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Found 51 results

  1. Need a few extra bucks for some advertisement for my new server, hopefully got a big deal sorted with someone and need to raise another $300. I will be selling 1-3 copies of the server to people that I deem trusted, if you wish for me to only sell 1 copy then you have to pay a good sum of money for that. I can also include Notorious graphics and web designs for anyone interested in actually purchasing the whole package! Advertisement thread and media found here: [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?93693-Notorious-317[/url] Skype: tomb1443 - hmu if your interested Cheers
  2. :D amazing, found alot of fun servers
  3. you guys are doing great
  4. [CENTER] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/GnVN3Fw.png[/IMG] [B][FONT=Arial Black][COLOR="#FF0000"]~The ScreenShots Do Not Show The 742 Graphics Because We Upgraded The Cache Recently & These Are Old Pictures ~ 100% SLAYER! Just Added it! 12-21-13[/COLOR][/FONT][/B] [SIZE=5][COLOR="#FF0000"]Play Now:[/COLOR][/SIZE] [COLOR="#FFF0F5"][URL="https://www.dropbox.com/s/3ffeiyu0js0jgf1/Trillex%20Client.jar"]Download[/URL] [URL="https://www.dropbox.com/s/3ffeiyu0js0jgf1/Trillex%20Client.jar"]Webclient[Only Download Right Now][/URL][/COLOR] [SIZE=5][COLOR="#FF0000"]Website/Forums[/COLOR][/SIZE] [COLOR="#FFF0F5"][URL="https://www.dropbox.com/s/3ffeiyu0js0jgf1/Trillex%20Client.jar"]Trillex[Under Construction][/URL][/COLOR] [SIZE=5][COLOR="#FF0000"]Vote Link[/COLOR][/SIZE] [COLOR="#FFF0F5"][URL="https://www.dropbox.com/s/3ffeiyu0js0jgf1/Trillex%20Client.jar"]Vote Links[Under Construction][/URL][/COLOR] [SPOILER=Features] [COLOR="#B22222"]No lag. Dedicated server with 1 Gbps internet connection. Very stable server. Daily Updates. Decent drop rates. Double Drop Weekends. Donator zone and Extreme Donator Zone for the awesome donators :) Owner listens to your suggestions. Auto donation(Under construction). Auto Vote to claim your vote rewards instantly. Features: Player Point Shop Dominion Tower Gilded Altar Castle Wars Money Pouch (Shop and trade Support) Clan Wars Safe and Risk portal for fun fights. Duel Arena with Staking. Glacors with fire spell weekness. Forinthry Dungeon for pvp items. Kuradals Dungeon FightCaves/Fight Kiln Queen Black Dragon Barrows Jadinko Lair Frost Dragons Slayer Tower with all floors (including slayer task system) Polypore Dungeon Corporeal Beast Kalphite Queen Bork Tormented Demons Godwars (Zaros/Nex, Bandos, Armadyl, Zamorak, Saradomin) Nex Skilling Working Dice Bag & Mithril Seeds[/COLOR][/SPOILER] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/L6aneWU.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/qf8MdK2.png[/IMG] [SPOILER=Media] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/GnVN3Fw.png[/IMG] [COLOR="#FF0000"]Starter Items![/COLOR] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/kjkLZGe.png[/IMG] [COLOR="#FF0000"]Great Home With A Large Space To Sell Items![/COLOR] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/dkLtZKX.jpg[/IMG] [COLOR="#FF0000"]Custom XP Rates![/COLOR] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/aWFK2xE.png[/IMG] ------------------------------------------------------ [COLOR="#FF0000"]Dice Bag For Great Gambing[/COLOR] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/aqxdSPT.png[/IMG] [COLOR="#FF0000"]100% Summoning[/COLOR] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/dkgwkgP.jpg[/IMG] [COLOR="#FF0000"]Donator Shop (Extreme Shop is under construction).[/COLOR] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/dzGK3h4.png[/IMG] [COLOR="#FF0000"]Extreme Donator Zone(Being Developed).[/COLOR] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/aMkzRFX.jpg[/IMG] [COLOR="#FF0000"]100% Fight Caves & Fight Kiln[/COLOR] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/9O0FZeO.png[/IMG] ------------------------------------------------------ [COLOR="#FF0000"]BOSSES:[/COLOR] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/nbJ5Lcl.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/PSIagiz.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/2U8V1ec.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/6mG6D4g.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/5glquo5.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/GwqU1sx.jpg[/IMG] [COLOR="#FF0000"]Donator Only Boss! Drops Great Items![/COLOR] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/vLsQXrK.jpg[/IMG] [COLOR="#FF0000"]Fully Functional Clan Wars! Clan vs Clan![/COLOR] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/c1vEggc.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/OYu7Lbq.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/oBqc3Vw.png[/IMG] ------------------------------------------------------ [COLOR="#FF0000"]Player Point Shop(Will be fixed up soon).[/COLOR] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/cretnPD.png[/IMG] [COLOR="#FF0000"]Thieving Stalls For Great Money Making![/COLOR] ----------------------------------------------------- [COLOR="#FF0000"]Teleport around Spektrem![/COLOR] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/VXWtsBy.png[/IMG] [COLOR="#FF0000"]Mini-Games![/COLOR] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/6GWT0Z9.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/FFSNUvR.png[/IMG] [COLOR="#FF0000"]Training![/COLOR] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/YnfOW54.png[/IMG] [COLOR="#FF0000"]Bossing![/COLOR] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/ws1r2Vv.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/9AQ49jb.png[/IMG] [COLOR="#FF0000"]PVP![/COLOR] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/kew7wy6.png[/IMG] [COLOR="#FF0000"]More Options(Shanty Pass)![/COLOR] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/LnMoKO9.png[/IMG] [COLOR="#FF0000"]Active PvM![/COLOR] [IMG]http://img34.imageshack.us/img34/7547/6tzx.png[/IMG] [COLOR="#FF0000"]Frost Dragon(s) Dungeon![/COLOR] [IMG]http://img36.imageshack.us/img36/1846/4s4q.png[/IMG] [COLOR="#FF0000"]Freshly Added Full Slayer 12-22-13[/COLOR] [IMG]http://img600.imageshack.us/img600/9548/wez2.png[/IMG] [COLOR="#FF0000"]Fully Working Barrows![/COLOR] [IMG]http://img513.imageshack.us/img513/8192/8y9k.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://img594.imageshack.us/img594/5267/n7ui.png[/IMG] [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Player-Made Media][COLOR="#FF0000"]Working Barrows![/COLOR] [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bXB3HHFTek&feature=youtu.be[/url] [COLOR="#FF0000"]Player-Made Promtional Video[/COLOR] [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1h0NJmfqQ18]RSNation-Spektrem video(Old Home / server now has 742 Graphics and 100% Slayer etc) - YouTube[/url] [/SPOILER][/CENTER]
  5. Journal

    Cats are great.

    And here's my cat: [URL]http://puu.sh/6NcZS.jpg[/URL] Anyone else have cats? I couldn't find a thread about cats.
  6. Hey guys and gals, my name is Matt. I was the founder/co-creator/etc of DementedX (DementedX.com), RocketScape. DementedX was a fairly big sever back in the day (three years ago or more). DementedX slowly died off after I had left for the military. (US Army). Well, now i'm back and looking to re-create the great sever I once proudly could call my own. I worked hand and hand with Garrett(Dead Fury), the Owner/Creator of DF-Scape (I also co-owned DF for a while). The server was incredible, and at its climax, topped 200+ online at a time, and held #1 on the RL Toplist. Now, here's the deal. I haven't codded a RSPS in years.. Since DX. I need help, so... project plans: [CENTER][B][U]DementedX - Project Plan[/U][/B] Currently, I am the only one on this project. I need Staff. I need Server Coders. Good coders. I can handle WEB OP, as I am good with coding websites.. I can get vBulletin/IPB forums. I can also [B][U]fund the entire operation[/U][/B]. I have money, not a problem. I'm looking for a Team. [B][U]STAFF NEEDED[/U][/B] - Coders (Must be able to make Webclients, Web/Server sync, etc, must be able to work on a VPS) - Development Team (Website wise & server wise). - Website Staff (Forum Mods, Support Staff, etc.,) - Server Staff (Mods, Admins, Head Mod, Support, Testers, etc) - Miisc./Floating Staff (varies im job Description, duties, etc., used as needed). Now, Staff [B]MIGHT[/B] be paid for their work, paid CASH $$. On top of that, all are obviously given Staff Positions on the website and server. Anyone given a Staff position [B]MUST[/B] have several contact methods (Skype, Cell Phone, Facebook, etc.,), and must be available at least 2 hours a day for work. [/CENTER] I have very high hopes for rebuilding DementedX, and I hope I can build a strong team to help re-create it with me., as well as possibly be paid for their work. I have money for funding the server, now let's build the Staff. When hired, Staff will be filled in more thoroughly on plans, their jobs, etc., [CENTER][B]If you wish to apply, please fill out this app in a reply...[/B] [QUOTE] Name: Years experience with RSPS: Position Desired: Experience w/ Position Desired: Contact Method(Skype,Cell,Facebook,etc): Server Types Coded (317,517,etc., FOR CODER APPLICANT ONLY): Hours Available during week: Hours Available during weekend: Age: Geographical Location(Country, State only): Additional Comments(Anything you'd like to let me know, etc): [/QUOTE] [B][I]Thank you, and I look forward to working with you.[/I][/B][/CENTER]
  7. [CENTER][COLOR="#0000FF"][SIZE=5]Helix 742[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER] Download Desktop Client [url]http://uppit.com/nno8xcrjzrgd/Helix_742.jar[/url] More mirrors and official website/forums: Coming Soon If you are looking at this page, you may be asking yourself.. What makes Helix different from all the other 718 servers? Comfortable Exp rates Decent drop rates Amazing economy Always people online Awesome dice zone DAILY UPDATES WITH NEW CONTENT, BOREDOM IS IMPOSSIBLE Great donation benefits All Skills trainable except for construction Easy to navigate home Community is amazing, extremely helpful to new players [spoiler="Features"] Armadyl Bandos Saradomin Zamorak Nex Tormented Demons Glacors Balance Elemental Corporeal Beast Giant Mole Bork Polypore Dungeon The Kendal Slayer Tower Dagganoth Kings King Black Dragon Queen Black Dragon Ice Strykewyrms Jadinko Lair Frost Dragons Green Dragons BarrelChest Nomad Fight Caves Fight Kiln Gnome Agility Advanced Barbarian Agility Minigames: Castle Wars Custom Dungeoneering Game Clan Wars Barrows Runespan Sorceresses Garden Falconry Fight Pits[/spoiler] Media is from NoszScape that me and Tylerr Made. [IMG]http://i556.photobucket.com/albums/ss6/baal887/hunter.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i556.photobucket.com/albums/ss6/baal887/qbd.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i556.photobucket.com/albums/ss6/baal887/Trainning.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://gyazo.com/a81b148e6d9dc0d7be9b84adc6fbd41c.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://gyazo.com/57ed780df508c6fcd417b119be4ce9cb.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e183/Helix742/f1f64adc-e880-4369-8311-7f972f245ae1_zpsa6d013f7.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://gyazo.com/5ef38473b5af6008a70b5f50eaa949da.png[/IMG] Will Update this thread often.
  8. Hey guys ! So, i just put my RSPS online and i can code pretty okay not really good but i did enough to make it good enough to put it online . I need a professional coder to help me out hosting the RSPS, if you are a GREAT programmer , please reply to this thread or email me @ [email][email protected][/email] telling me about yourself and what you can do. I'm also looking for a GFX designer , if you can do GREAT graphics like logo's , banners, backgrounds, web development , please reply to this thread or email me @ [email][email protected][/email] . Thanks ! My server is @ internity317.com , you can also find me there. Thanks for your time. :)
  9. [CENTER][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/UJ80D2y.png[/IMG][/CENTER] Avalar is a 317 Runescape Private Server. We have tried to give the server an old school feel without it being one of those over-done remakes. I myself try to make Avalar an enjoyable place for everyone. If you have any constructive criticism to give, I would appreciate it greatly. Now let's move on to the features and all that good stuff. [B][SIZE=5][COLOR="#FF0000"]*Partyhat event until 2/12/2014![/COLOR][/SIZE][/B] [SIZE=3][B]Features:[/B][/SIZE] -Every NPC has balanced and unique drops. -21 working skills. -VPS hosted. (Thanks to Trentahost) -World events. -Many mini games to play with your friends for great items. -Great combat and Pking areas! -New skilling area -Great oldschool bosses! -Holiday events -Highscores -Great community -And more! Here's some media! Avalar Home [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/H7Syi50.png[/IMG] Great eco! [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/lcpire8.png[/IMG] Unique Npc drops [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/yUpGiIF.png[/IMG] Skilling area [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/D8O6nHO.png[/IMG] World events [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/3fDnrbK.png[/IMG] Great minigames [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/mylHIFj.png[/IMG] [SIZE=3][B]Links[/B][/SIZE] [URL="http://uppit.com/egpycyqtnu6q/Avalar_Client.rar"]Client Download[/URL] [URL=""]Highscores[/URL] [URL="http://avalar.enjin.com"]Forums[/URL] *Note our forums are free until I get paid again. I hope to see some of you join us. If not, then no hard feelings! Thank you for taking the time and viewing my thread.
  10. Use Downloadable client we are currently Also looking for new members to become part of our staff Why should you join Destruction-Pk?! 718 Pking spawn server We host the server on a powerful dedicated server to make sure we're online 24/7. Daily/Weekly updates. Decent drop rates, also double drops weekend. Good XP rates for skilling and combat. Donator zone for our donators. Staff listens to your suggestions. and always gives helping a hand [B][U][COLOR="#0000FF"]CLIENT DOWNLOAD [/COLOR][/U][/B]: [URL="https://www.dropbox.com/s/9l37fund8rs6sbu/DestructionPK.jar"]https://www.dropbox.com/s/9l37fund8rs6sbu/DestructionPK.jar[/URL] [B][U][COLOR="#0000FF"]FORUMS[/COLOR][/U][/B]: [URL="http://destruction-pk.weebly.com/"]http://destruction-pk.weebly.com/[/URL] [B][U][COLOR="#FF0000"]CHATBOX: [/COLOR][/U][/B]: [URL="http://xat.com/bdrolol"]http://xat.com/bdrolol[/URL] Need Help ? Go To Chatbox ^^ Destrution-Pk 718 rev loading 753 cache We made this rsps espicially for players that loves pking\skilling\pvming\dicing/staking.. we looking for all staffs ..join today and enjoy! 8 GB VPS 24/7 No lagg - Dominion Tower- PRESTIGE SYSTEM- CONSTRUCTION AND DUNGEONEERING - Blink {customs drop} = - DOUBLE XP WEEKENDS- WILD WYRMS {korasi,vigour,voids}- Gilded Altar - Castle Wars- Clan Wars Safe and Risk portal for funfights.- Glacors with fire spell weakness - Kuradals Dungeon- Queen Black Dragon- King Black Dragon- - Frost Dragons- Slayer Tower- Corporeal Beast- Starter items- New weapons(drygores) - Chaotics/ Dragon claws- Working korasi- Nex- - Dicing [url=http://www.upload.ee/image/3876466/Prayer.png][img]http://www.upload.ee/thumb/3876466/Prayer.png[/img][/url] [url=http://www.upload.ee/image/3876467/Curses.png][img]http://www.upload.ee/thumb/3876467/Curses.png[/img][/url] [url=http://www.upload.ee/image/3876468/Kalphite.png][img]http://www.upload.ee/thumb/3876468/Kalphite.png[/img][/url] [img]http://www.upload.ee/image/3873466/new_commands.png[/img] [img]http://www.upload.ee/image/3871483/11.png[/img] [img]http://www.upload.ee/image/3871486/12.png[/img] [img]http://www.upload.ee/image/3871488/13.png[/img] [img]http://www.upload.ee/image/3871489/14.png[/img] [img]http://www.upload.ee/image/3871490/15.png[/img] [img]http://www.upload.ee/image/3871491/16.png[/img] [img]http://www.upload.ee/image/3871492/17.png[/img] [img]http://www.upload.ee/image/3871494/18.png[/img] [img]http://www.upload.ee/image/3871496/32.png[/img] [img]http://www.upload.ee/image/3871497/barrows.png[/img] [img]http://www.upload.ee/image/3873468/master.png[/img] [img]http://www.upload.ee/image/3873469/pures.png[/img] [img]http://www.upload.ee/image/3873471/pures2.png[/img] JOIN NOW !!
  11. [CENTER][URL=http://s695.photobucket.com/user/kidgammer/media/ad5.png.html][IMG]http://i695.photobucket.com/albums/vv316/kidgammer/ad5.png[/IMG][/URL] Gof Is a pop culture inspired rsps from Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad all the way to Soul Calibur And War Craft [FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=5]Links[/SIZE][/FONT] Forums [url]http://www.gof-rs.info/forum/[/url] web client [url]http://gof.no-ip.biz/webclient5.html[/url] Download Client [url]https://www.dropbox.com/s/281nzr9xt748xx7/GoF%20rs%20v7.rar[/url] Donation [url]http://gof.no-ip.biz/donate/donate.php[/url] Costume Skill Meth Making[/CENTER] [CENTER][URL=http://s695.photobucket.com/user/kidgammer/media/ad4.png.html][IMG]http://i695.photobucket.com/albums/vv316/kidgammer/ad4.png[/IMG][/URL] Fight the Lich King for a change at the Sword Of One Thousand Truths [URL=http://s695.photobucket.com/user/kidgammer/media/ff02e975-d145-4f10-9c92-29a02a5acf97.png.html][IMG]http://i695.photobucket.com/albums/vv316/kidgammer/ff02e975-d145-4f10-9c92-29a02a5acf97.png[/IMG][/URL] Lots of Mini games [URL=http://s695.photobucket.com/user/kidgammer/media/2e3c3dd8-aabc-423f-9daa-bc4b45135aa4.png.html][IMG]http://i695.photobucket.com/albums/vv316/kidgammer/2e3c3dd8-aabc-423f-9daa-bc4b45135aa4.png[/IMG][/URL] Custom Armors (including skill master armors for every skill like slayer shown below) [URL=http://s695.photobucket.com/user/kidgammer/media/Ad1.png.html][IMG]http://i695.photobucket.com/albums/vv316/kidgammer/Ad1.png[/IMG][/URL] [URL=http://s695.photobucket.com/user/kidgammer/media/ad2.png.html][IMG]http://i695.photobucket.com/albums/vv316/kidgammer/ad2.png[/IMG][/URL][/CENTER] We Also have a plenty of bosses at least 20 + with a fully working GWD. Donation perks include a donation shop with all barrows items, the ability of switching spell book anywhere, instant kill count for gwd and ability to fly. In all this is a very cool game and I took my time to make a ad for it. Im not the owner im just a player who has been playing for a few months an im in love with the game an want more players to come. Not all mini games are listed in the pick there are more like zombies an a coliseum. The game has lots of custom items like Knightmare armor from soul calibur as well as Skill master armors for ever skill. So if your looking for a new rsps give this one a shoot an thankyou for your time.
  12. [IMG]http://i598.photobucket.com/albums/tt67/luismontes1919/logo-final.png[/IMG] People ask me all the time, what sets us apart from other servers? We have been up only 2 weeks and have an average of 10+ players, thing is we all just mix together. At Serenex we are more than just a server we are a fun and competitive community! FEATURES: HIGHSCORES NEW ITEMS like ragefire boots etc.. 24/7 Vps No Lag Vote4Cash Plenty Of Donor Benefits! Dedicated Staff Fully working god wars Advanced bosses Additional Bosses: Bork, fenix, unholy, etc.. Custom home and new Armour models Fun Pk Really fun Pk wide variety of choices Fun friendly community! All skills working including Dung! Advanced skilling system! Smooth combat and x10 hits Duel arena and staking! 100% Functional Pest Control 36 Wave Jad! Korasi Spec! Barrows Avatar of destruction! Pk points system allows you to buy vesta+ Slayer rewards! Frost dragons and mith dragons! Dfs and Claws! and MUCH MUCH MORE! Media: [IMG]http://i598.photobucket.com/albums/tt67/luismontes1919/customhomeftw.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i598.photobucket.com/albums/tt67/luismontes1919/deathcapescustom.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i598.photobucket.com/albums/tt67/luismontes1919/bork.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i598.photobucket.com/albums/tt67/luismontes1919/avatarofdes.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i598.photobucket.com/albums/tt67/luismontes1919/canafis.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i598.photobucket.com/albums/tt67/luismontes1919/corp.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i598.photobucket.com/albums/tt67/luismontes1919/donoris.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i598.photobucket.com/albums/tt67/luismontes1919/funpk-1.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i598.photobucket.com/albums/tt67/luismontes1919/fenix.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i598.photobucket.com/albums/tt67/luismontes1919/lavapk-1.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i598.photobucket.com/albums/tt67/luismontes1919/inadq.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i598.photobucket.com/albums/tt67/luismontes1919/lakkkkkkk.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i598.photobucket.com/albums/tt67/luismontes1919/warriorguilldd.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i598.photobucket.com/albums/tt67/luismontes1919/unholyyyy.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i598.photobucket.com/albums/tt67/luismontes1919/tormented.jpg[/IMG] Visit our forums at [url]www.serenex.org[/url]!! Come join the fun now :)
  13. Runs smooth, Looks nice, Userfriendly! GREAT JOB!
  14. Hey fellas, this is like my first post. I don't really know what to call so I kinda figured it fit into this category. The bank is compatible with TeamTorva, you can experiment with other sources i don't really care. [CODE][BANK] character-bank = 0 9749 1000000000 character-bank = 1 9755 1000000000 character-bank = 2 9752 1000000000 character-bank = 3 9770 1000000000 character-bank = 4 9758 1000000000 character-bank = 5 9761 1000000000 character-bank = 6 9764 1000000000 character-bank = 7 9803 1000000000 character-bank = 8 9809 1000000000 character-bank = 9 9785 1000000000 character-bank = 10 9800 1000000000 character-bank = 11 9806 1000000000 character-bank = 12 9782 1000000000 character-bank = 13 9794 1000000000 character-bank = 14 9773 1000000000 character-bank = 15 9788 1000000000 character-bank = 16 9767 1000000000 character-bank = 17 12171 1000000000 character-bank = 18 9797 1000000000 character-bank = 19 9776 1000000000 character-bank = 20 9779 1000000000 character-bank = 21 9812 1000000000 character-bank = 22 9950 1000000000 character-bank = 23 6571 1000000000 character-bank = 24 1038 1000000000 character-bank = 25 1051 1000000000 character-bank = 26 1039 1000000000 character-bank = 27 1041 1000000000 character-bank = 28 1043 1000000000 character-bank = 29 1045 1000000000 character-bank = 30 1047 1000000000 character-bank = 31 1049 1000000000 character-bank = 32 1058 1000000000 character-bank = 33 1056 1000000000 character-bank = 34 1054 1000000000 character-bank = 35 11695 1000000000 character-bank = 36 11697 1000000000 character-bank = 37 11699 1000000000 character-bank = 38 11701 1000000000 character-bank = 39 14485 1000000000 character-bank = 40 13363 1000000000 character-bank = 41 13359 1000000000 character-bank = 42 13361 1000000000 character-bank = 43 13356 1000000000 character-bank = 44 13355 1000000000 character-bank = 45 13353 1000000000 character-bank = 46 13351 1000000000 character-bank = 47 13349 1000000000 character-bank = 48 13347 1000000000 character-bank = 49 4709 1000000000 character-bank = 50 4711 1000000000 character-bank = 51 4713 1000000000 character-bank = 52 4715 1000000000 character-bank = 53 4717 1000000000 character-bank = 54 4719 1000000000 character-bank = 55 4721 1000000000 character-bank = 56 4723 1000000000 character-bank = 57 4725 1000000000 character-bank = 58 4727 1000000000 character-bank = 59 4729 1000000000 character-bank = 60 4731 1000000000 character-bank = 61 4733 1000000000 character-bank = 62 4735 1000000000 character-bank = 63 4737 1000000000 character-bank = 64 4739 1000000000 character-bank = 65 4741 1000000000 character-bank = 66 4746 1000000000 character-bank = 67 4750 1000000000 character-bank = 68 4748 1000000000 character-bank = 69 4752 1000000000 character-bank = 70 4754 1000000000 character-bank = 71 4756 1000000000 character-bank = 72 4758 1000000000 character-bank = 73 4760 1000000000 character-bank = 74 18350 1000000000 character-bank = 75 18352 1000000000 character-bank = 76 18354 1000000000 character-bank = 77 18356 1000000000 character-bank = 78 18358 1000000000 character-bank = 79 13264 1000000000 character-bank = 80 11664 1000000000 character-bank = 81 11665 1000000000 character-bank = 82 11666 1000000000 character-bank = 83 8840 1000000000 character-bank = 84 8841 1000000000 character-bank = 85 19786 1000000000 character-bank = 86 19787 1000000000 character-bank = 87 8843 1000000000 character-bank = 88 10552 1000000000 character-bank = 89 19336 1000000000 character-bank = 90 11236 1000000000 character-bank = 91 4152 1000000000 character-bank = 92 15603 1000000000 character-bank = 93 15601 1000000000 character-bank = 94 15605 1000000000 character-bank = 95 15609 1000000000 character-bank = 96 15607 1000000000 character-bank = 97 15611 1000000000 character-bank = 98 15615 1000000000 character-bank = 99 15613 1000000000 character-bank = 100 15617 1000000000 character-bank = 101 15621 1000000000 character-bank = 102 15619 1000000000 character-bank = 103 15623 1000000000 character-bank = 104 15445 1000000000 character-bank = 105 15444 1000000000 character-bank = 106 15442 1000000000 character-bank = 107 15443 1000000000 character-bank = 108 8845 1000000000 character-bank = 109 8846 1000000000 character-bank = 110 8847 1000000000 character-bank = 111 8848 1000000000 character-bank = 112 8849 1000000000 character-bank = 113 8850 1000000000 character-bank = 114 8851 1000000000 character-bank = 115 20073 1000000000 character-bank = 116 17274 1000000000 character-bank = 117 15423 1000000000 character-bank = 118 15424 1000000000 character-bank = 119 15426 1000000000 character-bank = 120 15487 1000000000 character-bank = 121 774 1000000000 character-bank = 122 1156 1000000000 character-bank = 123 1118 1000000000 character-bank = 124 1076 1000000000 character-bank = 125 1190 1000000000 character-bank = 126 4120 1000000000 character-bank = 127 1154 1000000000 character-bank = 128 1116 1000000000 character-bank = 129 1068 1000000000 character-bank = 130 1192 1000000000 character-bank = 131 4122 1000000000 character-bank = 132 1166 1000000000 character-bank = 133 1126 1000000000 character-bank = 134 1078 1000000000 character-bank = 135 1196 1000000000 character-bank = 136 4126 1000000000 character-bank = 137 1160 1000000000 character-bank = 138 1122 1000000000 character-bank = 139 1072 1000000000 character-bank = 140 1198 1000000000 character-bank = 141 4128 1000000000 character-bank = 142 1162 1000000000 character-bank = 143 1124 1000000000 character-bank = 144 1074 1000000000 character-bank = 145 1200 1000000000 character-bank = 146 4130 1000000000 character-bank = 147 1164 1000000000 character-bank = 148 1128 1000000000 character-bank = 149 1080 1000000000 character-bank = 150 1202 1000000000 character-bank = 151 4132 1000000000 character-bank = 152 11733 1000000000 character-bank = 153 12937 1000000000 character-bank = 154 1136 1000000000 character-bank = 155 1100 1000000000 character-bank = 156 1066 1000000000 character-bank = 157 12944 1000000000 character-bank = 158 2500 1000000000 character-bank = 159 2494 1000000000 character-bank = 160 2488 1000000000 character-bank = 161 12951 1000000000 character-bank = 162 2502 1000000000 character-bank = 163 2496 1000000000 character-bank = 164 2490 1000000000 character-bank = 165 12958 1000000000 character-bank = 166 2504 1000000000 character-bank = 167 2498 1000000000 character-bank = 168 2492 1000000000 character-bank = 169 9186 1000000000 character-bank = 170 4213 1000000000 character-bank = 171 862 1000000000 character-bank = 172 842 1000000000 character-bank = 173 883 1000000000 character-bank = 174 885 1000000000 character-bank = 175 887 1000000000 character-bank = 176 889 1000000000 character-bank = 177 893 1000000000 character-bank = 178 11213 1000000000 character-bank = 179 9141 1000000000 character-bank = 180 9142 1000000000 character-bank = 181 9143 1000000000 character-bank = 182 9144 1000000000 character-bank = 183 9244 1000000000 character-bank = 184 996 2147000000[/CODE] There will be more added to it that's just basic, all skill capes, torva, pernix, virtus, all arrows, all dhide armours, all barrows, all whips, sol, all defenders, void, and rares. I'm sure there is more but that's all i can think of off the top of my head. Don't ask why i took the time to do this, I'm kind of a bank freak and if my bank isn't organized i'm not happy. Well hope you enjoy!
  15. [video=youtube;Ff-IXDd77yc]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ff-IXDd77yc[/video] Warning: Unrated/Uncut!
  16. [img]http://i45.tinypic.com/t670gx.png[/img] [center]Forums - [url]http://www.ancientrush.smfnew.com/[/url] [url=http://www.ancientrush.smfnew.com/index.php/page,page1735.html?PHPSESSID=cfbad5d2f2cceb9e2e5e90429d900c87]PLAY NOW![/url] MEDIA: [img]http://img259.imageshack.us/img259/5525/5a0327f8924b4b3dbb2c9ed.png[/img] [img]http://img22.imageshack.us/img22/8148/7c675cf000664fb9a1ad2e3.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/MwJstRL.png[/img] [img]http://img834.imageshack.us/img834/9815/72b5deeb5f474d86ad834c5.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/yrdfyJJ.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/4RsMnTX.png[/img] [img]http://img855.imageshack.us/img855/8044/65fa71839150481ba223195.png[/img] [img]http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/6192/37dddc4e58724d9cbe77773.png[/img] [img]http://img248.imageshack.us/img248/6224/796936222f5449a0a217882.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/bVIQM9K.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/50J36fZ.png[/img] [img]http://img443.imageshack.us/img443/585/f0eb4fe172634d8a9761728.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/d6vHrCy.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/Ou3uBTi.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/xuzigcq.png[/img] [img]http://img834.imageshack.us/img834/8030/a510dbb6868a4656aac5186.png[/img] [size=18pt]And much more: Dungeoneering, Slayer, Tons of minigames.. Forums - [url]http://www.ancientrush.smfnew.com/[/url] [url=http://www.ancientrush.smfnew.com/index.php/page,page1735.html?PHPSESSID=cfbad5d2f2cceb9e2e5e90429d900c87]PLAY NOW![/url][/size] [/center]
  17. Ex scape


    This awesome newly built server is a pre-eoc server, it just started up and training is extremely easy! staff are great, and friendly, they will help you with all your questions! It is an Eco server, lots of shops around to help you get started, once you enter the game you are given a starters package will has all the items you need to start your adventure into this wonderful world of awesome! I hope to see you there! - James
  18. [CENTER] [IMG]http://i45.tinypic.com/9h03ur.jpg[/IMG] [SIZE="4"][B]Server Status: [COLOR="Green"]Released[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE] [B] [URL="http://evopk317.com/webclient.php"]Play Now[/URL] [URL="http://evopk317.com/evopk639.jar"]Download[/URL] [URL="http://evopk317.com"]Website[/URL] [URL="http://twitter.com/evolutionpk639"]Twitter[/URL] [URL="http://facebook.com/evolutionpk639"]Facebook[/URL] [/B] [B][U]VPS[/U][/B] [B]1GB 24/7 No Lag[/B] [B]Evolution PK is a new 639 server that is rich in content. It has outstanding PKing but also has many bosses and skills to be trained. One of the main bosses is Nex. Nex is fully working, along with the sounds, stages, attacks, and minions of the current Runescape Nex. Evo PK also has loads of places to PK. You can kill people for PK Points which you can buy gear with or you can boss or skill for money. We are somewhat of a spawn server. You cannot use the item command but you are able to spawn many different sets of armor and gear, food, potions, and supplies.[/B] [U][B][SIZE="4"]Features[/SIZE][/B][/U] [B]- Fully Working Nex (Sounds, Stages, Minions) - Many PK Zones (Wests, Easts, Mage Bank, Edgeville, GE, Multi, Safe PK) - All Specials Working (Dclaws, Korasi, AGS, Dark Bow, etc.) - Working Curses (Soulsplit, Turmoil, Leeches, etc.) - Instant PK (Hybrid, Melee, Range) - Unique Character Design - Unique Dungeoneering w/skill - PK Points & Tokens - Perfect Switching - Skilling (Construction, Herblore, - Tormented Demons - Full Clan Chat - No Cache Download Needed - Easy to Connect & Play - Fixed, Resizeable, and Full Screen - Customizable Text - Spawnable Armor Sets (Hybrid Gear, Barrows, Melee Gear, Range Gear) - Full Kalphite Queen - God Wars - New Chaos Elemental - Full Summoning[/B] [B][U][SIZE="4"] Media[/SIZE][/U][/B] [B]Great PvP[/B] [IMG]http://i1127.photobucket.com/albums/l635/CaMzGB/ScreenHunter_96Jan232058_zpsf0959d54.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i1127.photobucket.com/albums/l635/CaMzGB/ScreenHunter_97Jan232058_zpsa85d6efc.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i1127.photobucket.com/albums/l635/CaMzGB/ScreenHunter_96Jan232053_zps69ff8941.jpg[/IMG] [B]Unique Character Design[/B] [IMG]http://i1127.photobucket.com/albums/l635/CaMzGB/ScreenHunter_94Jan222058_zps16dd4d72.jpg[/IMG] [B]Chaos Elemental[/B] [IMG]http://i1127.photobucket.com/albums/l635/CaMzGB/ScreenHunter_94Jan222035_zpsc2b7cc8a.jpg[/IMG] [B]Full Nex (Sounds, Minions, Stages, Animations)[/B] [IMG]http://i1127.photobucket.com/albums/l635/CaMzGB/ScreenHunter_92Jan222030_zps277bb964.jpg[/IMG] [B]KBD[/B] [IMG]http://i1127.photobucket.com/albums/l635/CaMzGB/ScreenHunter_94Jan222031_zpsfaa3eb86.jpg[/IMG] [B]Home Area[/B] [IMG]http://i1127.photobucket.com/albums/l635/CaMzGB/ScreenHunter_92Jan222027_zpsb241bd12.jpg[/IMG] [B]Kalphite Queen[/B] [IMG]http://i1127.photobucket.com/albums/l635/CaMzGB/ScreenHunter_94Jan222033_zps1952d37e.jpg[/IMG] [B]Real Tormented Demons[/B] [IMG]http://i1127.photobucket.com/albums/l635/CaMzGB/ScreenHunter_94Jan222034_zps29735acf.jpg[/IMG] [B]Godwars[/B] [IMG]http://i1127.photobucket.com/albums/l635/CaMzGB/ScreenHunter_94Jan222036_zpsb31ca0f3.jpg[/IMG] [B]Full Clan Chat[/B] [IMG]http://i1127.photobucket.com/albums/l635/CaMzGB/ScreenHunter_94Jan222126_zps321ceded.jpg[/IMG] [B]Price Checker[/B] [IMG]http://i1127.photobucket.com/albums/l635/CaMzGB/ScreenHunter_95Jan222126_zps47d876c5.jpg[/IMG] [B]Items On Death[/B] [IMG]http://i1127.photobucket.com/albums/l635/CaMzGB/ScreenHunter_96Jan222126_zps76c81036.jpg[/IMG] [B]Curses[/B] [IMG]http://i1127.photobucket.com/albums/l635/CaMzGB/ScreenHunter_94Jan222125_zpsac756643.jpg[/IMG] [/CENTER]
  19. [SIZE=5]Spawnscape 718 finally released by Jet Kai! Free spawn for the first week! Based on pure Pking![/SIZE] [COLOR="#FF0000"]RELEASED 5 MINUTES AGO! , free spawn without CASH for the first week except rares!![/COLOR] [SIZE=4][COLOR="#FF0000"]Download client! [url]http://www.mediafire.com/?12lp015tp3k0ap0[/url][/COLOR][/SIZE] [SIZE=3] Webclient coming soon!![/SIZE] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/biBec.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/zke6P.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/gSGpf.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/j8Eqv.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/11kOf.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/CJZsJ.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/Xc9wv.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/MB9lh.png[/IMG]
  20. [URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/825/titusbanner.png/][IMG]http://img825.imageshack.us/img825/2907/titusbanner.png[/IMG][/URL] [SIZE=2][COLOR="#FF0000"]- Features: - Home at Entrana - PvP at Edgeville with command ::edge - Perfect Switching - Great Economy - All Emotes - Nex (100% with all 4 stages) - Godwars bosses - Tormented Demons - Glacors - Dominion Tower (not ready) - Duel Arena - Barrows (not working atm fixing asap) - Mage Bank - Corporeal Beast - Castle Wars - And Much More![/COLOR][/SIZE] - Forum link: [url=http://findle.freeforums.org/index.php not ready! but please register!]Findle.freeforums.org • Index page[/url] - Client link: [URL="https://dl.dropbox.com/u/87478456/TitusX.jar"]https://dl.dropbox.com/u/87478456/TitusX.jar[/URL] - Client Uppit link: [URL="http://uppit.com/tgc85n64bfvk/TitusX.jar"]http://uppit.com/tgc85n64bfvk/TitusX.jar[/URL] - Please join us and have fun playing with us! - See you on the Server! =) - Heres Some Pictures from the server! [URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/94/464681239646fb96319583e.png/][IMG]http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/1764/464681239646fb96319583e.png[/IMG][/URL] [URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/545/b7dd2532e0b27c834e933d7.png/][IMG]http://img545.imageshack.us/img545/8164/b7dd2532e0b27c834e933d7.png[/IMG][/URL] [URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/689/083f15e8744d43257eec74f.png/][IMG]http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/1201/083f15e8744d43257eec74f.png[/IMG][/URL] [URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/842/1005b8b5e3ae8b92eeba4cf.png/][IMG]http://img842.imageshack.us/img842/6863/1005b8b5e3ae8b92eeba4cf.png[/IMG][/URL] [SIZE=3]The Prices are actually different it just looks like there cheap =P[/SIZE] [URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/850/a56adaa24beca7fcc3ea169.png/][IMG]http://img850.imageshack.us/img850/3903/a56adaa24beca7fcc3ea169.png[/IMG][/URL] [URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/195/fb903efe00d43cccc5603e5.png/][IMG]http://img195.imageshack.us/img195/9835/fb903efe00d43cccc5603e5.png[/IMG][/URL] [URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/827/da74c2acf92e5ea5b361a93.png/][IMG]http://img827.imageshack.us/img827/1495/da74c2acf92e5ea5b361a93.png[/IMG][/URL] [URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/707/b1344e4b19c2264e6bf7878.png/][IMG]http://img707.imageshack.us/img707/1076/b1344e4b19c2264e6bf7878.png[/IMG][/URL] [URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/849/c121b6be78a81ffd3083b4a.png/][IMG]http://img849.imageshack.us/img849/5881/c121b6be78a81ffd3083b4a.png[/IMG][/URL] [URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/832/d678d3cdf90f5ff2a48c932.png/][IMG]http://img832.imageshack.us/img832/1824/d678d3cdf90f5ff2a48c932.png[/IMG][/URL] [URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/802/7975af07c76e7c1aeaa9119.png/][IMG]http://img802.imageshack.us/img802/6672/7975af07c76e7c1aeaa9119.png[/IMG][/URL] [URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/560/544abcd1c382f2f61ba0e69.png/][IMG]http://img560.imageshack.us/img560/1077/544abcd1c382f2f61ba0e69.png[/IMG][/URL] [URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/834/e1e8f4dec2dba4819b8b423.png/][IMG]http://img834.imageshack.us/img834/6739/e1e8f4dec2dba4819b8b423.png[/IMG][/URL] [URL=http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/268/78c732469373b40e3c76838.png/][IMG]http://img268.imageshack.us/img268/238/78c732469373b40e3c76838.png[/IMG][/URL] [COLOR="#FF0000"][SIZE=4]I will be adding more picture as soon as possible, after i get more work done! Meanwhile please join us and have a look at our server![/SIZE][/COLOR] - Client link: [URL="https://dl.dropbox.com/u/87478456/TitusX.jar"]https://dl.dropbox.com/u/87478456/TitusX.jar[/URL] - Client Uppit link: [URL="http://uppit.com/tgc85n64bfvk/TitusX.jar"]http://uppit.com/tgc85n64bfvk/TitusX.jar[/URL] Credits: - Me - Demonhorn - Matrix
  21. I am currently looking for an investor to cover VPS costs. The server I'm running is a 718 modified matrix and the host i use is just absolutely excellent, but my previous investor cancelled a day before it was to be renewed, which is some straight up bullshit. If you're looking for a little profit and for donations to go 50/50 with no bullshit, then I'm the right person. I'm 22 years old and have been hosting and coding RSPS for a long time. Here's my VPS stats atm (from AccuWebHosting, currently only costs $21 a month) [ATTACH=CONFIG]6915[/ATTACH] If anyone is interested, please contact me via Skype: King.Fox12 Thanks, ~Fox
  22. Website: DNS is updating so for now download the client.jar here: [url]http://uppit.com/3msxz5rouwhv/client.jar[/url] Pictures: [img]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/80711637/logo.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/4S2pf.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/SUjMR.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/XNcJo.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/LMO5x.png[/img] Content of Server - Dedicated VPS: Quad-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 3252 - 2.10 Ghz (2 Processors) - 4.00 GB Ram - Daily Back-ups - Custom Client Program - Webclient - Combat Skills 100% - Skilling Skills 100% - Custom Item Effects! - Custom Dungeon - GUILD System - Working Economy - Working Teleporting Amulets - Drop Ratios - Donater Shop - Donator-Zone - Working Barrows - Working Tzhaar Cave + Firecape Mini-Game - All Spirit Shields - Custom Rares - Custom Activity Points + Rewards - Many Bosses + 603 Bosses - Many Server Tutorials - Dedicated Support - Dedicated Server Staff And MUCH... MUCH more
  23. [CENTER][IMG]http://gameserve.servegame.com/logo.png[/IMG]Divine Glory Servers™ [SIZE=5][B]Divine Glory 562[/B][/SIZE] (Beta Version) - May be upgraded to Alpha shortly. [U][B][SIZE=4][url=http://www.divinegloryrsps.com/game/]HD Webclient[/url] | [url=http://www.divineglory.1976bus.com]Forums[/url] | [url=http://www.divinegloryrsps.com/downloads/]Downloads[/url][/SIZE][/B][/U] Thanks for checking out our page! There is a lot of information displayed on the Homepage, Forums, and even on the webclient page to keep you entertained. [B][U]I am Xal![/U][/B] I run a RSPS 562 Revision, I do the entire circle of coding. Databasing, HTML, PHP, Java, and such. I am excited to provide to you.. A fully complete source available to you for free! There is never a time when you will have to donate, and I own my Dedicated Server so the Source will never go down!! The is a refer-a-friend system in effect as well as a tutorial explaining how it works, and rewards involved. We have DivineCredits, which are awarded through various activities within the Divine Glory, killing npcs, completing tasks, and buying specific items from shops. These can be spent in the shop at the Bank at home for PVP armour, Chaotics, and other useful equipment. All of the Skills are a joy to use, and will help you level up over time. Be sure to Click the Links above to be directed to the proper locations! [B]Introduction:[/B] - Divine Glory is an Economically dominated server. It has all of the neat features a Player could ever want. The Staff are ACTUALLY NICE! Believe it or not. We talk with the players, and partake in the community. The Completionist Cape must be earned as well, through hard work and total gameplay. - Players receive a Gift Key directly to their bank after each hour of game play (reduced to 30 mins for members) and after 50 activity timer ticks, you the receive 2 keys each time. The Keys can be used on the chest @ home to easily advance your total account value. Administrators cannot trade (that's a given), and [B]Player Moderators can only mute for a total of 48 Hours.[/B] - There is a community manager, designated to answer questions, and receive feedback/suggestions towards what the developer needs to consider. [B]Features:[/B] Activity Timer: For every 1 Hour of Game time you’re in-game you earn a Key, which can be used on a Chest to claim more items. Dungeoneering Trainable: Any Dungeoneering Monster will give you some EXP towards the Skill (Total Level 120) Completionist Cape: This cape must be earned, you need to have mastered all of the Skills, and purchased everything from the Dungeoneering Mini-game. (Only Non-Trimmed avaliable for f2p) [B]PvP/Pking:[/B] - Divine Glory has a massive amount of Pk Enthusiast (They Suck, so you can get your loot really fast) - We also have a lot of pkers who are into Hybridding, a well-known and fun type of pking. [B]PvM:[/B] - Awesome Slayer tasks Slayer Points Earn you Titles. - King Black Dragon with all attacks and effects - Tormented Demons with all 3 switches - 100% Godwars - Corporeal beast [B]PvP And PvM:[/B] - Perfect combat, 100% flawless - Switching close to rs - Close to full Summoning, create pouchs aswel!! - Armour set effects all added! - Flawless Prayer system (Normal/Ancient Prayers) [B]Minigames:[/B] - 100% Dicing (including via clan chat)!!! - The 100% Dueling experience (staking or fun)! - 100% Castle Wars! - Fight Pits (under development) [B]Misc:[/B] - All special attacks working properly for every weapon - All Quick Chat Skill Levels Working + 90% Other Features - Flawless Music & Sound system [B]Membership Features:[/B] (Membership is a single payment of $25 with a large amount of benefits) 100% Nex with Multicombat Nomad - Each Kill Grants you 200K slayer XP and a Zamorakian Spear reward. Trimmed Completionist Cape - If you have earned your Completionist Status, then you may buy a Trimmed Cape. -- That's to name a few -- [B][FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=4]Player Made Splash Photo [IMG]http://www.divinegloryrsps.com/images/adverts/updated/Splash.gif[/IMG] Easy to use Website [IMG]http://www.divinegloryrsps.com/images/adverts/homepage.jpg[/IMG] Specialist Forums (some only visible to Maxed Players, other only for Moderators) [IMG]http://www.divinegloryrsps.com/images/adverts/forum_specialist.jpg[/IMG] Community Forums well sorted and easy to use [IMG]http://www.divinegloryrsps.com/images/adverts/forum_general.jpg[/IMG] Small Community based home [IMG]http://www.divinegloryrsps.com/images/adverts/updated/server_home.jpg[/IMG] Nex NPC (Members) [IMG]http://www.divinegloryrsps.com/images/adverts/updated/nex_members.jpg[/IMG] Additional rewards just for Playing! Each hour (30 minutes for members) [IMG]http://www.divinegloryrsps.com/images/adverts/updated/activity_reward.jpg[/IMG] Redeemable Prizes with the Awarded Keys. [IMG]http://www.divinegloryrsps.com/images/adverts/updated/activity_redeem.jpg[/IMG] Player-Made Divine Glory Desktop Background! [IMG]http://i44.tinypic.com/9rn7dv.png[/IMG][/SIZE][/FONT][/B] [/CENTER] [SIZE=5][B]POSTS ON THIS THREAD[/B][/SIZE] [quote name='Teh Pwnzor']Great server, with the exception of the melee system. Range is overpowered and melee is underpowered. Aside from that, well done server.[/QUOTE] [quote name='zyro746']Truly Epic Server![/QUOTE] [quote name='TimeBroken']I decided to try the server out yesterday. I've been addicted ever since. It's a well programmed server, with a good bit of content, even if it's still only in Beta. Though there are a few small bugs, the over-all game play is great, the community is friendly, the staff actually help players out, and the experience rate is nice. It's a great server. I usually never play anything over the 317 revision, but I'm really enjoying this server. I really encourage everyone here to give it a try. :)[/QUOTE] [quote name='ArunForce']Same as timebroken. I tried this server out yestarday and i thought it was quite decent. The owner knew what he was doing. I've seen a big change in this server about players. Yestarday he had about 5 now he has about 13-14, i really think this server will go far. Good job and good luck hatchet. I will play this server and help you out whenever you need it.[/QUOTE] [U][SIZE=5][B]Quotes on our Compliments Forums[/B][/SIZE][/U] [quote name='Fatality']I recently started DivineGlory as I was getting bored with the server I was at and since I knew, (Xal + Divine), I though why not. I came here and saw some of my old friends were playing this so I decided to stick to the server and become maxed etc.. and I am enjoying every minute of it due to all the features it has to offer and I would like to extend those features even further.[/QUOTE]
  24. [img]http://rune-shiver.com/forum/images/ipb/logo.png[/img] As of right now, Project Destiny 474 is progressing to be a RuneScape 2007 Remake. Please note that the server is still in beta stage and will progress as I continue programming it! Vote for us!!!!!!! [URL]http://www.rune-server.org/top.php?act=detail&sid=5448[/URL] [SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkOrange]Webclient: [/COLOR][/SIZE][URL="http://rune-shiver.com/webclient.html"]Project Destiny Webclient[/URL] [SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkOrange]Download Client: [/COLOR][/SIZE][URL="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/9243681/PD_474.jar"]Project Destiny Client[/URL] [SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkOrange]Forums: [/COLOR][/SIZE][URL="http://rune-shiver.com/forum/"]http://Rune-Shiver.com[/URL] [SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkOrange]Highscores: [/COLOR][/SIZE][URL="http://rune-shiver.com//highscores/index.php"]http://Rune-Shiver.com/highscores/index.php[/URL] [SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkOrange]Please note you must REGISTER on the forums and log in with those details![/COLOR][/SIZE] [SPOILER=Advertisement Video] [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZJCcjD3LA4]Project Destiny - 2007 Remake - YouTube[/url] [/SPOILER] Credits to Scu11 for the base I used, Rs2-Server. Credits to Huey & Killamess for the many things his release will help me with. Credits to Luke132 & Nando for Duel arena. [SIZE=6][COLOR=Green][U]Features:[/U][/COLOR][/SIZE] [LIST=1] [*]High scores, and forum integration [*]Mostly all NPCs in the free world [*]Everything completely clipped. (NPCs, Players, Following) [*]All magic spells working perfectly with correct projectiles [*]Perfect switching, PvP, PvM, and MvM [*]Most shops in the free world. Still adding more [*]XP Rate is 10x [*]Real economy: Skills actually mean something! [*]Money isn't too easy, but it's not too hard either [*]All prayers working with head icons [*]Tanning hides and crafting leather working for regular and green leather [*]Gem cutting [*]Perfect woodcutting, mining, and smithing [*]Perfect clan chat [*]100% Uptime, we're never down! [*]Many sounds added, all spells, blocking and attacking for all weapons [*]Regional music system, many regions have been added. [*]Fishing and cooking work flawlessly, however some spots need to be added [*]Runecrafting with talismans dropped by NPCs. [*]Full duel arena, with all options and staking. [*]Full firemaking, with clipped directions. [*]Full fletching. [*]Working slayer with two masters and the entire slayer tower. (Nose peg, rock hammer, earmuffs, etc) [*]Full herblore [*]Barrows [/LIST] [SIZE=4]Quests[/SIZE] [LIST=1] [*][COLOR=Green]Rune Mysteries[/COLOR] [*][COLOR=Green]Lost City[/COLOR] [*][COLOR=Green]Priest in Peril[/COLOR] [*][COLOR=Green]Tree Gnome Village[/COLOR] [/LIST] Please place this in your signature to help us grow! [URL="http://rune-shiver.com"][IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v201/YDoUCare/pdsignaturecopy-1.png[/IMG][/URL] Add / before both IMG and URL. [CODE][URL="http://rune-shiver.com"][IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v201/YDoUCare/pdsignaturecopy-1.png[IMG][URL][/CODE] [img]http://puu.sh/X9Ih[/img] [img]http://puu.sh/NURC[/img] [img]http://puu.sh/NUPi[/img] [img]http://puu.sh/MoWV[/img] [img]http://puu.sh/MoZ4[/img] [img]http://puu.sh/KoUM[/img] [IMG]http://puu.sh/GveV[/IMG] [IMG]http://puu.sh/GCMo[/IMG] [IMG]http://i48.tinypic.com/35lusz8.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v201/YDoUCare/firemaking.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v201/YDoUCare/karajmafishing.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v201/YDoUCare/clipped.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v201/YDoUCare/rat.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v201/YDoUCare/mining.jpg[/IMG] [IMG]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v201/YDoUCare/smithing.jpg[/IMG]