone have any suggestions for someone like me who's having a hard time starting out?
  5. Hey Runelocus, I was hoping to find someone very experienced with clients, such as item.def issues and I also wanted to dump some models in my cache. I`m trying to add all the OSRS items into my server. Here is the error in my Client compiler once I`ve added the new item.def coding: [CODE]ItemDef.java:337: error: cannot find symbol itemDef.rotationY = 160; ^ symbol: variable rotationY location: variable itemDef of type ItemDef ItemDef.java:338: error: cannot find symbol itemDef.rotationX = 1780; ^ symbol: variable rotationX location: variable itemDef of type ItemDef ItemDef.java:339: error: cannot find symbol itemDef.offsetX = 2; ^ symbol: variable offsetX location: variable itemDef of type ItemDef ItemDef.java:340: error: cannot find symbol itemDef.offsetY = -19; ^ symbol: variable offsetY location: variable itemDef of type ItemDef ItemDef.java:341: error: cannot find symbol itemDef.groundOptions = new String[] { null, null, "Take", null, null }; ^ symbol: variable groundOptions location: variable itemDef of type ItemDef ItemDef.java:342: error: cannot find symbol itemDef.inventoryOptions = new String[] { null, null, null, null, "Drop" }; ^ symbol: variable inventoryOptions location: variable itemDef of type ItemDef ItemDef.java:343: error: cannot find symbol itemDef.groundModel = 2769; ^ symbol: variable groundModel location: variable itemDef of type ItemDef ItemDef.java:349: error: cannot find symbol itemDef.rotationY = 4; ^ symbol: variable rotationY location: variable itemDef of type ItemDef ItemDef.java:350: error: cannot find symbol itemDef.rotationX = 1976; ^ symbol: variable rotationX location: variable itemDef of type ItemDef ItemDef.java:351: error: cannot find symbol itemDef.offsetX = 4; ^ symbol: variable offsetX location: variable itemDef of type ItemDef ItemDef.java:352: error: cannot find symbol itemDef.offsetY = -3; ^ symbol: variable offsetY location: variable itemDef of type ItemDef ItemDef.java:353: error: cannot find symbol itemDef.groundOptions = new String[] { null, null, "Take", null, null }; ^ symbol: variable groundOptions location: variable itemDef of type ItemDef ItemDef.java:354: error: cannot find symbol itemDef.inventoryOptions = new String[] { null, null, null, null, "Drop" }; ^ symbol: variable inventoryOptions[/CODE]
  6. I'm having several problems. First of all my Magic only gives 1-10 xp as I mentioned before. Second of all my Squeal of Fortune is an issue. It puts the wrong items you win in your bank. For example if you win Bandos Chestplate, it will put a Iron ore sometimes. Squeal.java: [code]package com.rs.game.player.content; import java.util.concurrent.TimeUnit; import com.rs.Settings; import com.rs.cores.CoresManager; import com.rs.game.item.Item; import com.rs.game.item.ItemsContainer; import com.rs.game.player.Player; import com.rs.utils.Logger; import com.rs.utils.Utils; public class Squeal { public static void openWindow(Player player) { if (player.getRights() >= 2) { if (player.getAttackedByDelay() + 10000 > Utils.currentTimeMillis()) { player.getPackets() .sendGameMessage( "You cannot open Squeal of Fortune while in combat."); return; } if (player.getInterfaceManager().containsScreenInter()) { player.getPackets() .sendGameMessage( "Please finish what you're doing before opening Squeal of Fortune."); return; } player.isSpining = false; player.stopAll(); player.getPackets().sendRunScript(5879); player.getPackets().sendConfigByFile(11155, 3); player.getPackets().sendWindowsPane(1253, 0); sendItems(player); refresh(player); } else { player.sm("Not available."); } } public static void sendTicket(Player player) { player.sm("Congratulations! You have earned a spin on the Squeal of Fortune!"); player.squealSpins += 1; refresh(player); //TODO find config for this. } public static void sendRandomTicket(Player player, int chance) { if(Utils.random(chance) == 1) { if(player.squealSpins > 10) { player.sm("You must have no more than 10 spins to be eligible to recieve random activity spins."); return; } player.sm("Congratulations! You've earned a ticket for a free spin on the Squeal of Fortune!"); if(!player.getInventory().hasFreeSlots()) { player.squealSpins += 1; refresh(player); player.sm("Your inventory was full, so your spin ticket was automatically redeemed into spins.", true); } else player.getInventory().addItem(24154, 1); } } public static void sendButton(Player player) { if (player.getRights() >= 2) { if (player.squealSpins >= 1) { player.getInterfaceManager().sendOverlay(1252, true); refresh(player); } else { player.getInterfaceManager().closeOverlay(true); refresh(player); } } } public static void closeButton(Player player) { player.getInterfaceManager().closeOverlay(true); player.sm("You can access the Squeal of Fortune from the side panel, and you can show the button again by logging out and back in."); } public static void close(Player player) { player.getPackets().sendWindowsPane( player.getInterfaceManager().hasRezizableScreen() ? 746 : 548, 0); Squeal.sendButton(player); } public static void decreaseSpins(Player player) { player.squealSpins -= 1; refresh(player); } public static void increaseSpins(Player player, int i) { player.squealSpins += i; refresh(player); } public static void refresh(Player player) { player.getPackets().sendConfigByFile(11026, player.squealSpins + 1); } public static void sendDailySpins(Player player) { if (player.squealSpins >= 2) { //int hours = (int) ((player.getSqueal() / (1000*60*60)) % 24); if (player.getSqueal() < Utils.currentTimeMillis()) { player.setSqueal(Utils.currentTimeMillis() + (24 * 60 * 60 * 1000)); player.squealSpins += 2; refresh(player); player.sm("You have received your daily spins for Squeal of Fortune!", true); /*} else { player.sm("You will receive your daily spins for Squeal of Fortune in "+hours * 2+" hours.", true);TODO }*/ } } } public static void buySpins(final Player player) { close(player); sendDelayedLogout(player); } public static void spin(Player player) { if(player.squealSpins < 1) { close(player); player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("You do not have enough spins to continue."); return; } else { if(player.isSpining == true) return; player.isSpining = true; decreaseSpins(player); int reward = Utils.random(1, 1000); int slot = 0; int slotchange = Utils.getRandom(6); if (reward >= 1 && reward <= 920) { if (slotchange == 1) { slot = 1; } else if (slotchange == 2) { slot = 3; } else if (slotchange == 3) { slot = 5; } else if (slotchange == 4) { slot = 7; } else if (slotchange == 5) { slot = 10; } else if (slotchange == 6) { slot = 12; } } else if (reward >= 921 && reward <= 987) { if (slotchange >= 5) { slot = 6; } else if (slotchange <= 2) { slot = 9; } else if (slotchange >= 3 && slotchange < 5) { slot = 11; } } else if (reward >= 988 && reward <= 997) { if (slotchange >= 5) { slot = 0; } else if (slotchange <= 2) { slot = 4; } else if (slotchange >= 3 && slotchange < 5) { slot = 8; } } else if (reward >= 998) { slot = 2; } //Logger.log("Squeal", player.getDisplayName()+" has used a spin. Spins remaining: "+player.squealSpins); player.getPackets().sendConfigByFile(10860, slot); // Squeal Reward player.getPackets().sendGlobalConfig(1781, 0); player.getPackets().sendGlobalConfig(1781, 0); player.getPackets().sendGlobalConfig(1781, Utils.getRandom(13)); player.getPackets().sendConfigByFile(10860, itemWon); player.getPackets().sendGlobalConfig(1790, 1); player.getPackets().sendConfigByFile(10861, itemWon); itemWon = slotchange; } } public static void claimItem(Player player) { int amount = getBox().getAmount(); int id = getBox().getId(); player.isSpining = false; if (id == 995) { player.getMoneyPouch().addMoney(amount, amount, true, true); close(player); } else { player.getBank().addItem(id, amount, true); close(player); player.getPackets().sendGameMessage( ""+amount+" " + getBox().getName() +(amount == 1 ? " " : "s ")+(amount == 1 ? "has" : "have")+" been added to your bank."); } } public static void discardItem(Player player) { player.sm("You discard your prize."); close(player); } public static void sendDelayedLogout(final Player player) { int LOGOUT_ALERT = 1254; int LOGGING_OUT = 1255; [MENTION=19271]supp[/MENTION]ressWarnings("unused") int LOGOUT_REQUEST = 1256; if (player.getAttackedByDelay() + 10000 > Utils.currentTimeMillis()) { player.getInterfaceManager().sendInterface(LOGOUT_ALERT); return; } player.getInterfaceManager().sendInterface(LOGGING_OUT); CoresManager.slowExecutor.schedule(new Runnable() { [MENTION=15855]Over[/MENTION]ride public void run() { player.getPackets().sendOpenURL(Settings.PAYMENTS_LINK); player.forceLogout(); } }, 5, TimeUnit.SECONDS); } public static void sendItems(Player player) { items.clear(); items.add(getRare(1)); // Rare items.add(getCommon(1)); // Common items.add(getSRare()); // Super-Rare items.add(getCommon(2)); // Common items.add(getRare(2)); // Rare items.add(getCommon(3)); // Common items.add(getUnCommon(1)); // UnCommon items.add(getCommon(4)); // Common items.add(getRare(3)); // Rare items.add(getUnCommon(2)); // UnCommon items.add(getCommon(5)); // Com items.add(getUnCommon(3)); // UnCom items.add(getCommon(6)); // Common player.getPackets().sendItems(665, false, items); } public static Item getBox() { Item[] box = items.getItems(); return box[itemWon]; } private static int itemWon; static ItemsContainer<Item> items = new ItemsContainer<Item>(13, true); private static Item[] SUPER_RARE_ITEM = { new Item(995, 200000000), new Item(995, 10000000), new Item(989, 5), new Item(24440, 1), new Item(23716, 1), new Item(23671, 1), new Item(23674) }; private static Item[] RARE_SLOT1 = { new Item(23715), new Item(23679), new Item(23680), new Item(23681), new Item(23682), new Item(23683), new Item(23690) }, RARE_SLOT2 = { new Item(23684), new Item(23685), new Item(23686), new Item(23687), new Item(23688), new Item(23689) }, RARE_SLOT3 = { new Item(23691), new Item(23692), new Item(23693), new Item(23694), new Item(23695), new Item(23696), new Item(23697), new Item(23698), new Item(23699), new Item(23700) }; private static Item[] UNCOMMON_SLOT1 = { new Item(9181), new Item(9183), new Item(857) }, UNCOMMON_SLOT2 = { new Item(1119), new Item(1121), new Item(1123), new Item(1127) }, UNCOMMON_SLOT3 = { new Item(12976), new Item(1133), new Item(23714) }; private static Item[] COMMON_SLOT1 = { new Item(23713), new Item(9177), new Item(9179), new Item(9174) }, COMMON_SLOT2 = { new Item(2, 30), new Item(886, 300) }, COMMON_SLOT3 = { new Item(1515, 15), new Item(444, 20) }, COMMON_SLOT4 = { new Item(563, 40), new Item(843), new Item(1325), new Item(1313), new Item(1361) }, COMMON_SLOT5 = { new Item(1367), new Item(1297), new Item(1327), new Item(1205) }, COMMON_SLOT6 = { new Item(853), new Item(1311), new Item(1365), new Item(1353), new Item(1295), new Item(1325) }; public static Item getSRare() { return SUPER_RARE_ITEM[(int) (Math.random() * SUPER_RARE_ITEM.length)]; } public static Item getRare(int slot) { if (slot == 2) { return RARE_SLOT2[(int) (Math.random() * RARE_SLOT2.length)]; } else if (slot == 3) { return RARE_SLOT3[(int) (Math.random() * RARE_SLOT3.length)]; } else { //System.out.println("" //+ RARE_SLOT1[(int) (Math.random() * RARE_SLOT1.length)]); return RARE_SLOT1[(int) (Math.random() * RARE_SLOT1.length)]; } } public static Item getCommon(int slot) { if (slot == 2) { return COMMON_SLOT1[(int) (Math.random() * COMMON_SLOT1.length)]; } else if (slot == 3) { return COMMON_SLOT2[(int) (Math.random() * COMMON_SLOT2.length)]; } else if (slot == 4) { return COMMON_SLOT3[(int) (Math.random() * COMMON_SLOT3.length)]; } else if (slot == 5) { return COMMON_SLOT4[(int) (Math.random() * COMMON_SLOT4.length)]; } else if (slot == 6) { return COMMON_SLOT5[(int) (Math.random() * COMMON_SLOT5.length)]; } else { return COMMON_SLOT6[(int) (Math.random() * COMMON_SLOT6.length)]; } } public static Item getUnCommon(int slot) { if (slot == 2) { return UNCOMMON_SLOT1[(int) (Math.random() * UNCOMMON_SLOT1.length)]; } else if (slot == 3) { return UNCOMMON_SLOT2[(int) (Math.random() * UNCOMMON_SLOT2.length)]; } else { return UNCOMMON_SLOT3[(int) (Math.random() * UNCOMMON_SLOT3.length)]; } } }[/code] The last problem I have is every weapon says "kick, punch, and block" instead of the proper attacks. All I ask is someone to help please.
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