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Found 10 results

  1. I can use HTML CSS Javascript if anyoe has picture and info you want in a front in design just message me and we can work something out. No upfront cost. Ill make and if you like I will release all files to you.
  2. hello and like the title says... i would love to be a original member of a server. hmu.
  3. I'm interested in learning to code java. I'm not asking for complete tutorials yourself, but feel free to reply with links to good programs to use, good sources / clients (preferably 317) to use and if you know any well made tutorials feel free to share them as well. I am a complete noob right now so don't hate me for not knowing what I am talking about. Hopefully one day I'll be able to put something together and make a well-made server one day.
  4. So I am thinking of making a F2P server, where people can pk with f2p armor, like r2h/r scim..would anyone be interested in this?lolking
  5. Hi everyone, The reason I am coming to you today is to search for a team of dedicated, experienced java coders, also 2 php coders. All expenses regarding hosting of the server, web host, and domain is taken care of. I have a dedicated server with 4 cores cpu and 7 gb ram available for use on this project. I am looking to start up a Large scale server, of the 718 revision. My plan is to start off with one skilling world, and later move on to have two worlds, on skilling on pvp dedicated. When joining this project you ARE joining as an owner, and everyone on the team has an equal say as to what we do. If you are interested please PM me, reply to this thread, or contact me via skype(preferred):Microchip1233 Thank You.
  6. Is anyone out there interested in helping me make a rsps?
  7. Tell me some topics that you would like to see, and I will possibly start writing guides for you guys, Some ideas; Home servers (hardware installation will not be included) [code]-Introduction --What is a home server? --What can I do with it? --Does it cost anything? --How realible is it? -Software --Good programs/commands to have --Firewall help --Other -Windows Home Server --Installation --How to make a remote access point --How to setup auto-backup -Linux[/code] and How to build a computer [code] -Introduction --'Building' a computer, is it worth it? --I'm not very computer literate, can I still do this myself? --Tools that you will need/want to have -Getting started -Help [/code] etc
  8. Would anyone be interested in a website where I would do public or private reviews for websites (in-depth explanations, how it can apply to [b]your website[/b])? Anyways, if so, I need a good domain name. I currently own these domain names, though none of them really work: freeflyin.com - portfolio, i could do review.freeflyin.com, but I'd rather have a separate domain. gfxlodge.com - was going to be a design tutorial website for web developers along with some php tricks. Wouldn't work to well as a design review website. I'm looking for a .com domain, considering those are the easiest to remember.
  9. I'm currently playing with the idea of a service named[B] RUNELOCUS SUPPORTS. [/B]Each season will have it's own charity, for example: Winter (1st December - 28/29th February) Spring (1st March - 31st May) Summer (1st June - 31st August) Autumn (1st September - 30th November) Each season will have its own theme so spring may be supporting animals while winter supports child abuse for example. Once the awards system is up and running there may well be awards for charity donations. If this does happen there will most likely be two categories: Total Donations Single Donations If someone donates $5 to five different charities they may earn a total donation for the $25+ award. If someone donates $10 to one charity they may earn the $10+ single donation award. Awards are not yet set it stone of course so awards and their figures may change. As an idea though, who supports this and who would donate?