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Found 12 results

  1. So this is one of my players issues and the first time I have EVER seen this happen on an rsps. That being said this help thread really isn't for me but I would like to find out how to stop/prevent this from happening. Image: [URL="http://i.imgur.com/bT3d4F4.jpg"]Glitched Out Hexed Up[/URL]
  2. Okey, so I'm using the Extreme KO source and I've found a very annoying thing. [url]http://imgur.com/lHJ6qb3[/url] [ATTACH=CONFIG]10172[/ATTACH]¨ as you can see the regular rapier is glitched out, same with the Chaotic Longsword and SOMETIMES the fire cape. I find this really annoying and I have no idea whats wrong, the thing is, I've tried several different clients and it's the same model for the regular rapier as the broken one. Does anyone got a solution for this?
  3. Base:718 Revision:718 The Problem:When I try to edit the percent chance of droping an item, it always reset to 100. Information & Media: [url]http://imgur.com/IDvGaVX[/url] Should I change drop editor completly? This one came with lost-realm when I downloaded it.
  4. Just Recently On my server, When players Duel, (Stake, or whatever). A bug happens where the account Stays logged, as like a decoy, for however long, until Manually restarted. [url]http://prntscr.com/1eq5jc[/url] As you can see, He's just standing there. You cannot interact with him, You cannot trade, and It does not even show the account is logged in. What is happening? How can this be fixed? Thank you, tyler.
  5. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/eYDXSA6.png?1[/IMG] How do i center these
  6. Heyo, so my chatbox on my server is glitched.. (for example: When I'm trying to trade/add someone, i have to go down about 3-4 lines, before it says ''Add player'' or ''Trade player''), and I have no idea how to fix this, I've seen a snippet on it before, but it seems to be impossible to find it back again, it's just gone for me..
  7. Hey runelocus, I've noticed that when you trade someone, when you accept the trade there is only one person who see the trade box... Or sometimes when you click accept it close instantly. I've been wondering if there is a fix somewhere on runelocus? no time to check im going to school... If there's not, please give me an idea of how i could fix this :) Thanks, DemonzX
  8. using matrix source.. trade doesnt work unless both people are standing completely still.. if anyone can help fix this, it would be greatly appreciated
  9. Hi, i posted my server a few minutes ago, and its kinda glitched Its white everywhere etc. how does this come?
  10. Let just say when ever i kill Kree'arra I got nothing as a drop I think I know how the drops work but.. some reason its not doing it for me if some 1 could re arrange it for me that would be great. DROPS.TSM [PHP]#kree'arra 6222:95 11718:1 11720:1 11722:1 11702:1 11690:1 19413:1 19415:1 19417:1 19419:1 19421:1 19423:1 19425:1[/PHP] NPCDROPS.TSM [PHP]package server.model.npcs; import java.io.File; import java.util.HashMap; import java.util.StringTokenizer; import java.util.Scanner; /** * @author Sanity */ public class NPCDrops { public NPCDrops() { loadDrops(); } public static HashMap<Integer, int[][]> normalDrops = new HashMap<Integer, int[][]>(); public static HashMap<Integer, int[][]> rareDrops = new HashMap<Integer, int[][]>(); public static HashMap<Integer, int[]> constantDrops = new HashMap<Integer, int[]>(); public static HashMap<Integer, Integer> dropRarity = new HashMap<Integer,Integer>(); public void loadDrops() { try { int[][][] npcDrops = new int [10000][][]; int[][][] rareDrops2 = new int [10000][][]; int[] itemRarity = new int [10000]; File f = new File("./Data/cfg/NPCDrops.TSM"); Scanner s = new Scanner(f); while (s.hasNextLine()) { String line = s.nextLine(); if (line.startsWith("#")) continue; StringTokenizer normalTok = new StringTokenizer(line, "\t"); line = s.nextLine(); if (line.startsWith("#")) continue; StringTokenizer rareTok = new StringTokenizer(line, "\t"); String[] information = normalTok.nextToken().split(":"); int npcId = Integer.parseInt(information[0]); itemRarity[npcId] = Integer.parseInt(information[1])-1; npcDrops[npcId] = new int[normalTok.countTokens()][2]; rareDrops2[npcId] = new int[rareTok.countTokens()][2]; int count = 0; while (normalTok.hasMoreTokens()) { String[] temp = normalTok.nextToken().split(":"); npcDrops[npcId][count][0] = Integer.parseInt(temp[0]); npcDrops[npcId][count][1] = Integer.parseInt(temp[1]); count++; } count = 0; while (rareTok.hasMoreTokens()) { String[] temp = rareTok.nextToken().split(":"); rareDrops2[npcId][count][0] = Integer.parseInt(temp[0]); //System.out.println("Raredrop: " + count + " " + rareDrops2[npcId][count][0]); rareDrops2[npcId][count][1] = Integer.parseInt(temp[1]); //System.out.println("Raredrop: " + count + " " + rareDrops2[npcId][count][1]); count++; } normalDrops.put(npcId, npcDrops[npcId]); rareDrops.put(npcId, rareDrops2[npcId]); dropRarity.put(npcId, itemRarity[npcId]); } loadConstants(); } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } public void loadConstants() { try { File f = new File("./Data/cfg/NpcConstants.TSM"); Scanner s = new Scanner(f); while (s.hasNextLine()) { String line = s.nextLine(); if (line.startsWith("#")) continue; StringTokenizer constantTok = new StringTokenizer(line, "\t"); int npcId = Integer.parseInt(constantTok.nextToken()); int count = 0; int[] temp = new int[constantTok.countTokens()]; while (constantTok.hasMoreTokens()) { temp[count] = Integer.parseInt(constantTok.nextToken()); count++; } constantDrops.put(npcId,temp); } } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } } [/PHP]
  11. uhm ok i changed all the magic animations and gfx's to the real-like animations, but when i autocast it the emote isnt right if i try the animation and gfx in command they work perfectly , does anybody know why the animation and gfx isnt right? i edited the animation and gfx in," \src\com\rs2hd\content\skills\combat\MagicCombat.java " also is there a way to get projectile id's? for the magic projectile? if i get all the right emotes and gfx and projectile's working i'ma release them xp
  12. need help to fix completionist cape,max,veteran and classic you can see it thought still using mezzysacepe source 562/657.