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Found 23 results

  1. Hello. I'd like to know, what are the coords for God Wars Dungeon. I know the coords for the entrance, but i need to know the coords of GWD that is inside the dungeon. So basically i'm looking for coords for GWD (inside), not outside the entrance. Thank you.
  2. [SIZE="4"][FONT="Verdana"]I've been on plenty of other servers where you could type ::god and fly around..I want to add it! I'm using delta...any help?[/FONT][/SIZE]
  3. By using the following code your players have a ability to select a RuneScape god to believe to. Contains also cape refunding. [url]http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Gods[/url] com.rs.game.content Add a new file called '[B]GodPath.java[/B]' [CODE]package com.enso.game.player.content; import com.enso.cache.loaders.ItemDefinitions; import com.enso.game.item.Item; import com.enso.game.player.Player; /** * * [MENTION=52317]auth[/MENTION]or Fuzen Seth * */ public class GodPath { public GodPath(Player player) { this.player = player; } private transient Player player; private String god; private static int[] godCapes = {2412,2413,2414}; public void refundItems(int inventorySlot) { if (!checkAll()) return; final Item item = player.getInventory().getItem(inventorySlot); final ItemDefinitions itemDef = new ItemDefinitions(item.getId()); if (player.getPathType()[0]) { player.getInventory().addItem(2412,1); } else if (player.getPathType()[1]) { player.getInventory().addItem(2414,1); } else if (player.getPathType()[2]) { player.getInventory().addItem(2413,1); } player.sendMessage("You succesfully have received back the "+itemDef.getName()+"."); } public boolean checkAll() { player.closeInterfaces(); player.getInterfaceManager().closeChatBoxInterface(); if (player.getInventory().containsItem(GodPath.getGodCapes().length+1, 1)) { player.sendMessage("You have already a cape."); return false; } if (!player.getPathType()[1] && !player.getPathType()[0] && !player.getPathType()[3]) { player.sendMessage("You cannot receive a cape if you're not believing in any god."); return false; } return true; } public void selectPath() { player.getInterfaceManager().closeChatBoxInterface(); player.closeInterfaces(); if (player.getInventory().hasFreeSlots()) { player.sendMessage("You don't have enough space in your inventory."); return; } if (player.getPathType()[1] || player.getPathType()[2] || player.getPathType()[0]) { player.sendMessage("You have already choosed a god to believe."); return; } switch (getGod().toString()) { case "Saradomin": player.getPathType()[0] = true; player.getInventory().addItem(getGodCapes()[1],1); break; case "Guthix": player.getPathType()[2] = true; player.getInventory().addItem(getGodCapes()[2],1); break; case "Zamorak": player.getPathType()[1] = true; player.getInventory().addItem(getGodCapes()[3],1); break; } player.sendMessage("You have selected a lord to believe, you believe to "+getGod()+"."); } public String getGod() { return god; } public void setGod(String god) { this.god = god; selectPath(); } public static int[] getGodCapes() { return godCapes; } public static void setGodCapes(int[] godCapes) { GodPath.godCapes = godCapes; } } [/CODE] Add these to Player.java [CODE] private boolean[] pathType = new boolean[2]; private transient GodPath characterpath;[/CODE] Add these getters with the others. [CODE] public GodPath getCharacterpath() { return characterpath; } public void setCharacterpath(GodPath characterpath) { this.characterpath = characterpath; } public boolean[] getPathType() { return pathType; } public void setPathType(boolean[] pathType) { this.pathType = pathType; }[/CODE] Find [CODE]actionManager = new ActionManager(this);[/CODE] Add under actionManager [CODE] characterpath = new GodPath(this);[/CODE] Credits to Fuzen Seth.
  4. Runehawk

    ::God command :)

    Hi, I am starting to learn a little bit of coding. If someone could please explain or give me the ::god command for 317 it would be awesome!!! :D ::God = one hitting monsters and players, 30k hp or something... Thanks, Runehawk CODE: [IMG]http://i44.tinypic.com/2ikv1nt.jpg[/IMG] Do i need to declare variable or something? how do i do that lol Thnx
  5. Happy birthday Dug! Hope you have wild fun today ;) [IMG]http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_aRjDvrZPh7U/TMsCy6TjZtI/AAAAAAAAAUU/V6GKagFdBBc/s1600/HappyBirthday3.jpg[/IMG] [MENTION=1]Ikiliki[/MENTION]
  6. [img]http://i45.tinypic.com/2ps53zm.png[/img] Going for a fiery effect, sort of turned out to have too much contrast, but oh well. :P
  7. Zerk3r

    An Argument for God

    I intend to prove that there is indeed a creator of the Universe that is the transcendent cause of the existence thereof and exists beyond time and space (to create time and space, God cannot be part of it). The argument is called the Cosmological Argument: [LIST=1] [*]Everything that begins to exist has a cause. [*]The Universe began to exist. [*]Therefore, the Universe has a cause. [/LIST] The first premise of the argument is self-explanatory and if it were to be wrong, it would be like magic. Nothing can begin to exist with no cause, otherwise things would continue to be coming into existence all over the place at random. The second premise is also widely accepted. This premise can be scientifically proven with the Big Bang model and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. On the subject of the Big Bang Theory, it should be noted that it was formulated by a Catholic priest -- a believer in God. Atheists at the time thought the Universe was eternal and needed no creator. Thus, they thought to suppress he idea. It's funny how things changed. Philosophically, the Universe cannot be infinite. For example, suppose you add a library where for every one red book, there were two red books. But, there is an infinite number of red books. With this logic, there would be an infinite number of both red books and black books but we know that there are more black books. Thus, infinity in the [B]physical[/B] world cannot exist. For the third premise, it merely follows logically. As said previously, the cause must transcend space and time, have omnipotence to do such a feat, as well as be personal. This is because the only things that can be the former things are minds and abstract objects (i.e. numbers). Abstract objects do not create things but minds do and they are personal. This creator can be called many things but it is really God.
  8. Thanks to this picture we now know God is real and hes black. [IMG]http://i47.tinypic.com/rlidkw.jpg[/IMG]
  9. Many of you know, he was an old moderator on Moparscape. I found this while looking around. I think it's a good troll. >> The truth is, It was just over a year ago. I can still remember that day. Such a cold, sad day. You see, we used to have a moderator named Ownager3. He was a great moderator, and most peoples favorite. He was just recently promoted to global moderator. You see, Ikiliki was also a moderator. They knew each other in real life, and would often hang out and were just generally friends. They were out driving when Ikiliki got into a car accident. Not your typical accident, an extremely critical one. It took place on a bridge and the car flew into the sea below. Ikiliki quickly got out and Ownager3 was drowning. He could've saved Ownager3, but greed overtook him. He knew if Ownager3 was gone, he would be the favorite. He would be the new global moderator. And so, he fled from the car and ran away, leaving Ownager3 to die. People began to notice Ownager3 was not visiting the forum. Ikiliki just told them he was having real-life problems. Until a member here, named Niall, decided to look him up and see if he could get into contact with him. That's when he stumbled across an article detailing the horrendous crash. There it was, Ikiliki and Ownager3's names. Jon, Ownager3's first name, had drowned. Miraculously, Ikiliki had escaped. The article included an interview where Hank (Ikiliki) had told that he had tried desperately to get Jon out, but failed. Niall confronted Ikiliki, and asked about it. Strangely, Ikiliki cracked. He told Niall the whole story. About how he placed a forum position before a friend's life. Niall was outraged and banned Ikiliki. The story is still secret, and this post is against the rules. Niall will most likely ban me for this post, but I feel it's needed. R.I.P. Ownager3 LOL.
  10. I've been trying to code when someone clicks a portal, in this case object id 13619, they will teleport to Jungle Wyrm. I've done that perfectly, but I have the requirement of at least 5 Armadyl KC. Heres my code that I placed in my ActionHandler.java: [QUOTE]case 13619: if (c.ArmadylKC() >= 5) { c.getPA().movePlayer(2822, 2911, 0); c.sendMessage("The Jungle Strykewyrm drops dragon platebodies, furies, and slayer helms, good luck"); } else { c.sendMessage("You need at least 5 Armadyl KC to enter the Jungle Strykewyrm."); }[/QUOTE] I have already imported Npchandler but, I am getting an Error: [IMG]http://i43.tinypic.com/atkdoj.png[/IMG] Thanks for the help!
  11. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/gCHSk.gif[/IMG] DOES THIS TURN ON ANYONE ELSE LOL
  12. Ryan


    The almighty God knows what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen, correct? I've asked several Christians why God allows atheists to live and not just make everyone follow him and they said so they (them being Christians) can try to change them and let that atheist choose his own way. If God knows the future, he already knows whether or not that person will follow him or not. So, why does God let people who don't follow him live if he already knows that they won't follow him?
  13. Happy birthday Baby Anthony<3 [img]http://www.aussiebloke.org/wp-content/forum-image-uploads/mate/canada_girls.jpg[/img]
  14. irrelevance

    God of Gaming

    [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOaGhE_sejI&feature=player_embedded[/url] Yeppp
  15. Why is it easier to believe in "The God" rather then gods like Odin, Zeus, and Poseidon? Today in school we're "learning" about Christianity (Learning in quotes, because our teacher is obviously trying to convert us with bias videos) and someone asked about the other gods, and he immediately said "They don't exist.", yet says that "The God" is debatable. Why is this? Just wondering what Runelocus thinks :]
  16. QG

    How did god become?

    Well as many of you know, God. *As some believe creater of all [Says the bible] and some weird forum...* How'd he come to live? He couldn't of made himself..That's psychically not possible.. Discuss on how?
  17. um when i teleport to god wars dungeon i can see the npc's walking around but the dungeon floor and room is all black and i can't walk anywhere anyone know how to fix this problem?
  18. I lost my Gravite Rapier..... FML GF 2 weeks of dung..... lol...
  19. zerapk

    is god real?

    well to be honest, i've been through too much shit to even think of god being real. i think it's just a way so churchs can get rich with their cults. what do you think?
  20. My first snippet, blah blah blah.. In player.java: declare: [code]public boolean canDie = true;[/code] Then, search for [code] if(damage > hp) { damage = hp; [B]}[/B][/code] Right under that last bracket that's bolded, add this: [code] if(canDie == false) { damage = 0; }[/code] Save and exit. Now, open up commandpackethandlet.java and add: [code] if(cmd[0].equals("god")) { if(player.canDie == true) { player.canDie = false; player.sm("God grants you infinate life."); System.out.println("<!!!> "+player.getDisplayName()+" has just activated God mode. <!!!>"); // in case you want to know who uses it. } } if(cmd[0].equals("godoff")) { if(player.canDie == false) { player.canDie = true; player.sm("You turn off the power of God."); System.out.println("Player " +player.getDisplayName()+ " has just de-activated God mode."); } } [/code] Save, exit, and compile. I know it's not much but still.
  21. Why is uTorrent download speed so god damn slow? My upload is is about 4MB/s, testing on 2 different tester sites. Yet, uTorrent downloads at about 600kb/s. It is slowly rising though. Does it just take a while? It started at 60kb/s, now it's 600kb/s. Will it eventually reach about my upload speed tested? Or are there options I should try. Btw, utorrents done 1.3mb/s solid before, on other torrents, with less seeders. Must just take time.
  22. [video=youtube;HuB5ISRXn3I]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuB5ISRXn3I[/video]
  23. yea so basically i can't figure out how to make a unlimited hp command or god-mode command for my 562, im using the atomic scape source, any help? if you have skype, and can help my user is jcmaddox1 on skype Thanks