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Found 11 results

  1. Im having hard time getting the server to run. Im not sure what im doing worng here could anyone be able to help me out with this [IMG]http://i1.minus.com/jbaxtzS4nHR53J.PNG[/IMG]
  2. So how do i get rid of hard coded skill tab i searched thru rsinterface and deleted the skill folder in the cache. Im adding in a diffrent skill tab and when i first login it shows the hard coded one but if i go to my client options and switch it between game frames it will eventually load the new one i added [URL="http://gyazo.com/bcad31b8fc2bda90f33dc798ccc0d91f"]Picture of when i first login[/URL]
  3. never knew an rsps on linux would be this hard haha
  4. [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?88186-718-742-Client-742-Opcodes[/url] been trying to look for it for a while... does anyone have it?
  5. ok ive been stuck with this problem for 3 dayz an no one can seem to tell me the easiest thing... i have a 317 pi my server files (server sided) dont have any ip besides this one = .StaticPacketBuilder bldr = new StaticPacketBuilder(); bldr.setBare(true); bldr.addByte((byte) returnCode); if(returnCode == 2) { cl.saveCharacter = true; if(cl.playerRights == 3) { bldr.addByte((byte) 2); } else { bldr.addByte((byte) cl.playerRights); } [B][SIZE=4] //cl.playerServer = "riotscape.no-ip.info";[/SIZE][/B] } else if(returnCode == 21) { bldr.addByte((byte) loginDelay); } else { bldr.addByte((byte) 0); } help me what should go here and were at cause it comes up as a error
  6. yuioplok

    I Wtf'd so hard

    Go here: [url]http://illuminati.org/[/url] its a black screen but highlight around in the top left area you will find a countdown..... wtf does it mean any ideas?
  7. [video=youtube;tyLXBjkTNt4]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyLXBjkTNt4[/video]
  8. Basically going to be a great server working on it for a loong time.Add me on msn i'll provide you with details about server. Computer must be already setup to run/host the server [email][email protected][/email]
  9. okay this is gonna be tricky i mean really tricky okay say your a donator you friend isnt he wants to be hhe dosent know the donate link so he clicks on your donator sign in the chatbox and it will launch the donate url you get me basicly the donator sign in the chatbox i want it to be able to be clicked :D so it launches the donate link tyvm the person who achieves this is a very experienced coder EDIT: ir so you can right click on it like a mod can sometimes right click in chat and choose mute
  10. ohad

    hard stuff :S

    i added to my server a lottery system know i need to add a npc to it how do i add npc that will do the lottery system??:confused:
  11. How hard is it to make a runescape private server..? i meen what is there to it? ive wanted to do it for quite some time, i have a fast computer and could run anythhing its just i have no idea where 2 even start..