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Found 22 results

  1. How can i link my rsps forums and ingame ? I am currently using IPB forums 3.4.X and ingame version 718 can somebody guide with a nice detailed tutorial ??
  2. [SIZE=3]Apex718 is now looking for more People Who Qualify to join the team and are ready to Get Apex Going![/SIZE] --------------------------------------------- Web Developer [COLOR="#00FF00"](Open)[/COLOR] In-Game Developer [COLOR="#00FF00"](Open)[/COLOR] ---------------------------------------------- [COLOR="#FF0000"]Requirements:[/COLOR] Must Have Worked With 718+ RSPS. (More Than 6 Months Time) Must Have More Then Basic Java Knowledge. Must Be Able To Commit More than 10 Hours A week. ----------------------------------------------- IF ALL REQS ARE MET AND YOU ARE STILL INTERESTED PLEASE CONTACT ME ON SKYPE [MENTION=61829]purecoolbow[/MENTION]1
  3. Where are the ingame audio sounds located? For example in the code I use: new Music(76, X, Y, X, Y), // Harmony 76 being the track id of harmony and that works fine but where is the music actually located? I wanted to add all the classic ones into the game. Thnx
  4. How do you make donators have different name color in-game for a PI source? I was thinking of adding a green name colour for them, but can't figure out how. Thanks.
  5. When my graphics designer and I had made the blueprints for this, we thought we would mimic the concept of the Zybez 07 market as much as we could. Unfortunately right now there is no graph to display an items price over a given period of time based on in game trades, however there may be in the future. Keep in mind that much like the Zybez market this isn't automatic, trades are made amongst players. Try not to mind the low detail in the video, for some reason, this was the best I could get it. How it works [LIST] [*]A player searches for an item in the database using it's exact name [*]The player can either search for all existing offers or they can input a price, and the amount of the item they are selling or buying, and make the offer. [*]Each item has 25 available offer slots, and each offer by default lasts 24 hours. [*]If an item has no available slots, but some slots have 1 day offers, they can pay 150k for 3 days, or 300k for 5 days to overtake their slot. [*]Every time an offer is made, a message is yelled across the server, alerting those who choose to see these messages, of the offer. [/LIST] What needs to be added [LIST] [*]Editing an offer [*]Removing an offer [*]Searching item by item id [/LIST] [CENTER][video=youtube;PxWJRo6BeSc]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxWJRo6BeSc[/video] [/CENTER]
  6. Hey guys, this tutorial is going to be focused around the decisions that an RSPS owner must make once his server is online. The selection of these options are what shape the outcome of the server. We all hear that our servers need to be unique and different, but how are we suppose to do this? I hope the tutorial is useful to all beginner owners and possibly even existing owners. Enjoy! [CENTER][COLOR="#FF0000"][B][U][SIZE=5]Game-type for your Server[/SIZE][/U][/B][/COLOR][/CENTER] There are many different game-types that your server can focus on. The task of the owner is to decide in what direction to take the server when it comes to deciding what the players will be doing in the game. At first glance it appears there are 3 cut and dry game-types, [U]PVP[/U] (player vs. player), [U]Skilling[/U], and [U]PVM[/U] (player vs. monster), which of course can be merged together in your favorite of a few ways; however, it isn't as simple as merging them together. Obviously, on a basic 317 base all of these things will exist in some sort of fashion, but will not be anywhere near perfection. I am going to list the possible outcomes of combining these 3 things in order to make it easier for the owner's deciding. [U][SIZE=2]PVP [/SIZE][/U]- [INDENT]these servers are completely focused on fighting other players either in the wild, or literally everywhere on the map. The items in a PVP server can come about in practically only 3 ways: Player item spawning, preset classes, or some sort of PK point system where players purchase items based on the amount of kills then have made. A primarily PVP server ignores skilling and PVM nearly completely and directs all of its creation and advertisement upon killing other players. [/INDENT] [U][SIZE=2]PVP and PVM -[/SIZE][/U] [INDENT]these servers key in on the fighting aspect of the game. The items revolve around weapons and armor, and are normally achieved by primarily killing monsters, possibly preset classes, and rarely spawning. The focus is on killing and obviously rarely ever involve any sort of skilling non-combat related.[/INDENT] [U][SIZE=2]PVP, PVM, Skilling -[/SIZE][/U] [INDENT]these servers attempt to capture all the aspect of the game equally. The items range from skilling items such as hatchets and hammers, to fighting items such as shields and scimitars. The items come about by PVM and Skilling, and rarely involve any sort of spawning. The attempt of these servers is to give the players a "easier runescape."[/INDENT] [U][SIZE=2]PVM and Skilling -[/SIZE] [/U][INDENT]these servers attempt to ignore PVP; however, killing other players do exist. It wouldn't be morally right to completely exclude pking from the game. The items are gained by PVM and skilling. As I said, the wild does still exist, but the owner made no particular effort to entice players to go pk, as they would in the above game-types. [/INDENT] [CENTER][SIZE=5] [B][U][COLOR="#00FFFF"]Server's Home and Teleports[/COLOR][/U][/B][/SIZE][/CENTER] The server's home teleport is the heart of the server. It will be the center of trade, banking, and purchasing. Picking your home is dependent upon your game-type chosen. If you desire a strong PK influence, creating your home in a town near the wilderness is essential. If you desire a strong skilling influence, a home near a plethora of resources is perfect for your server. It is good to choose a home with a close bank and a open area for players to accumulate. There must also be room for shops and NPCs which teleport and guide players. The server's population may also play a roll in your picking. If you have a small population, use a smaller home to make your server seem less abandoned, if you have a large population, pick a larger home to reduce lag and overlapping of chats. Your server's teleport menu must be in alliance with your game-type as well. In a pking , you want to map out all of the popular pvp spots on the map for the players easy access. For PVM, you should have a teleport for beginner training, medium leveled monsters (ex. slayer tower), and bosses (ex. bandos or corp). For skilling, you should to have one of 3 things: one location with all the skills encompassed in that one location (ex. catherby); separate teleports to locations for all the skills; and lastly, working skilling all around the map, and no specific teleports to those locations. [CENTER][SIZE=5][COLOR="#0000FF"][B][U]Shops and Drop-rates[/U][/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER] As an owner you must decide what shops you want in your game, where they will be, and what they will sell, and for what price. The shops of your game must supply your game-type with all the necessities you believe are essential to the game-play. Shops should be easily found, either at home or near a teleport drop point. Lastly, the shop's prices must be fair and equal to the items power or importance, and of course be achievable in your server's economy. Drop-rates of monsters is a very important aspect of a server's economy and fairly self-explanatory, but i will explain it anyway. You want to decide drop-rates depending on how you want the economy of the server to pan out. If you want a server full of the best items, then raise your drop-rates, if you want a mid-ranged economy, set them under Runescape's original, but not to high. And of course, if you desire a difficult economy with the best items as rares, make the drop-rates low. [CENTER][B][U][SIZE=5][COLOR="#800080"] Donations[/COLOR][/SIZE][/U][/B][/CENTER] Donations are a lifeline of a server. Without donations, you will not be able to pay for a solid host and a reliable website. Be sure to keep your donations fair and to set out specific rules about donations to ensure you and the customer are happy and satisfied with the purchase. Use authorized money transfers that are protected on the internet. Set fair prices for the item based on its usefulness and rarity. Never force your players to donate for any reason, you don't want to seem desperate. [COLOR="#008000"][U][B][CENTER][SIZE=5]Economy[/SIZE][/CENTER][/B][/U][/COLOR] A server's economy determines its legitimacy and entertainment. All players need to play on a level playing field when it comes to an economy. You cannot allow exploits or duplication to give players an unfair advantage. Do not give your friends special benefits. Have drop parties to get the rares out there, but make sure there are a lot of players on, and be conservative with the amount of money given away. A two sided economy can intimidate new coming players by making them believe they will never get over the fence into the rich economy due their joining date. Keep it fair. Avoid economy resets, because they often decrease player count; however, if you feel one is needed, consider doing so. But don't just reset it and let inflation happen again, find the source of the problem and remove it. Invite friends who are skilled in finding glitches to come in and weed out any possible future exploitation before opening the server to the general public. Make sure that your staff is trustworthy, and also disallow new administrators from trading to avoid any funny business. [U][B][CENTER][SIZE=5][COLOR="#FF8C00"]Rules[/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER][/B][/U] To have a server, you must have rules, and you must have people to enforce those rules. Rules should be plain and simple and cover all of the necessary aspects of an RSPS. These include, duplication, hacking, staff impersonation, scamming, luring, ect. Set the rules for all of these things, it may seem tedious, but it will be worthwhile. Make sure your players have easy access to these rules and are able to view them at any time. Never allow one player to do something and than another to not, you must be fair and follow your precedent set in the rules you make. Have trusted moderators and administrators who can enforce these rules, and of course make sure they follow the rules as well. However, never allow a newly administrator or moderator to have the final say in a punishment, have them run it past you or a trusted administrator before taking action. This is the end of my tutorial, and I would like to wish the best of luck to all beginner server owners. If you persevere and surround yourself with trusted people, you can do great things with your server. Thank you for your time, Matt
  7. I've successfully downloaded the Sprites Editor & packed & made my Donator Crown in-game. But there's something wrong with this code that I can't figure out.. I really need help. My error in-game: If you say "Lol" and hit send, it sends 2 times, with a Mod Crown & the Donator Crown.. [IMG]http://i61.tinypic.com/16h3ocg.png[/IMG] FloatBuffer.java in client... [QUOTE]} if (rights == 1) { } else if (rights == 0) { Node_Sub50.method2966("<img=8>" + player.method891(false, 1), "<img=8>" + player.method893(false, true), i_290_, string, null, false, 0, player.displayName, i_291_); Node_Sub50.method2966("<img=0>" + player.method891(false, 1), "<img=0>" + player.method893(false, true), i_290_, string, null, false, 0, player.displayName, i_291_); } else if (rights == 2 || rights == 7) { Node_Sub50.method2966("<img=1>" + player.method891(false, 1), "<img=1>" + player.method893(false, true), i_290_, string, null, false, 0, player.displayName, i_291_); } else { Node_Sub50.method2966(player.method891(false, 1), player.method893(false, true), i_290_, string, null, false, 0, player.displayName, i_291_); }[/QUOTE] Please if anyone can help me...
  8. hey i just got my first donation on my server and i was wondering how every other server has instant donation in game if someone could help me that would be amazing <3
  9. [B][/B][CENTER][IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/2rggz6r.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i42.tinypic.com/5bwi09.jpg[/IMG] [SIZE=3][URL="https://www.dropbox.com/s/i8jtoadfktsr65v/Outrageous.jar"]Download The Client Here[/URL][/SIZE] [SIZE=3][URL="http://outrageous.freeforums.org/"][COLOR="#FF0000"]Forums Here[/COLOR][/URL][/SIZE] [SIZE=3][URL="https://www.dropbox.com/s/i8jtoadfktsr65v/Outrageous.jar"][COLOR="#FF0000"]Webclient Coming Soon![/COLOR][/URL][/SIZE] [IMG]http://i43.tinypic.com/nz3k40.jpg[/IMG] - • Great Economy! - • Vote For Points - • Working Kill Count - • Working Death Count - • Working KDR Count - • Working Magic 100% - • Lunars 100% - • Ancients 100% - • Perfect PvP - • Extremely Dedicated and Friendly Staff - • Items On Death - • Curses 100% - • Near Perfect Skilling - • Grand Exchange 50% Soon to be 100% - • Working Bank Tabs - • Money Pouch 100% - • Working EXP Counter - • New Combat Icons! - • New Maps - • Perfect Minigames - • Perfect Bosses - • Join Now! - • Great Economy! - • Vote For Points - • Working Kill Count - • Working Death Count - • Working KDR Count - • Working Magic 100% - • Lunars 100% - • Ancients 100% - • Perfect PvP - • Extremely Dedicated and Friendly Staff - • Items On Death - • Curses 100% - • Near Perfect Skilling - • Grand Exchange 50% Soon to be 100% - • Working Bank Tabs - • Money Pouch 100% - • Working EXP Counter - • New Combat Icons! - • New Maps - • Perfect Minigames - • Perfect Bosses - • Join Now! [CENTER]- 24/7 - No lag - Stable Economy - 100% Uptime - Perfect hit formula for melee, range and magic - 138 combat, summoning counts - Constant Updates - Professional and active Staff - Developing Forums - New Runescape Armor - Unique DonatorZone (with shops) - Loyalty point system with shop (10 points every 30mins) - Various shops - Developing Dominion Tower - Lava Flow Mining - Jadinko Lair - Glacors - Frost Dragons - Bork - Tormented Demons - New Godwars (Nex, Bandos, Armadyl, Zamorak, Saradomin) - Squeal of fortune - Gilded altar - Hunter - Fully working Nex - Curses, ancients etc - Queen Black Dragon - Fight Kiln - Fight Caves - Working chaotics - Gambling supported - Money pouch - Working clan wars! - Great staff and community - Fully working slayer and slayer tower! - Developing Auto-Voting - Developing Auto-Donate - Amazing PvP with custom combat - Owner takes all ideas into consideration. - Perfect switching - Unique home -Custom teleports -Fast exp gains - Custom titles -Custom item[/CENTER] [IMG]http://i39.tinypic.com/35194s4.jpg[/IMG] [video=youtube;gUjS8hAesqQ]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUjS8hAesqQ[/video] [COLOR="#FF0000"]*This Video Doesn't Even Come Close to How Many Features We Have And Are Currently Working On*[/COLOR][/CENTER] [SIZE=3][CENTER][COLOR="#FF0000"]Yes I know at the moment this is a pretty big leech. But give me 2 weeks and I absolutely promise to have changed it substantially. Big thanks to Danielxx for being so willing to help out with server developement![/COLOR][/CENTER][/SIZE]
  10. How do I remove this Screen from coming up upon Login? [img]http://i.imgur.com/iIvKfkp.png[/img] It's extremely annoying, the text, and image is an actual image, when removing the image, it still does the pop-up, Just blank. any help? Comment if you need more info. Thanks.
  11. [CENTER][SIZE=6]Zachary's Moderation Service -[/SIZE] Hello everyone, my name is Zachary. I'm here today to offer you guys, the members of RuneLocus, my completely free moderation skills. Due to all the servers here, new and old, and seeing all the servers which are in need of staff, I thought this would be a great idea! I can keep your forums clean of spam, and enforce the rule, as I would do in-game as well. I am mostly interested in being a forums moderator, but I can contribute In-Game also. On another website, I have been active for over 3 years, and I have over 600 posts of constructive comments. Either for the support section, or the Goals and Achievements section. I can show you that account another time if you are interested in seeing it. [SIZE=6]More Information About Me[/SIZE] * I am 15 years old. * I can be active 7+ Hours on the forums and In-Game. * I can help you develop your forums. I have created many forums for some old servers I use to play, and I have hosted 2 of my old servers. * I have a little bit of knowledge in java, so if you needed help with coding, I may be able to help you a little bit. * I am available all day long, as I have an IPhone, and I am always online on Skype! If you guys are interested in me, you may post below, or we can talk on Skype, my Skype is Poke.Pb [/CENTER]
  12. Pvpscapeez

    Vote ingame?

    Hello, my name is Ask and im a bit new with coding and all that stuff i got a server set up but now im wondering how do i let people vote ingame?
  13. [b]Adding fully working ingame hiscores with saving for PI.[/b] In src/server/model/players, make a new class called HighScores.java and add this in: [code]package server.model.players; import java.io.*; import server.Config; import server.Server; import server.model.players.Client; import server.util.Misc; /** * Handles the ingame highscores. * * @author Bradley Carels */ public class HighScores { public static Object[][] PLAYERS = new Object[10][3]; public static void load() { try { BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new FileReader("./Data/highscores.txt")); for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) { String[] data = in.readLine().split(" "); for (int j = 0; j < data.length; j++) PLAYERS[i][j] = (j == 0 ? data[j] : Integer.parseInt(data[j])); } System.out.println("Loaded HighScores."); } catch (IOException e) { System.out.println("Error loading HighScores."); } } public static void save() { for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) { if (PLAYERS[i][0] == null) return; } try { BufferedWriter out = new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter("./Data/highscores.txt")); for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) { String line = PLAYERS[i][0] + " " + PLAYERS[i][1] + " " + PLAYERS[i][2]; out.write(line, 0, line.length()); out.newLine(); } out.close(); } catch (IOException e) { System.out.println("Error saving HighScores."); } } public static void open(Client c) { c.getPA().showInterface(6308); c.getPA().sendFrame126(Config.SERVER_NAME + " HighScores", 6400); c.getPA().sendFrame126("Top PKers:", 6399); for (int i = 0; i < 40; i++) c.getPA().sendFrame126("", 8578 + i); for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) c.getPA().sendFrame126(PLAYERS[i][1] + ". " + PLAYERS[i][0] + " - " + PLAYERS[i][2] + " Kills", 6402 + i); } public static void update(Client c) { for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) { if (c.kills > (Integer) PLAYERS[i][2] && (c.kills < (Integer) PLAYERS[i - (i == 0 ? 0 : 1)][2] || i == 0)) { PLAYERS[i][0] = c.playerName; PLAYERS[i][2] = c.kills; } } } }[/code] [b]Edit the variables to suit your needs.[/b] Next in ActionHandler.java search for: [code]switch(objectType) {[/code] Under that switch statement add: [code] case 3192: HighScores.open(c); break;[/code] Now open Client.java and search for: [code]process() {[/code] Under that add: [code] HighScores.update(this);[/code] Now go in ShutDownHook.java and search for: [code]public void run() {[/code] Under that line add: [code] HighScores.save();[/code] Next open Server.java and search for: [code]public static void main[/code] And under that line add: [code] HighScores.load();[/code] Next open ObjectManager.java and search for: [code]public void loadCustomSpawns(Client c) {[/code] Under that add: [code] c.getPA().checkObjectSpawn(3192, 3222, 3218, 0, 10); // scoreboard[/code] Change these coordinates to wherever you want, this currently spawns the scoreboard in Lumbridge. [color=red]Last step![/color] Lastly, go into your Data folder and make a new text document called highscores.txt [b]If you followed the tutorial correctly, you now have fully working ingame highscores![/b] As always, all credits go to me. Enjoy. ;) Picture: [IMG]http://i1224.photobucket.com/albums/ee365/ZBradleyX/highscores2.png[/IMG]
  14. Hey guys, I recently made this just out of curiosity... to see if it worked.. In the end it did and seems pretty cool/useful replacement of a useless thing :D What this does: Replaces Mini-Map button with a Vote4Cash button. Difficulty: 1/10 *THIS IS ALL CLIENT SIDED* Open up client.java, and find something similar to this. [CODE] if(l == 1005) { launchURL("WM.bat"); pushMessage("Loading worldmap.", 0, ""); [/CODE] Replace it with this: [CODE] if(l == 1005) { launchURL("www.FORUMS.com/vote.php"); pushMessage("Thanks for Voting!", 0, ""); [/CODE] Now look for [CODE] if(is508 == true || is525 == true || is562 == true) { if(super.mouseX >= 527 && super.mouseX <= 560 && super.mouseY >= 126 && super.mouseY <= 159) { menuActionName[1] = "World Map"; menuActionID[1] = 1005; menuActionRow = 2; } [/CODE] and replace it with [CODE] if(is508 == true || is525 == true || is562 == true) { if(super.mouseX >= 527 && super.mouseX <= 560 && super.mouseY >= 126 && super.mouseY <= 159) { menuActionName[1] = "Vote4Cash"; menuActionID[1] = 1005; menuActionRow = 2; } [/CODE] Next, you will need to replace the mini-map icon. You can either make your own, or use mine. *Note* It is pretty hard to make one that fits decently inside the circle properly so I suggest using mine. [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?sywd222ae1du1we[/url] Take these and put them in C:\Your Cache\Sprites\Gameframe *Note* Make sure to change them to the same name as your globe sprites. There should be two, one for standby and one for hover. Hope you guys liked the tut :) Yes it is simple.. I know :) But useful and unique :D I do NOT give permission to post this ANYWHERE else. You may request me to post it somewhere, but I will not allow it to be posted. You must give all credits to me, as this has NEVER been done be for and I am the original creator. Thanks :) Finished product below :) [IMG]http://i41.tinypic.com/6qk8bs.png[/IMG]
  15. Hi, I was wondering how can i add ingame symbols by there name when they speak regular. I have the images ready to go and but you know how the mods have by there name when they talk. and admins have gold crown. i want to add new symbols or more symbols. I do not wana replace mod and admin. Does anyone know how to add more symbols in the game?
  16. XxBryantD

    ingame highscore

    its been awhile since i have coded and i forgot how to add ingame pk scoreboard can anyone tell me how or point me to tut on it
  17. hey pro coders!, if i log in to my server i get this error in my client cmd: Error: T1 - 123,0 - 36,36 Error: T1 - 123,0 - 36,36 Error: T1 - 123,0 - 36,36 can anyone help me out whit this please?
  18. xCHRiS

    Adding Ingame Stuff

    Hi, Would anyone be able to make me a sort of tutorial on how to: -make a staffzone and add stuff like shops to it -make a donarzone and add stuff to it -coding places like Nex I know this is alot to ask but i would be much appreciative of anyone that can help me out or tries. Thanks, Chris Edit - This is a 562 loading 662. Is a Mapdata dumper available to dl?
  19. [CENTER] [SIZE="4"]~ I have been collecting these sprites for a while now, I comes with a selection of Sprites used on their current website (28th August, 2011) which I personally dumped my self, a LARGE variety of every single sprite being used in-game (11th July, 2011) and a few miscellaneous sprites. [B]Legend[/B] [B]*In-game[/B] [I]- 3,795 packed sprites e.g interfaces, side icons etc... - Chat heads e.g The moving heads you see when talking to an NPC - Dungeoneering e.g the spites used on floor selection - New emote icons[/I] [B]*Website[/B] [I]- All forum logo's - Sprites used in the account management section - Main page sprites[/I] [B]* Miscellaneous[/B] [I]- Boss Portraits - Concept Art - Random Icons - Lores - Other - RS Lettering & Stone background (for making Banners)[/I] [B]Credits[/B] 75% Me - For doing a MASSIVE 5gb dump of the RuneScape Site and Dumping the latest revision cache 25% Everyone else - I do recall getting maybe 25% of the sprites in this pack from various people, so the credits are adequate enough [B]Download[/B] IN-GAME SPRITES [I]*[URL="http://up.ht/ouN36O"]LINK (uppit)[/URL] *SIZE - Un-packed: 23.8mb - Packed: 9.87mb[/I] WEBSITE/FORUM SPRITES [I][URL="http://up.ht/puPiiF"]LINK (uppit)[/URL] *SIZE - Un-packed: 6.66mb - Packed: 6.48mb[/I] A rep and or Thanks would be much appreciated for my mildly hard work for obtaining these, but by no means is it compulsory (y) ~ [/SIZE] [/CENTER]
  20. [url]http://www.gameranx.com/game_screenshots/gameid/elder-scrolls-5-skyrim-pc/img_no/1/[/url]