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  1. VPSnet.com Network information Vilnius, Lithuania Test IPv4: Test IPv6: 2a05:7cc0::3
  2. King Servers offers quality VPS/VDS hosting, virtual hosting and other useful services. You will be pleasantly surprised by the service, support and the highest Uptime! We are better, because: We provide all the conditions for project development - our capacities correspond with the declared ones, at any time you can perform vertical VPS scaling to physical server or several servers. Technical support woks. Always. For the sake of your interests. Optimal combination of price/quality. We work on fast virtualization systems that do not use server performance. High-end level data-centers. Stable prices for consistently high quality of virtual servers. Virtual hosting Virtual hosting of King Servers is represented by the following tariffs: YEAR: Disk space: 5Gb Domains: 1 domain / FTP access Traffic : Unlimited Database: Unlimited OPTIMO: Disk space: 10Gb Domains: 5 domains / FTP access Traffic : Unlimited Database: Unlimited CENTURY: Disk space: 15Gb Domains: 25 domains / FTP access Traffic : Unlimited Database: Unlimited MILLENIUM: Disk space: 25Gb Domains: 50 domains / FTP access Traffic : Unlimited Database: Unlimited VPS/VDS servers Advantages of our VPS/VDS hosting: USER-FRIENGLY DASHBOARD Simple and intuitively understandable interface will help you to prolong subscription to the hosting, change configuration, make request to the technical support and other tasks in a few minutes. ЕASILY SCALABLE CONFIGURATION You can change configuration of VPS in real time both increase and decrease the productivity of the server Here you will find solution for any task - fast and capacious HDD/SSD (10-100Gb HDD, 5-25Gb SSD) storages, qualitative communication channel from the data center, possibility to choose amount of RAM and type of CPU provides proper level of scalability. RELIABLE PROTECTION By the using of shared-hosting any project can be infected by a neighboring site. VPS/VDS means only independent virtual environment, so this way of infection or breaking open is excluded. Well-designed protection against DDOS-attacks. HIGH STABILITY Each launched server is tested. The software of stable assemblies and reliable hardware from world brands are used. Dedicated servers HIGH-EFFICIENT SERVERS If you choose a server from the Prompt Setting Up Section with standard software, we will manage to prepare it for you within the shortest term possible. PROMPT SERVERS SETTING UP When you hit «Deploy», you will have the confidence that your new dedicated server solution will be available for use the same day, often in as little as an hour. CONVENIENT CONTROL PANEL Power management, IPMI access, real-time traffic monitoring – this and many other features you will find in our billing panel of server management. Additional services Storage Servers Our Multi-Award winning range of Storage Servers are perfect for any business that requires Scalable Enterprise Storage. DDos Protection Professional protectionagainst any DDoS-attack - we provide security for your business. Streaming Video CDN - Content Delivery Network Dedicated Servers VDS Servers To get a 10% promo for any service of King Servers leave message "I want promo" in forum topic and we will contact you.
  3. 5GB offshore hosting at $2.25 per monthly only. upgrade/downgrade at any time 1 Click Installer SEO Tools Cloudflare 7 Days Refund Policy Location: Russia, Netherlands, Bulgaria Hosting Plans: Starter 5 GB Disk Space 100 GB Bandwidth 1 Addon Domain Regular Price $2.25/mo Order Now Personal 10 GB Disk Space 200 GB Bandwidth 5 Addon Domains Regular Price $4.25/mo Order Now Advanced 15 GB Disk Space 300 GB Bandwidth 10 Addon Domains Regular Price $5.00/mo Order Now Professional 20 GB Disk Space 400 GB Bandwidth 15 Addon Domains Regular Price $7.00/mo Order Now For plan detail click here * 24/7 Technical Support (Ticket / email / Phone) * Free Migration * Larger Payment Method (Paypal, Payza (Formerly Alertpay), Skrill (moneybookers), Webmoney, Bank / Wire Transfer, bKash/rocket, Western Union Money Transfer / MoneyGraam) Contact: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Submit Ticket facebook
  4. I provide web hosting services since last 6 years and today I am providing a free website hosting for RuneLocus members, Please read requirement before placing a order. If you run a RSPS game server and looking for hosting your "website" or blog (not RSPS server) then you can use my free service. We will count you as a premium customer and not free. It means we will treat you as a premium and valuable customer. [B]Hosting Plan for RSPS:[/B] 1GB Disk Space 100GB monthly bandwidth cPanel Softaculous Installer php/MySQL IonCube Every next day backup Fast Page loading speed [B]Requirement:[/B] 1x back-link to our site. (header) [B]How to place a order?[/B] [URL="https://www.dewlance.com/client/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=2&subject=I need RSPS Free Hosting - Runelocus"][B]Click here[/B][/URL] and provide your domain name, info about your runescape. [B]Note:[/B] We will host your website on our server, Every year you will need to just open a ticket that you want to continue your account and there is no any other requirement.
  5. Hey all, Well I have a server laying about with nothing happening on it, so I am loaning it out to anyone who wants to register. It has an automated setup on it or should set up automatically, tested and it works. With this free package you get; cPanel Disk Space: 200MB Bandwidth: 1GB Email accounts: 20 Subdomains: 50 FTP accounts: 3 SQL Databases: 20 If you require more features or resources then please drop an E-Mail off at the customer support desk, with reason. To create your own account please [URL="http://host.ragekit.co.uk/"]Click Here[/URL] Note, main domain route is for a project manager, I will be purchasing another domain if this takes off OK. Note: Sub-Domains may require manual setup, please contact me if you don't have a domain to use.
  6. RuneLocus Username: Godswords Computer Information: Processor:Intel Core i7-4960X Ivy Bridge-E 6-Core 3.6GHz Cores/Threads: 6/6 Provided Cores/Threads: 4/4 Total System Memory: 8 GB Provided Memory: 2-4 GB Operating System: Windows 7 Professional (licensed) 32-Bit or 64-Bit: 64 bit Hosting Type: Regular? Contact me on skype if interested: pbotgold4service.
  7. Hello Runelocus, Sense I don't have all the expenses to pay for my server, I'm just going to try and be partner's with another person. ----- Specs of the 4 GB VPS? 60GB Disk Space 4 Virtual Processors 1GBPS Uplink Full DDoS Protection ----- Please note: I'm not going to be a partner with anyone that doesn't know anything about RSPS's or how to run them.
  8. Hey guys! At the moment I am letting a VPS go to waste and whilst I am busy coding I won't need it yet, so I am offering you the chance to have your server hosted for the week! First person to comment wins
  9. anyone know a good web host i need cheap paid hosting free hosting sucks i got told to go to [url]www.superhost247.com[/url] there fairly cheap and do free hosting any other suggestion? i want to compare some sites had to make a new RL account i forgot my usename and password for the account i had for 3 years
  10. [center][url=http://www.arvixe.com/?utm_campaign=PersonalClass&utm_medium=forum&utm_source=runelocus.com][img]http://newsletter.arvixe.com/images/forum/arvixe-offer-banner.png[/img][/url] [URL="http://www.arvixe.com/dollar-hosting?utm_campaign=Dollar&utm_medium=forum&utm_source=runelocus.com"]For [B][COLOR="#0000CD"]100% FREE[/COLOR][/B] script installs, email scripts[at]arvixe.com[/URL] [url=http://www.arvixe.com/linux_web_hosting?utm_campaign=PersonalClass&utm_medium=forum&utm_source=runelocus.com][img]http://newsletter.arvixe.com/images/forum/personalclass1dollar.png[/img][/url][url=http://www.arvixe.com/linux_web_hosting?utm_campaign=PersonalClass&utm_medium=forum&utm_source=runelocus.com][img]http://newsletter.arvixe.com/images/forum/personalclass.png[/img][/url][url=http://www.arvixe.com/reseller-discount-hosting?utm_campaign=ResellerClass&utm_medium=forum&utm_source=runelocus.com][img]http://newsletter.arvixe.com/images/forum/resellerclass.png[/img][/url] [URL="http://www.arvixe.com/dollar-hosting?utm_campaign=Dollar&utm_medium=forum&utm_source=runelocus.com"][b]Looking to start your own web host? [/b]Signup for our reseller and claim a [B][COLOR="#0000CD"]100% FREE WHMCS configuration[/COLOR][/B]! Just email whmcs[at]arvixe.com[/center][/url] [B]What some of our customers say….[/B] Abdul - customglory.com [quote]You have great prices and reliable service. Your service works well with opencart and opentshirts. Thank you![/quote] Simion - simbolcris.com [quote]Arvixe is great. I don't have any problem at all whith Arvixe hosting and my domain is working very well. I say that Arvixe is the best! #1 [/quote] Vinit - ntierarchitecture.com [quote]Arviex is one stop destination for all my hosting needs, be it domain or webspace, Windows or Linux. It is easy to use the software and web portal they offer. You don't have to go anywhere, they give almost everything, hosting, domain, email and what not. I'm one more full satisfied customer.[/quote] Pavel - ramunessoaps.com [quote]Tried your site via special offer from Rockets and absolutely love it. This is my first site I created and I never thought it will be so easy to install it and maintain. Well done guys. By the way, I am from Ireland but server speed is great even here[/quote] Francisco - fjaguirre.com [quote]I have had some bad experiences with "Cheap" hosts. This time, I was afraid just because the low prices that Arvixe offers. Fortunately I was mistaken; Arvixe provides excellent service at amazing prices with a great support team always ready to help. Now I always recommend the service to everyone I know.[/quote] Daniel - imagerange.com [quote]have nothing to complain very good price and service, as well as the support who always have a solution. am very happy with everything top[/quote] Firas - sagecontinent.com [quote]Working with Arvixe has been a seemless experience. Thank you for that.[/quote] William - woodstreamhoa.com [quote]Arvixe's service has been reliable and reasonably priced. The INITIAL set up for our site was completed efficiently in a timely manner. We're very happy with your service. Thanks, WOODSTREAM HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION[/quote] Art - rushover.com [quote]I came to Arvixe after researching reliable and hard-working hosting teams. I did some research on Arvixe and saw that Arvand and his team refused to sell the company for millions, and he also personally made posts on various forums that were professional and diplomatic. To me it demonstrated passion, integrity, and going above and beyond as a service provider. Solid team. Keep up the good job. Cheers mates.[/quote] Manuel - grupogadi.com [quote]Great support, very helpful and polite people! Good for you.[/quote] Want to see hundreds more reviews? Click [URL="http://www.arvixe.com/survey/results?utm_campaign=Dollar&utm_medium=forum&utm_source=webhostingtalk.com"]here[/URL]. Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to our sales department over live chat, email sales [at] arvixe.com or give us a call: 1-888-927-8493
  11. Looking to join a 718 or 317 Project, I don't feel like taking on a server by myself, and its hard to find good staff.. What i can offer for a Developer/Admin position.. Excellent knowledge in JAVA/C#/HTML/CSS.. 24/7 Webhost with IPS 3.4.7 or 4.0 BETA or vBulletin. Dual core 3GHZ CPU 5GB RAM DDR2-800mhz 160GB Storage Unlimited SQL Databases Plesk Panel and more... Any questions.. add my skype gb-rodney
  12. I can host a 317 server on my VPS. You will have full access to the VPS to set it up etc. The server must have at least 5 - 10 people on at all times. The VPS Specs are bellow: 40 GB Disk Space 200 GB Monthly Bandwidth 512 MB Dedicated RAM 0.4 Ghz CPU 1 IP Address Linux OS When your server gets to big for the VPS, i will upgrade it. PM me if your interested.... NO STARTERS.. at least 5 - 10 people on at all times.
  13. Hello I am interested in hosting a new server, I will not be able to staff it, as I have other projects I am working on. I will provide 24/7 hosting of ONE runescape server(including web page), in exchange for adspace, pointing back to my company. I will also require a staff account, though I will not interfere with your daily activities. Also I have a question. Is it possible to host the jar on a web page, like moparscape set up? So that players wouldn't need to download/run a jar? If so, this would be optimal for how I wish to host your server, as I want to integrate it as a facebook application. (our hosting provides auto-ssl) Please leave responses, Thanks! I'm mainly doing this so I can get back to playing the version of runescape before evolution of combat, without paying the stupid monthly fee. You control the server, I make sure it's always available.
  14. Hi guys.. If any of you guys need a hoster or a coder just talk to me or add my skype. I can host any server with no lagg, also can portforward and do anything to put the server up. I can code ur server, make a vote and donor system and all that shit u need u need. And im doing all that for a good price. Just contact me ! Add me on skype marcofaria123 or just PM me Thanks
  15. [IMG]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=10649&d=1410904736[/IMG] [SIZE=6]About us[/SIZE] Byte32 is a Information and computing research and development organization focusing on business oriented services and products such as eCommerce sites and data manipulation based in Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, UK. We can provide web hosting, web design and web development - We can set up and host eCommercial sites as well as managed dedicated servers. We are a new organization planning on providing web hosting and managed services worldwide, We have servers in France and Canada. We also plan to produce commercial, freeware and new open source technologies. We have keen interests on networking and clusters, security and ethical hacking. If you have a problem for us to solve, get in contact with us ! [CENTER][SIZE=4][B][COLOR="#FF0000"]Use coupon code '1POUND' to get the first month for just a pound (£1.00) to try our services ![/COLOR][/B][/SIZE][/CENTER] [SIZE=6]Hosting plans[/SIZE] [SIZE=5]Softaculous included in all plans[/SIZE] All hosting plans have no cPanel account limit, if your reseller account is using a lot of resources, and you have more then 2 client per GB - we may ask you to upgrade to a VPS or come to arrangements on a custom solution. [B]Servers are hosted in France, OVH Datacenter. Backup nameservers also in France and Canada.[/B] [SIZE=4]10GB Web space (£4.99 pm)[/SIZE] 40GB Bandwidth Unlimited FTP accounts Unlimited MySQL users and databases Unlimited sub domains, parked domains, addon domains and redirects Softaculous one click installer Instant setup ! [URL="https://secure.byte32.com/client-area/cart.php?a=add&pid=4"][SIZE=3]Order now ![/SIZE][/URL] [SIZE=4]20GB Web space (£9.99 pm)[/SIZE] 80GB Bandwidth Unlimited FTP accounts Unlimited MySQL users and databases Unlimited sub domains, parked domains, addon domains and redirects Softaculous one click installer Instant setup ! [URL="https://secure.byte32.com/client-area/cart.php?a=add&pid=5"][SIZE=3]Order now ![/SIZE][/URL] [SIZE=4]50GB Web space (£19.99 pm)[/SIZE] 200GB Bandwidth Unlimited FTP accounts Unlimited MySQL users and databases Unlimited sub domains, parked domains, addon domains and redirects Softaculous one click installer Instant setup ! [URL="https://secure.byte32.com/client-area/cart.php?a=add&pid=6"][SIZE=3]Order now ![/SIZE][/URL]
  16. [URL="http://superhostingcoupons.com/"][CENTER][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/qCvonhX.png[/IMG][/CENTER][/URL] [B]About[/B] SuperHostingCoupons.com is an easy way to save a lot of money on webhosting and domains. We have a variety of different webhosting coupons to choose from and we add more coupons to our database everyday! [URL="http://superhostingcoupons.com"]Click here to go to our website[/URL]
  17. [SIZE=5][B][COLOR="#FF0000"]Special Offer For Runelocus Users[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE] Hello, Im Dennis from BurstVPS i would just like to let everyone know about my newly founded hosting company. [B][U]What We Do[/U][/B] BurstVPS is run by Linux / PHP pro's and also hosting specialists. Customer service is most important to us. We will be pleased to answer any and all questions. Our goal is to provide the best possible hardware and service for your money whether it is our Basic package or our Max plan we offer you the same quality of service. We do get offers from time to time of great special servers and when we do we will pass these on to you. We want to make your hosting experience as easy as possible. [B][U]Our Mission[/U][/B] BurstVPS have been around 4 months and are constantly growing!. We at BurstVPS offer quality hardware with reasonable limits on the number of users per server, at a fair price that everyone can afford, and most of all with the best service possible. We are offering exceptional technical support and quality customer service this is why we created BurstVPS. [IMG]http://s24.postimg.org/mf1q0q6sl/Untitled.png[/IMG] [B][U]To visit our website please [URL="http://burstvps.eu"]Click Here[/URL][/U][/B]
  18. Hi there! I am offering services to Host RSPS servers. From 317-718 RSPS Are Allowed. Along with Remote File Storage. VPS Is An Option for Higher end servers. [B][U]Contact Justin[/U][/B] message me for my Email Bandwidth is very high and never down as i own my own node within my service provider. Over 100Mbps Down and 30 Mbps Up. Your Cache And server will be uploaded to my file server And be run from there. [CENTER]The Server Stats I7 3.2Ghz CPU (x64) 4/4 core 8Gb of DDR3 800 Bus Hardwired Lan With Firewall Security is always on high alert and always monitored! Secondary Servers for low use requirements. I Have Many of these!!! 1.2 ghz (x86) 512 Mb ram Win XPE Server SP1 Hardwired Lan With Firewall Security is low, But monitored.[/CENTER] Most RSPS Servers i wont charge for if i get Special Rights Within the RSPS. Just Contact me with Info on the RSPS. Vote, Hiscores, And any other secondary options will have to be discussed with me and well figure it out. I do code Java, CSS, Java, PHP, and Python and a little more so i can always help out with new ideas and Projects as well. As well im a Cisco Trained Network Admin and A professional Computer Technician Any Inquires Contact Justin Message me for my Email
  19. So I began hosting my server on my own and as it grew, I received donations. I put those donations toward my server for advertising and a good vps. The advertising went well but vps, not so much. I constantly have to start the bps back up because it is crashing and there is no error logs or anything. I keep losing players and I need to switch urgently. I have been using clam host 20$ server. What websites are good right now for hosting at around 20$? I need it for a 718 rsps on windows because I don't know how to use Linux. Ddos protection would be nice too but if it would be better to go without as my server is still kinda small please tell me so. I want to be able to use without shutting off constantly and have almost 100% uptime. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated! I'm sure others have the same question as well
  20. Hi guys, I just got a problem with hosting and its when I got to my ip address it doesn't work http : //prntscr . com/3y1bp6 I've tired to do it many times, used 3 different browsers firefox, chrome and explorer.... If there is any other way to host server, can you send me video or tutoria or telling me how to fix this problem? thanks..
  21. TDi's Server hosting. Computer Information Processor: AMD - Octa-core FX-9590 4.7GHz Cores/Threads: 8 Cores Cores/Threads Provided: 8 Cores Total System Memory: 16GB DDR3 1600MHz (2x8gb DDR3) Provided Memory: 16GB Operating System: Windows 7 32-Bit or 64-Bit: 64bit Hosting Type: Native Hosting (personal pc) [B] Price is on a offers basis, offer below or via private message you can also add me on skype Sam.Thomas20 [/B] Speed Test Results: [img]http://i62.tinypic.com/2jy7ht.png[/img]
  22. [ATTACH]10362[/ATTACH] For some reason i cant seem to get my server online ive portforwarded and everything , if you are capable of hosting a server and want to become co owner of this server send me a message , the servers revision is 317
  23. So, I just purchased a VPS that has a great DDoS filter. I purchased it from NFOServers, and it's running great. I'll be hosting a server for someone that is experienced in Java language, and that has a server that's ready to be hosted. I will ask for the features, media, and review over the server. I don't want to host a server that's completely leeched. Just post a reply with interest if you'd like. [B]VPS Specs:[/B] - [B]RAM:[/B] 2048MB (2GB) - [B]HDD: [/B]100GB - [B]OS:[/B] Windows Server 2008 R2 - [B]Location:[/B] InterNAP Dallas [B]What you will be given:[/B] - Access to hosting account. - Secondary Access to Panel. - Secondary FTP Access. [B]What isn't allowed:[/B] - Illegal Activity - Mining any type of coins. - Hosting bots, or booters. [B]What I will be given in return:[/B] - Position on the staff team. [B]UP/Down speed:[/B] [img]http://www.speedtest.net/result/3241231431.png[/img]
  24. [URL="http://www.byte32.com"][IMG]https://secure.byte32.com/images/logo.png[/IMG][/URL] [SIZE=4]Hosting & IT Services[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]Hello, my name is [URL="http://ashley.meah.me.uk"]Ashley Meah[/URL] and i recently setup a cPanel server for personal website's and this lead to me to providing hosting. I have experience in web development, software development and have a keen interest in computer security and can consult you on your website included with the premium support as standard. I also offer web and software development.[/SIZE] [SIZE=4]Web development/ creation[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]We can create custom dynamic PHP/MySQL systems as well as web design and software development. Years of experience with WordPress, Magento and other in-house software. We can turn PDF's into HTML & CSS, and free hosting is provided with any IT Services.[/SIZE] [SIZE=4]Where will my website be hosted?[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]We are currently hosted on an VPS as we have very low power requirements. This means all hosted content MUST follow The Law Of France. We have one VPS for the main cPanel server (s01) and a second VPS for a secondary name server to take the load of s01. We have plans to get another VPS hosted in canada for another name server. [URL="https://secure.byte32.com/client-area/serverstatus.php"]View server status[/URL][/SIZE] [SIZE=4]Web hosting & Resellers[/SIZE] [SIZE=2]DDoS Protected premium shared and reseller hosting starting from £1.99 an month for 2GB web space. Reseller hosting starting from £9.99 an month for 20GB web space. Use promotion code "LAUNCH" for 50% off for as long as you renew the product. [URL="https://secure.byte32.com/hosting.php"]More information[/URL][/SIZE]