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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, I've really been trying to find how to fix this, with no luck. So if anyone wants to help me out, that'd be awesome. I've downloaded a PI source and client, to try and make my own server to play with a few friends, and maybe one day launch it to the public. Since I'm newb to coding (meaning I don't understand anything) I don't know how to fix this problem. When I checked if GWD worked I found out that they have been replace by dwarves and random floating ores. I guess I am missing the correct models for the bosses and the minions, and can't find where to download them. Sorry if this was a bit messy, but it would be appreciated if someone could help me!
  2. I have been trying to change the emotion but its still the same [url]http://imgur.com/67s6cbY[/url] [url]http://imgur.com/wEEqpDb[/url] (Bandos Minions does the same)
  3. Hey i was wondering if there was some way to add a command that gives you GWD killcount. Thanks!
  4. Okay so i downloaded a source but it didn't have the Godwars npcs, so i added them but now i can't attack them (i can't attack bandos, Zamorak, Saradomin, Armadyl). Please help!!!
  5. Whenever you kill a gwd boss and its minions the counter should go up but it does not and I cant figure out were in the code it displays the counters and initializes them to 0.
  6. [center] [img]http://camperscape.comoj.com/serverpicturebeta.png[/img] [video=youtube;GgA7-hp7B7g]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgA7-hp7B7g[/video] You can access the forums, [URL="http://www.camperscape.comoj.com"]here.[/URL] You can play the webclient, [URL="http://www.camperscape.comoj.com/play"]here.[/URL] Or you can download the client, [URL="http://camperscape.comoj.com/Camper%20RSPS.jar"]here.[/URL] Credits: Matrix - For the source and client. King J Scape - For some snippits. Sardaar - For the promotional video.[/center]
  7. Okay, so I cant get the teleport command working for "nex", "bandos", "saradomin", "zamorak" and "armadyl" Example will be for nex.. you need the killcount (GodWars controller) to be visible to be able to enter the prison.. so I made my teleport command, looks like: [code] if (cmd[0].equalsIgnoreCase("nex")) { Magic.sendNormalTeleportSpell(player, 0, 0, new WorldTile(2905, 5203, 0)); player.getControlerManager().startControler("GodWars"); return true;[/code] now once you teleport, the killcount pops up, then once you land it disappears and you cant enter.. However if I take out the Magic.sendNormalTeleportSpell then they just poof to nex no gfx or anything and the controller works.. however Magic.sendNormalTeleportSpell needs to be there so players cant just poof out of any situation like a duel or deep wildy PK. All responses are appreciated! Thanks in advance! :D
  8. Hey, im able to spawn monsters where ever i want like normal in spawn.cfg but when ever i spawn a monster into one of the gwd places they dont show, i got the bosses to work but the other guys wont that u have to kill to get into the boss chamber how do i make em show when spawnd please help!
  9. So im trying to make a teleport code work for nex like ::nex The thing is, to be able to go down into her lair (via ice slide) the kill count needs to be there in the top right When you teleport the killcount shows up and then disappears once you hit the ground... here are my codes: [code] } if (cmd[0].equalsIgnoreCase("nex")) { Magic.sendNormalTeleportSpell(player, 0, 0, new WorldTile(Settings.NEX)); player.getControlerManager().startControler("GodWars"); return true; [/code] in settings: [code] public static final WorldTile NEX = new WorldTile (2905, 5203, 0); [/code] thanks in advance to anyone who helps
  10. ok, we are using torvapkz but sadly there are alot of incomplete or glitched items, interactions etc. could anyone please help us gwd, sara isn't added, zamorak is but he isn't complete (damn near invisible) if you get what im saying. also, how to fix pernix its see through the body and cowl.
  11. so the gwd maps arent added to my hybrid pvp base no big deal so i go to spawn general grarrdor in a diff location i go to npcspawn.cfg chagne the stuff and still nothing help please? btw i can turn into gen grarrdor with ::pnpc 6260 but i cant spawn him????
  12. My Project Insanity doesn't have the godwars bosses on it i dont think, when i go to godwars i end up fighting silver ores and chaos dwarfs... I have looked everywhere to try and find a tutorial on how to add new monsters but i have found nothing for PI..Help?
  13. I'm using runeunited and I had full torva, dclaws, and cmaul. every gwd I went to is over powered. help?.