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Found 8 results

  1. Im working on a game and everything was going as according to plan until i started handling the user input and for some reason it isnt being picked up even know i added a KeyAdapter to the jpanel. Does anyone have an idea what i did wrong. Here's the engine for the game with the keyadapter [code]/** * * @author ethan */ public class Engine extends JPanel implements ActionListener { public enum Selection { MAIN_MENU, CHARACTER_SELECTION, OPPONENT_SELECTION, ITEM_STORE, PAUSE, GAME, ONLINE_MATCH; } private Selection selection; private NPC npc; private NPC npc1; private Player player; public Engine() { selection = Selection.GAME; npc = new NPC(508, 108); npc1 = new NPC(241, 300); player = new Player(); addMouseListener(new MouseAdapter() { @Override public void mouseClicked(MouseEvent event) { switch (selection) { case MAIN_MENU: break; case CHARACTER_SELECTION: break; case OPPONENT_SELECTION: break; case ITEM_STORE: break; case PAUSE: break; case GAME: System.out.println(event.getX() + " " + event.getY()); break; case ONLINE_MATCH: break; } } }); addKeyListener(new KeyAdapter() { @Override public void keyPressed(KeyEvent event) { } @Override public void keyReleased(KeyEvent event) { } }); Timer timer = new Timer(5, this); timer.start(); } public void drawFrame() { JFrame frame = new JFrame("Fun Fighter"); frame.setSize(805, 620); frame.setResizable(false); frame.setDefaultCloseOperation(3); frame.add(this); frame.setVisible(true); } @Override public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent actionEvent) { switch (selection) { case MAIN_MENU: break; case CHARACTER_SELECTION: break; case OPPONENT_SELECTION: break; case ITEM_STORE: break; case PAUSE: break; case GAME: player.move(); break; case ONLINE_MATCH: break; } repaint(); } @Override public void paint(Graphics graphics) { Graphics2D g2d = (Graphics2D) graphics; switch (selection) { case MAIN_MENU: break; case CHARACTER_SELECTION: break; case OPPONENT_SELECTION: break; case ITEM_STORE: break; case PAUSE: break; case GAME: g2d.drawImage(new ImageIcon("cache/background.png").getImage(), 0, 0, this); npc.draw(g2d); npc1.draw(g2d); player.draw(g2d); break; case ONLINE_MATCH: break; } } }[/code]
  2. This is an idea that we've had for a while and we were going to do it.... Then RS07 came out and everybody was excited and focused on that, so this idea kind of got pushed to the back shelf, so to speak. Well, we've been noticing a slight increase in people interested in MineCraft, so we've decided to ask you guys for your input! MineLocus would be an expansion of RuneLocus and would essentially be like RuneLocus, but for MineCraft. There would be a separate forum, a toplist, guides, tutorials, etc etc. So, what do you think? Know people who play MineCraft? Get them to come and vote as well! We are looking for ALL the input we can get so we can see if it'd be worth it to make this a reality :D
  3. I'm stumped on how to get the input integer thing to work... i have this so far [CODE] player.getTemporaryAttributtes().put("remove_X_claws", 14484); player.getTemporaryAttributtes().put("remove_claws", Boolean.TRUE); player.getPackets().sendRunScript(108, new Object[] { "Are you sure you want to remove some dragon claws?" }); [/CODE] I'm not sure how to make it actually delete how much the person entered afterwards... If anyone knows how to that'd be awesome:D
  4. So, I got my main JFrame and when I want to create a new object, i need input for dimensions. [IMG]http://codiction.com/screenshots/H7fRn.png[/IMG] That's my input JFrame, I want my main JFrame to wait for my input frame till the user clicks ok and then I want the values to be sent to the main JFrame. How do I do that? --> It's like an JOptionPane.showInputDialog(); :c I'm stuck on it and it really annoys me.
  5. Can anyone give me the code to make? So, when you click like attack in skilltab it opens inputdialogue "enter amount", then you type 1-99 (exept 10-99 on hp if possible), and then it sets the number as level :)
  6. Hey, I wanted to make a commands interface, where you can click a command (lets say mute) and it will ask for input (name) and then it would mute the input. I just want to know how to ask for input if possible, or you could spoon feed me on however to do it, whichever is good :). Thankyou.
  7. Like say i'm to lazy to login my youtube account so i program visual basic to do it. How could i do something like that? I want it to grab the info from my list box and use that info to login to my youtube account.
  8. Well I have decided to try to use my Desktop computer as well again, but i'm getting a problem. The computer starts up no problem, fans running, lights shinning, yet on the monitor it shows "No Signal Input". I've done a bit of researching, nothing so far. >_<