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Found 7 results

  1. nico west

    Client Compiler

    I have tryed uninstalling java and re installing that does not seem to be the issue. Could someone please give me some suggestions and also i'm looking for a developer who would be willing to take donations from the server and buy a vps. After that is payed off you can keep the donations. The developer must be active Friendly And humorous since i can't stand boring people D: You will also get co owner as well and full recognition for your work!! Thankyou for reading. skype : nicowest228
  2. Zapped

    Help 718 Sonuz

    Hello people, im kind off new here but i have portfowarded my server and client etc, but then when ever i give the jar client to somebody else they say it doesnt load up for me. Can you pelase help me? My skype name is : shoaibkhan1001 Thanks :emb:
  3. I made a shop and i can buy and sell at the right prices but the listed price in the shop interface is wrong. Does any one know how i can fix this? [ATTACH=CONFIG]9976[/ATTACH]
  4. Hello. I'm wondering, which is ID for Zanaris' objects? For example.. Which ID is for Zanari's bank booths because there is lots of different bank booths in the ID list which has exactly the same name. Plz, help me.. i will add some more item's which IDs are needed when i figure out some more. :D Thank!
  5. its cory

    how do i add dice

    how do i add dicing into my server. i know the 317 codes but idk if they r the same for 718. please help somebody
  6. need help need a coder that can setup a 728 rsps , and a coder that can code 728's urgently please .. will even pay if thats what it takes no problem just need a coder for 728 setup and coding asap... if you can help out please comment or add me (msn: [email][email protected][/email] or skype: (thedude31) thankyou regards ( malimt )
  7. bigbadke12

    Need help!

    I have currently been trying to run nexus 718, but I keep getting this error: [IMG]http://oi50.tinypic.com/2djqclw.jpg[/IMG] If someone could either tell me the problem that would be great or I can do skype screen share.