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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, yet another problem. i just added more bank space on the server. with my smart idea's i thought. o lovely it works, but once, i try to grab items of the bank that go's over the official 509 limmit, i cant withdraw it. this code is changed in bank.java private static final long MAX_BANK_SIZE = 800; (official ammount is 509) K i try to explain it on the picture, my bank is officially full, it containts 509 items. and i couldnt store more after that. but when i changed the code private static final long MAX_BANK_SIZE = 509 into 800, So that means, im able to store 800 items in the bank. the void knight mace, is item number 509, in my bank. and every item i click after that so the white full helm item 510 will not be withdrawn? i can click what i want but everything after number 509 cant be withdrawn. soz for this terrible explaination :P but what should happen is that if i store fully 800 items in the bank that i can withdraw 800 items, but i can only withdraw 509 items. if someone knows the sollution that would be great [ATTACH=CONFIG]8942[/ATTACH]