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Found 5 results

  1. I do believe the culprit is your Intel graphics card. These cards generally do not support OpenGL. Apparently, Intel is working on a fix, though I do not believe there currently is one thus far.
  2. Haven't been on for a while! So It's nice to see you all again. :cool:
  3. Well this is a new computer. I soon found out that someone had messed with the sound on my computer and I can no longer listen to music. The instruments sound fine, however the voices are blanked out and are very low. I'd really like help on this matter. The only thing I have done so far is re-install my sound driver.
  4. Here are my problems... i dont think they are client sided... but its really annoying me that it wont work right... 1. when i logout with items either on me, in the bank, or in my bag. they ALL disappear. 2. the dragon platebody makes my body invisible. 3. the dragon claws are a tinderbox. [ATTACH=CONFIG]2693[/ATTACH]
  5. Well pretty much, I am not really flaming runelocus. I was talking to anthony about rl. You really can read it all. It is my feelings for why it is happening to us. I will post it on pastie and here. Pastie - [url]http://pastie.org/2483918[/url] Here - [code]josh says: (11:40:18 PM) idk josh says: (11:40:34 PM) i see websites josh says: (11:40:40 PM) as a business josh says: (11:40:41 PM) in a way josh says: (11:41:39 PM) if you give more things to please the customer, not only will the customers come back, but the stock market will open up to your business and in comes more customers, and slowly your business gets heard through the grapevine josh says: (11:41:44 PM) thats how i think of it Anthony` says: (11:42:06 PM) yup, well we have been making lots of updates so nothing to worry about josh says: (11:42:19 PM) ik josh says: (11:42:26 PM) i just think josh says: (11:42:33 PM) that we need more strong people josh says: (11:42:37 PM) and more active people Anthony` says: (11:42:44 PM) we need less retards tbh josh says: (11:42:47 PM) that arent staff josh says: (11:42:51 PM) ik josh says: (11:42:56 PM) like josh says: (11:43:01 PM) i hate to do it josh says: (11:43:08 PM) but you have to look at rune-server josh says: (11:43:43 PM) their balance between smart staff and well knowledged programmers josh says: (11:43:48 PM) is very good josh says: (11:43:57 PM) and they have a ton of active contributors Anthony` says: (11:44:11 PM) they do josh says: (11:44:46 PM) but when u look at us josh says: (11:45:06 PM) who do we have that contributes actively and adds sources and tutorials into the community josh says: (11:45:23 PM) who is somewhat liked by the community josh says: (11:45:33 PM) emily and hadyn are pretty much gone josh says: (11:45:48 PM) david has college josh says: (11:45:49 PM) cart is gone Anthony` says: (11:46:36 PM) mhm josh says: (11:46:50 PM) so who do we have josh says: (11:46:51 PM) lol Anthony` says: (11:47:06 PM) idk, look around the forum Anthony` says: (11:47:11 PM) i dont go hanging in the RSPS sections josh says: (11:47:15 PM) ik josh says: (11:47:19 PM) thats the thing josh says: (11:47:20 PM) i have josh says: (11:47:28 PM) for the past 3 hours josh says: (11:47:29 PM) i have Anthony` says: (11:47:36 PM) then idk what to tell ya josh says: (11:47:56 PM) thats the reason for people to come josh says: (11:48:03 PM) and i know everyone hates me saying this josh says: (11:48:13 PM) but yes the community is focused on rsps josh says: (11:48:32 PM) its not gonna survive if its just about gaming or bf2 or minecraft josh says: (11:48:53 PM) theres no backbone of the rsps community. Anthony` says: (11:49:23 PM) i gotta go Anthony` says: (11:49:26 PM) talk to you later josh says: (11:49:34 PM) mk. josh says: (11:49:37 PM) bye [/code] I just want to see what you think about the idea.