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Found 53 results

  1. RuneXScape Come play for free on a brand new server we are looking for staff including developers/moderators we have a discord server join and come say hello https://discord.gg/QgQF9ds Server Features: Cosmetic Overrides - Some need to be unlocked by doing Zombies below Zombies Onslaught Minigame - Endless waves of zombies - Max of 50 zombies on field at once - in multi area :3 Custom Dungeoneering System - Three different areas for different difficulties - Based on dungeoneering level Tyluurs Dungeoneering System - Two different floors - Includes bosses - Lobby system and multi-player 753 items and interfaces - Drygores, Kalphite Armour, Sheathed, and Off-Hands added - Sheathing is not yet possible and off-hands dont work, but they're there Boss Contracts, to influence more bossing (works really well) - Contracts offer large rewards for killing the contract - only need to kill boss once to complete contract All Skills Working Now has Flawless switching (a shitload faster than matrix's) - to make this fast, you only needed to remove the garbage cache system High/Low Alching + Enchanting - High alch produces more profit than low - Enchant jewelry Automated double exp weekends - Friday thru Sunday, every weekend. - based on your system time Right click view stats option - Mods and admins see "Moderate" option on all players above this Custom Title Handler - Most titles have requirements that need to be met to unlock - Once requirement is met, they're automatically unlocked Added Dwarven Rock Cakes for DH rushers - Need to add this in to a shop. Cant currently obtain them anywhere Difficulty Selections - Choose difficulty on login for the first time - Can not go to a harder difficulty until you prestige - After prestiging, can only go harder if you havent gained any exp - Can go to an easier difficulty at any time - Harder difficulties increase drop rates, but lower the exp rate - Easier difficulties decrease drop rates, but higher the exp rate Custom Prestige System - Bounty hunter skulls to show your prestige level - Prestige shop with Clay weapons, Battle-Mage, trickster, and more - 6 prestige levels in total Skilling Rewards - Each skill action you gain 1 skill point - Skill Point shop to get exp boosting items PvP System - Pk Points per kill - Killstreaks - Leaderboards in-game - PkP Shop - Server is PvM based, but PvP is great also Loyalty Points - Awarded 250 points every 30 minutes - Custom titles for loyal members - Auras (standard matrix feature) Squeal of Fortune - Correct background images, not all messed up - Awarded 2 spins every 24 hours - Works perfect, no known bugs except one where one item doesn't appear on SoF StopForumSpam Integration - stops players from logging in with a blacklisten IP address - good for stopping players trying to proxy to get in after ip banned Still has standard matrix features untouched (mostly) - Fight Caves, 63 waves - Fight Kiln, 32 waves? - Full Nex - Queen/King Black Dragon - Kalphite Queen - Crucible - Much More... Our server is online 24/7 we also offer 5 daily spins on the Squeal of Fortune free Christmas hat speak to Ajax We look forward to you joining us very soon @ http://runexscape.com p.s We have only just opened please bear that in mind and we are looking to improve many things in the coming months we look forward to your feedback! Thank You😊
  2. P.S For the unprofessional post, GFX not done yet ! And Server is 1 Day Old!!! NAXOS RSPS BRAND NEW CUSTOM RSPS OPENED YESTERDAY!!! NEW UPDATES DAILY + INVITE EVENT + HIRING STAFF! We've got a lot of features such as: •Remodeled Custom Slayers master •Donator Shop items in Slayer Shop! (GRIND TO WIN) •Custom Weapons + Gears •Custom Maps! •Upgradable Items! •Friendly & Growing Community •Increased Drop Rates FOR NOW !!! LINK: CLICK HERE VIDEO BELOW:
  3. Hello all, Ive decided to start my server up again, I'm looking for an experienced developer to work on the server, I have lots of experience managing servers but minimal experience with the actual coding. Basically I will be the idea man and I need someone experienced enough to bring these ideas to life. Can start work as soon as Wednesday April 11th. This isn't just something I'm doing for fun, even though I do enjoy it, I'm looking to do this right and really get this server up to the top, I work 6 days a week so you will always be paid, money is not an issue. However, I'm not looking for someone who's just in it for the money, I'm looking for someone who genuinely wants to grow and be my partner in this project. At first, compensation will be provided per job done and will be based on the time taken and the difficulty of each task I give. Once I find my guy you will be put on a weekly payment system and pay will be based on how much work or upkeep is done on the server, you will be required to document all work done in order for me to accurately pay you. Thank you for reading, please, serious inquiries only, must be proficient enough to work on client and server sided material as well as adding models. All though if youre amazing at one or the other still hit me up because I have a few side jobs needed as well. must be a down to earth individual who has time for this project and is willing to start from the bottom and bring this to the top. Thanks again all, I hope to hear from you. Contact me either in the comments Or on discord wobbly #5784 PS. Sorry for the ugly boring post, lol, I hope this in the right section, sorry if it isn't.
  4. samar

    Hiring YouTubers

    Hello Runelocus, I'm in a search for YouTubers ( preferably gamers ). The gamers must have a YouTube channel with at-least 3,000 subscribers ( Non-Botted ). The channel must be active with videos being uploaded regularly and must have a good amount of views. What I need done is my promotional video being uploaded on your channel. The video duration is 2:12. The video must stay on the channel as long as I wish for. We can discuss the price via Skype or Email but my current offer is; Number of subscribers/100. Please note that I am open to negotiate the price. Contact : Skype : Samar.Reckless Email : [email][email protected][/email] [email][email protected][/email]
  5. Hey guys. I'm looking for someone to develop my 562, this is a serious project. I am a businessman with resources and money. Not some kid who thinks he can do what he wants. I want someone who knows what they're doing, who is willing to fix all of the edgy 562 bugs, and work on the overall rs2hd framework. I'm a programmer myself, and have been in 562's for a few years. I also have other extensive skills and team members, who are also working on a 317 for our branch RSPS Network. If anyone is interested, please send me a pm with your proposed payment per week, 2 week, monthly schedule, your skills, some proof of your work, along with your skype name. Thank you for your time.
  6. The title says it all. We're on a 317, that's really in need of someone who does mySQL and all that stuff, Contact us through forums or in game, [URL="http://www.rs3server.org/forum"]www.rs3server.org/forum [/URL] Thanks - X
  7. Sheepiey

    667 StarScape

    [SIZE=5]StarScape[/SIZE] is a new [B]RSPS[/B], we are currently hiring staff and the website is almost done! We are welcoming all players and we currently have a recruiting challenge going on! Players are joining left and right and you should join as well! We all look forward to seeing you guys join on in. You wont be dissapointed <3
  8. [CENTER][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/oLToPmD.png[/IMG][/CENTER] [SIZE=4] Sorry, all our spots are filled. But why not join the website and support us by posting, making friends and being a player?[/SIZE]
  9. Welcome to the recruitment page of 06Kayos, in this thread I'm going to be discussing the rules and regulations of what is expected of you. We plan to become the largest, most developed and most successful remake. If you'd like to see our project thread click [URL="http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?102433-06Kayos"]here[/URL]. We'd like to see activity, consistency, maturity, professionalism, decent coding. This position is a long-term so if you are wanting odd-jobs this is not for you. If you'd like to take this position up please comment in this format or add my Skype and discuss it there. Skype: imjoxii Format: Age: How long have you been 'coding' for?: How many hours can you work per day?: Previous projects: Regards, Jon 06Kayos
  10. I need a developer to help me with a 614 server with adding a autodownloading cache, voting system, donating system, jaring client, sprite editing and some extras I will be paying with Paypal. This is a one off I will not need you to continue in my project, just need some help. If good may contact again for future help. Do you the work let me preview via skype screenshare or something along those lines and you will get payment. add me on skype- benm.98
  11. Rune-Exion forums (vBulliten) (Website under Dev) RuneExion Server Still In Beta (VPS Hosted) 1/2 Web Developers ( 1 More) 2/3 Ingame Developers 0 Forum Moderators 1/3 Ingame Moderators 0/2 Ingame Administrators Apply by Telling us about yourself, What you do, And explain/show recent work you've done -Chills
  12. Hi, Here at God Send we offer a unique experience, but we have almost finished the beta for godsend, and are going to release it. For final touches we need [b]YOUR[/b] help. The type of areas we are looking for is GFX, Cache Editors, and Video Editors. These are for the final touches of God Send. We offer great benefits if you are qualified for the position. (We may give you perm position!) Thanks and Best Regards, ~GodSend HQ Godsend's Skype : [b]Bacreator[/b]
  13. [img]http://i.gyazo.com/2642d2b0272087d8dec36809b05a4917.png[/img] [COLOR="#FF0000"][SIZE=4]RecklessPk is now hiring developers ! [/SIZE][/COLOR] RecklessPk is a private server which has been up and running for over 4 years now. The peek player count has reached above 700 players back in 2012. Now averaging around 200. RecklessPk needs developers whom are dedicated and have good knowledge to bring it back to its original spot, [URL=http://www.runelocus.com/forums/usertag.php?do=list&action=hash&hash=1]#1[/URL] . Please note that ReckessPk is based of Hyperion. We acquire one or more person(s) that have a great deal of knowledge in Java. You will be tested during the process of acceptance. The test will cover most of the knowledge needed. Application Format : Name : Previous/Current Work : Skype : Active hours per week : Good luck to all the applicants. The payment will be decided upon acceptance into the team. Regards, Samar Skype : Samar.Reckless
  14. Title says it all, ill pay the % of donations to you(the coder). Add me on skype or comment if interest(skype recommended). skype: UnicornStrength
  15. [COLOR="#800000"]Welcome To SoulBane667 Advertisement page[/COLOR] [SIZE=2][COLOR="#FFFFFF"][URL="http://soulbaners.weebly.com/"]Homepage[/URL][/COLOR][/SIZE] [URL="http://soulbaners.weebly.com/"][SIZE=2][COLOR="#FFFFFF"]Downloadable client[/COLOR][/SIZE][/URL] [SIZE=2][COLOR="#800000"]Featured images below for more information[/COLOR][/SIZE] [COLOR="#8B4513"]Home Features[/COLOR] [CENTER][IMG]http://i60.tinypic.com/95sxur.png[/IMG][/CENTER] [SIZE=2][COLOR="#800000"]Additional Features[/COLOR][/SIZE] [B]Prestige System [/B] [IMG]http://i58.tinypic.com/14mce9w.png[/IMG] [B]Voting System[/B] [IMG]http://i58.tinypic.com/ddgrqx.png[/IMG] [B]75% Coded Slayer System[/B] [IMG]http://i58.tinypic.com/2dgls8y.png[/IMG] [B]Donator Benifits + More[/B] [IMG]http://i57.tinypic.com/2eeajxw.png[/IMG] Gold Chest [IMG]http://i60.tinypic.com/2vlp3xw.png[/IMG] [B]FunZone (Coming Soon)[/B] [IMG]http://i60.tinypic.com/nzobol.png[/IMG] [SIZE=4][COLOR="#FF0000"]Many more Features to be revealed ! Join Today at the top of this page![/COLOR][/SIZE]
  16. Hey guys, I am trying to start my 718 RSPS or a 317 RSPS and honestly have just a small idea of how to code. I can code stuff like buff, nerf, change the price, move npc but nothing to advanced. Im not looking for someone to manually script a new skill but someone just to help me put up a server for me and a few friends for educational purposes only, not looking to start a franchise lol. If you can code and are interested, I can pay you to teach me or how to put up my own server. Thanks for taking the time to read this, add me on skype to contact me Nick.swag11
  17. runescape2007r

    Hiring Coder

    You will be paid. It's a 317. No 10 year olds that don't know shit and must have maximum swag no morons who cant code. Only serious offers will be taken. Skype=xeexeexee2 OR AE7 Mr. Anonymous
  18. Scrydescape is a 718 RSPS that thrives to make your Runescape Private Server experience the best! We want you to be happy so we listen to the players and their needs! Scrydescape is updated daily with exclusive updates and bug fixes, Scrydescape economy is one of the best Economy's around! The exp rates are splendid and the game is simple to get around in! Staff status: HIRING STAFF ASAP [URL="http://goo.gl/cTQM8R"][B][U]Click here to play[/U][/B][/URL] [size=10pt]¤Features of Scryde¤:[/size] All Godwar Bosses Korasi Spec 100% Summoning Crucible Mature Community Active Owner & Staff PK PVM Economy Server Items Kept on Death (Except Wilderness) Frost Dragons Glacors Custom Boss Custom Home Shops Decent Exp and Drop Rates Great Economy Nomad Dragonbone Armor Squeal of Fortune 24/7 DEDI Hosting Polypore Dungeon 100% Clanwars 100% Castle Wars Custom Dungeoneering Fun Daily Events Nomad Polypore Dung Runespan (fully working) Drygore Wepons Kalphite King (50% added) And More!
  19. [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?95672-NEW-OFFER!-Hiring-Experienced-Java-Programmer-Paying-15-hour!&p=759017#post759017[/url]
  20. [B]What I am looking for?[/B] I currently have a new role open for my server, Notorious some of you may have heard of it, if not you will have soon. The role is in the fields of marketing, so basically someone who is good with advertising and getting as many people as possible interested in something, that something in this case being my server. [B]Requirements & Reward[/B] The person that I am looking for must have good grammar, knows how to advertise in many different ways, must be active and fully motivated for the role. The reward will be a custom rank on my server, plus maybe a cash reward if required, but that is entirely up to you if you are what I am looking for. This is my servers advertisement thread: [url=http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?93693-Notorious-317]Click here[/url] If you are interested in this position then please leave a reply to this thread using the below format. You can also add me on Skype: [B]tomb1443[/B]. [B]Format:[/B] [CODE] Age: Do you have good grammar? Any experience in marketing/advertisement? Why do you think you are good for this position? [/CODE] Thanks for reading and I look forward to reading any applications. - Raw Envy
  21. Ever wanted to be a developer on a large private server? I'm talking hundreds of players. Well now is your chance! I have ran a few very popular rsps in my life time that were extremely successful. I ran Zionscape in 2011-2012 and we hit over 600+ players and kept a very large player base for months. Anyways I know what I'm doing when it comes to running a server and making it popular, I know it takes alot of money (thousands) if you really want it to pay off and get to the level of popularity you want it to be at, and that is exactly what I'am going to do. And with me cash is not an issue, I plan on investing a large amount of money into this project, more money than most people would deem necessary. [B]What I need from you?[/B] I already have a pretty good source, and no it is not a download section source. Its mine and has been developed over the years, it has some [B]great [/B]content, already have a full webiste, landing page, vbulletin, hiscores, vote4 reward, auto donation, everything that's needed is all ready. And a great core. It can run 24/7 for up to 3 weeks with hundreds of players online. We ran it once and it started lagging after 24 days, and that was with 300+ players online constantly around the clock. What I need is a developer who is active and wants to see the server succeed. Someone who cares about the server as much as I do. I need someone who has the ability to focus mainly on [B][U]content[/U][/B], adding minigames, quests, events, monsters, features. Stuff that the players will enjoy. If you have knowledge with clients that would be amazing as well. [B]Requirements[/B] The "standard" I guess you could call it to get the job is basically I need to see that you understand java enough and your previous work shows you are qualified. [B]Pay[/B] We will discuss your monthly pay or whatever suits you. [B]I plan on having a long term relationship between us and the server, if we all do our part it will definitely pay off for the both of us, but no need to worry as you will get paid no matter what![/B] PM me or leave a post if interested and we can discuss anything you would like to know, if you think you are qualified please let me know because this will be great for the both of us! [COLOR="#FF0000"][B]Please serious inquiries only, I'm looking for someone skilled that will take this as serious as I do. I have many plans for this server to take off fast and grow rapidly, if you want to be apart of the next big server PM me or leave a post![/B][/COLOR] Basically if I have someone with me who can program to a good extent and is dedicated to it as I'am, we will literally have the best server out there.
  22. I am making a 614 server, I am currently hiring an EXPERIENCED coder, Coder will be paid. I am also hiring a forums developer, who can make a forums. they will be paid if they show me good work When I get the server up, I will be hiring staff members. would you like to be a staff member? Just PM me with some information about yourself, with good grammar and english, (You must be 16+) Application format : Name : Age : Where are you from? Position you are applying for ? Do you have any experience ? or were you working on another server before ? What languages can you speak? Can you work atleast of 3-4 hours a day? Skype? NOTE : Send me an application with format above, or else you will be instantly DENIED! Contact me via PM, thanks :)
  23. I need someone that is very good with video editing, reply here with videos you have worked on, and pm me with your skype, i pay good.
  24. Add me on skype and we can get down to business. Austinwilley71
  25. Title pretty muchly explains it. I have a domain name I just need someone who knows what their doing to re-work the website from the top to bottom. I want forums and everything. Contact me at: [email][email protected][/email] My skype is TheDynamix and facebook is [url]http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dynamix/214860388659981[/url]