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Found 51 results

  1. Hello, I am Kyle. I joined RuneLocus to be apart of the community and hopefully learn some new things :D I have currently been working on a huge project I would like to call "Apocalypse", but more importantly I have also been super busy with college. Anyways, Thanks for having me!
  2. Kurushimi

    :-s hey

    not a complaint btw. can someone change my username. made this a while back and uh yeh would pm but i need more posts
  3. jimbz

    Hey man

    Wssp guys, Im Jimbz im the owner of a rsps called nexscape :) Hope to see some of you guys on. gz
  4. ShellzRSPS


    hello everyone , glad to seee everyone is doing well
  5. Archyle


    Hello there, well the main reason for joining is I've finally got around to starting my server after having more than enough free time open itself up to me. Aside from that, also hoping to find some half-decent conversations to get stuck into. What's up? What's your favourite pizza?
  6. Augs


    Here to advertise my server and meet new people :)
  7. hecticpkrsps


    Hey guys, hectic here. Going to be coding RSPS's alot, as im learning in developing. Anyways, if you need any help with rsps, i have some knowledge! PM ME: )
  8. xTINY


    Hey, im TINY and im new to RSPS I've been gaming for years, mostly Xbox but now i've decided to turn to RSPS's because they seem fun I would appreciate if people could help me with RSPS Stuff
  9. BrutalityPK


    Hey, nice to meet everyone!
  10. Hey guys, i'm known in rsps communities as "Pro" Well just wanted to say hi :)) i'm glad i joined runelocus! Thanks!
  11. how yah all doing ?
  12. Hey! I'm the biggest of the Big Rhino's. :D I began coding years ago, however I had to quit because I didn't have the time to continue. Lately in life I've been trying my hardest to get the most out of my days; meaning lessons, fun, happiness, and success. I want to make my own RSPS because the modern world is run by computers and the people who program them, and the future most definitely will be the same. I hope to accomplish several things including a fun time, some valuable lessons, and perhaps some online friends :). A little about me: I'm a teenage boy, still in high school. My interests and hobbies include girls ;), working out, boxing, my friends, FOOD <3, and being outside. I live in west Michigan, literally right across the street is lake Michigan. I have been to Florida and many other ocean bordered states, and I can assure all of you that lake Michigan is as great of a vacation location as the ocean. When many people think of Michigan they picture either vast forests, or Detroit. In reality Michigan is the best of both worlds, we have cities, beaches, forests, rivers, and lots of fun. I look forward to getting to know many of you and learning some lessons while I'm at it! :cool:
  13. Akame


    Hello everyone, my name's Akame, more commonly known as Terron. I'm 17 years old and i enjoy watching anime & playing rsps.
  14. Hi, I'm new to this welcome hello everyone!
  15. Haven't been on RL in a bit, whats new? drama? has cart come out of the closet? is sethy still skinny? did chad learn about cancer and cannabis? did kyle die of cancer?
  16. Connorsmithw


    Well, hey there... I am connor, i've used runelocus for years now but finally registered haha
  17. DirtyBubble

    hey everyone!

    Hi everyone. I'm kind of new here. I joined a few months ago trying to make a server but got busy with my wife being pregnant and other things but now im back and trying to learn how to code. Ive learned quite a bit but not a lot of coding itself. I mainly learned how to put in numbers to spawn monsters and npcs and stuff like that but I want to learn the other stuff too so im asking for someone to help teach me some of the coding concepts. I am currently in school learning but its in C++ not Java. and im only on week 3 so not much has been learnt. If you would like to help an aspiring coder/rsps master (lol) PM me on here and ill give you my skype and we can chat there! I have a source I got from this website. idk if its any good or not tho lol. thanks!
  18. normally I can see the old owners password whenever I open the character files its all gibberish any help would be greatly appreciated
  19. I was wondering how I can update everything? Like the combat animation is just fucked up, how would I change the starting levels and items etc? if there are any guides would be useful please can't seem to find one
  20. nickthersps

    hey new to rsps

    Hey, i'm trying to make my own and i'm using the runelocus starting kit, I've learned a few things like making myself admin and spawning items in to my bank and inventory. But i'm having trouble with everything else, i can't seem to put a man in to my server, I've watched videos and tried about everything it looks like I'm doing it right, but as soon as i save and compile it and log back into the game nothing happens. So i tried to go simpler and just make the runes in the magic shop from 50k to 500 and it didn't seem to work, any suggestions on what i'm doing wrong?
  21. Hey guys so I never got to my last thread about how to host and etc so im going to ask again and I apologize! so first question is WHAT IS A GOOD WEBSITE TO MAKE MY FORUMS ON? second: HOW DO I MAKE MY CLIENT A WEBCLIENT? third: HOW DO I MAKE MY CLIENT A .JAR? okay so I downloaded .jarmaker and I attempted it moral of the story is I need additional help with this. 1) do I need to make the input directory on the program to a folder with both my cache+client in it? I have seen in other tuts that you just need to set the directory to the signlink.java file in your client. wouldn't you need the cache in the input so it can load in the .jar? confused sorry.. fourth: WHAT IS THE BEST SITE TO HOST MY WEBCLIENT\DL CLIENT FROM? willing to pay small amount. seriously small amount... like 10 bucks k. will this be a monthly payment? *********IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP ME I WOULD PREFER TEAMVIEWER!************* (MUST HAVE THE LATEST VERSION T.V.9) UPDATE TAKES LIKE 10 SECONDS..... **********ADD ME ON SKYPE FIRST SKYPE: zizema660*********** I WILL BE ON ALL DAY SO PLEASE IF YOU HAVE TIME CONTACT ME ON SKYPE! AND HELP [: I FIND IT HARD TO FOLLOW WHEN PEOPLE TRY TO HELP USING FORUMS ************** THANKS FOR READING GUYS! ***************
  22. raivo


    Need help with making rsps , if someone can help me , reply please ! :)
  23. was wondering if anyone knows any guides for a 718 server using aseprite all replies are very appreciated! :)
  24. How could i fix the Varrockscape's Granite maul special attack? that it gets to like the Soulsplit one? Please reply
  25. iLarry


    I used to be known here as 2uber4u, back when I was an 11 year old clueless kid lmfao. I play servers like Fatality614, etc. I'm a forum admin for IntuitionRsps (New 614 server) "Larry" is already taken. Hey.