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Found 20 results

  1. Im here just to inform anyone thats looking for a trusted co-owner or admin i have just finished my mission which was to help another server and i have done a great job and im just saying im looking for a new server to join and help make grow so if any server is in need of great assistance, advertisement, and secure services let me know and i dont charge i just enjoy playing servers i do have experiences of being staff on nearly every server ive joined. [B] Skype: ameer.hasan57[/B] I want to work with a person that enjoys runescape and want to help people have fun because thats what my aim is also and helping the owner. I also wouldnt mind any revision and i would love to start on a custom 317 server but i really wouldnt mind! Age: 17 Nationality: Born English Live in London Projects Completed: 8
  2. So most of you have issues with this and since nobody tried fixing it themselves I thought I would be nice enough to give you my code as to what I am using... Follow this snippet. Find inside Player.java: [CODE] Look for private boolean donator; and add this below: private boolean helper; Look for isPrestige1() { and add this below: public boolean isHelper() { return helper; } Look for setDonator add this below: public void setHelper(boolean helper) { this.helper = helper; } [/CODE] Next Up Is The Command: [CODE] Inside Commands.java replace "givehelper" with this command: if (cmd[0].equalsIgnoreCase("givehelper") && (player.getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase("") || player.getUsername().equalsIgnoreCase(""))) { String name = ""; for (int i = 1; i < cmd.length; i++) name += cmd[i] + ((i == cmd.length - 1) ? "" : " "); Player target = World.getPlayerByDisplayName(name); boolean loggedIn = true; if (target == null) { target = SerializableFilesManager.loadPlayer(Utils.formatPlayerNameForProtocol(name)); if (target != null) target.setUsername(Utils.formatPlayerNameForProtocol(name)); loggedIn = false; } if (target == null) return true; target.setHelper(true); target.setRights(0); target.getAppearence().generateAppearenceData(); SerializableFilesManager.savePlayer(target); if (loggedIn) target.getPackets().sendGameMessage("You have been given Helper Rank by " + Utils.formatPlayerNameForDisplay(player.getUsername()), true); player.getPackets().sendGameMessage("You gave Helper Rank to " + Utils.formatPlayerNameForDisplay(target.getUsername()), true); World.sendWorldMessage("<img=7><col=ff0000>News: "+target.getDisplayName()+" has just been upgraded to Helper Rank!", false); return true; } [/CODE]
  3. Problem with helper rank, it gives admin rights to ipban, custom yell title ect skype: Mr_tacticity would appreciate help tried looking into files to find error googled it.. did everything last resort. [ATTACH=CONFIG]10166[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]10165[/ATTACH]
  4. I need a person to help me code a lil im on a big delta project and kinda new to coding. I'd appreciate it if anyone could help. If i make money from this source/Server i will pay the Co-Dev/Helper 1/4 of what it gives! I am too poor to pay out of the pocket. :) Thanks, RuneWarfare
  5. Hello, I need someone who wants to work with me on my server. add me on skype ; enes.senturk0541
  6. army cpt sir

    Need a Teacher

    Hey runelocus viewers i am looking for someone who has some good experience with runescape private servers and has made their own. Today i am trying to find anyone who is willing to help make a new and everything. I am a new at coding and everything except hosting. You can give me a shout at my skype account gage.long14 or on Facebook Gage long. Please i would appreciate it if anyone could teach me how to do any of these things.
  7. Coded this little thing just for fun. [url]http://prntscr.com/o2s1f]Screenshot[/url] by Lightshot enjoy. Soz.. peoples says it virus..
  8. I need someone on msn that can help me with stuff that I ask for cw will pay $5 p/h For now $5 to anyone who fixes for me in 30 minutes I can't set a barricade in matrix it says you cannot place one here. I need to make sure that I can use an explosive potion on the barricade. I need to know this fast please
  9. hey, i've tried everything.. every file in my client.. i've even tried searching my source.. even tho i know its deffonly not gonna be in there :L it is insidiax sorce/client. please could someone tell me the file or teamviewer me? i will give you admin in my new server which will be hosted in about 2 days/3 days (thats when im getting vps) please help. i bumped cuz knowone was helping me
  10. Whats up Im new to the community blah blah blah..let me get to the point;) I used to have my own server, had vps problems, quit my server, decided to help others. If you have a problem or want help with your server i can probably help you some things i dont charge on, but i do like tips(and tits) Add my msn if you want help or have a question or something to that reguard MSN= Thatlogankid peace love and smoke weed:p
  11. As you probably know I have a goal to get 99 prayer and 99 summoning. I need some help getting charms for summoning. If anyone wants to help me shoot me a PM or VM. How this works is we lootshare. We can work out a price if you help me. Thanks :)
  12. pkingbandit

    adding helper

    Ok so i just released my server and just though about this. If you play soulsplit i want it just like that. Basically a new status, a helper status. Im not sure how to do it, but ik how to add the pic but thats it. I want it ingame like a mod or admin has, where it shows a icon next to there name but im not sure how to make another status, (player rights 5?? i think?) but idk how to add a new status and idk how to make a img show next to there name when they talk? I will pay if needed.
  13. Just need help setting up server because somehow dosent come out right at the end had so many people help me.Well im still offering $20 carson couldnt found out problem
  14. Hey guys the problem is basically setting it up it just i cant pass the part where players can join your rsps i keep starting from scratch so please just leave a message and i will respond quickly thank you.
  15. Well got many people that helped me with my problem on my server but no one tends to fix it lol.So im looking for someone that actually advance at this stuff so just tell me if you want to help dont like posting to much you will see if igive you my tv info.Its a 517 server and the problem is that nobody cant connect to my server lol had many people help me and they cant get so im adding a bonus.
  16. Well got many people that helped me with my problem on my server but no one tends to fix it lol.So im looking for someone that actually advance at this stuff so just tell me if you want to help dont like posting to much you will see if igive you my tv info.
  17. Firstly, sorry for wrong section... i cannot post in "Server development for some reason" i would appreciate if someone could move this there." Hello, I am creating a 562 RuneScape server.. and I need someone that could help me in few things. They are very simple things. If we get along well... I will let you be the Co-Owner if the server works out well... I will try to get the server to be 24/7 later on. If you are interested, please reply to this thread or add me on MSN: [email][email protected][/email] - I live in Australia... so its easier if you are from somewhere around there due to timezones. Thank you!
  18. Hello, i'm looking for webclient & server coder helper. if you help me i will give you co-owner on my server and access to our admin forum page also a customated ::yell text by your choosing. [SIZE=7][COLOR="#00FF00"]Add Me On Skype: jamesisbest1[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  19. Arravs

    562 Helper.

    Ok well im trying to raise some money for a Vb, or a domain for a website, so basically ill fix almost any problem on your 562 that you have, "almost" not all, i can also add new hits etc. Prices : Adding 10X hits for PVP and PVN : $2.00 Adding Working Ivy Support : $5.00 Adding Custom PVP areas: $5.00 Adding 100% Welcome Screen with Working message of the week: $10.00 Adding Magic Base Korasi With new RS icons backsplash.: $5.00 Adding Almost Perfect Nex Spawn: $20.00 All Via PayPal, i do not take RSGP ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Any Thing Above Purchased comes with one free bonus(Will add something Special of your wish, Can't be something crazy but ya..). Must be RS2HD. Add me on MSN to buy something or post here : [email][email protected][/email] Thanks - Skrillex- aka- Tyler.
  20. If you can give a good name, that's NOT taken from any server, and you have like Skype/Msn please tell me and you can be my co-owner, for my 317 PI Source. Thanks...