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Found 5 results

  1. [SIZE=5]Introduction: [/SIZE] As you already know me, I am a people person. I like to work with others, collaborate ideas and put all my ideas together to create something big. I'm 17 and I live in Canada and have a good experience with web development and java programming. I've been working with Invision Power Board for over 2 years now, I've learned a lot and now have the ability to start a service. I need a bit of funds to put towards my project and make it successful. Once I start getting some work done, I will update the thread with some media of the work I've done. Thanks! [SIZE=5]I can perform:[/SIZE][U][SIZE=5] [/SIZE][/U] [LIST] [*]Setup and Installations [*]Adding Themes, Hooks and Applications. [*]SQL Management [*]Customization [*]FTP Uploading [*]Hosting [*]RSPS Integration [*]Adding Categories & Forums + Subs [*]+ More [/LIST] [U][SIZE=5]Prices: [/SIZE][/U]I will be as negotiable as possible. Just to make it fair between me and the customer. All I care about is making the customer happy and satisfied with the work that has been done. [SIZE=5][U]How to order: [/U][/SIZE]Post or private message me with this format: [LIST] [*]Skype Username [*]What is the issue you are having or what job do you want performed? [*]How much would you like to pay? [*]How fast do you want it done? [/LIST] [B][I]Or[/I][/B] add me on [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/sendmessage.php?do=im&type=skype&u=256490"]skype[/URL].
  2. Job entails: IPB and webdeveloping Payment: Discuss on skype Agreement: If any bugs problems arise with your service, you must be willing to fix them afterwards. Depending on your reputation and history, you could be going first on the service i.e. service first payment after. Skype: kurdzdotorg Hi, We've got an IPB forum setup, but we've been struggling to find a good theme/skin to implement. Therefore we're buying the service of someone to create us or develop one from a pre-existing theme, a unique fantasy theme, that matches/or is similar in design to our homepage (which I will show you on teamviewer/skype). Images of our homepage will be supplied if needed. We prefer to work with someone who has done this before, so they're experienced at it. We're hoping that the theme will not get sold to any other people, and if everything goes well, more services with you in the future. Thanks.
  3. I currently have a nulled IPB forum and wanted to find a developer. But first I've decided that I wanted a legit site first. So if anyone out there is willing to sponsor my site, and become the Co-owner, I'd love that! I've already paid for a custom skin and I have big plans for the site! I'm also trying to create an RSPS of my own, so I could use the forum for that. P.S.[B]I'm sorry if I'm not allowed to post content of this type. Forgive me if I've broken a rule, and please do not punish me too harshly, I haven't had time to read all the rules yet.[/B]
  4. [CENTER]I am offering IP.Board Installations for Free to anyone who wants it. You will have to send me a Private Message on the Forums and I will get you as soon as possible. I offer the most recent version of IP.Board (3.4.7) and it is not nulled. Also , this is non-profit, which means I will not ask or want money for this. Thank You. -Jeff[/CENTER]
  5. I got a few request on a guide on how to do this, so here we go! First thing you need to do is load up your Admin Control Panel and head to ACP > Members > Member Groups > Manage Member Permissions. Scroll down to the bottom where is says create new permission set. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/5r6URxc.png[/IMG] Lets call this group Donator and we are going to base if off of the Member permission set. Click Create and look over the default permissions. Make sure they don't have access to any forums you don't want them to (like a New and Announcement board or a staff forum). Then Click Save Changes. We have successfully created a new permission set! Now we have to make a usergroup to go with it. Head over to ACP > Members > Member Groups > Manage Member Groups and scroll down to the bottom till you see the options to add a new member group. Make sure to base the usergroup off of members and click Create. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/6ugyQWC.png[/IMG] You will be brought to a page with a bunch of options. Most of that is up to you, how you want to set it up but we are going to focus on these settings. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/pfpJDrj.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/qt1OHQj.png[/IMG] The first one is the default permission set for that membergroup. Make sure to set it to Donator or whatever you called the permission set before. The second should both be off if you based the group off of members, but its always important to make sure both of these are set to No. Scroll back up to the top and call your group title Donator. After that you can skip through the rest of the setting for now (although you may want to take a look at them later). Click Complete Edit or whatever the big blue button at the bottom says to finish your usergroup. The last thing we need to do is create our donator forum. Head to ACP > Forums. Click Add New Forum. The rest of the setting are really important so i'll explain them all 1 by 1. This is all really to your preference but i'll just set up a basic forum in case you don't know how. Type of Forum: Standard Forum Forum Name: Donator Forum Forum Description: A forum for Donators Forum Parent: General Sitemap Priority: (Pick the lowest number) Enable Best Answer: No Disable Share Links: No Hide Last Post info: Yes* Allow Members who can see...: No* Custom Permission Denied Message: "Sorry this page is only accessible by Donators" Leave the last two options empty. All of theses can be customized according to your desire but the setting with the * are highly recommended. Click Next twice and you will reach a page like this. Yours will be slightly different as you may not have some of the other permission sets but just make sure to check the boxes I circled in red. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/JAgemPI.png[/IMG] After that you should be done. To give a member access to the donator board just add the to the Donator member group via ACP > Members > Members. If you have any questions or need help don't hesitate to ask me on the RuneLocus forums! Special thanks to Raw Envy and Notorious 317 for letting me use there forums for the visuals.
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