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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, ive been looking around and have not been able to find animations for Nex and Vorago, i have both models and they spawn in game. Our server code is a little hard to work with an i am not able to hardcode anims in. If you have these animations and are willing to share please post a link below , also if you are good with adding animations/models/bosses etc. I would be more than happy to extend an invitation to our project. Also if anyone has the ganodermic beast models im looking for those too, all the links for these are on Uppit and none of the work :( theyre all broken. Thanks - Dora (Apoptosis)
  2. Hello, I just coded the Polypore Dungeon. But, the only problem is, the Ganodermic Beasts don't drop any Ganodermic Items/Polypore items. I don't have a method to pack/unpack drops, so is there any other way I can make Ganodermic Beasts drop Ganodermic armour? I've also tried a drop editor, but every single one ends up with an error. I really need this! Thanks!!!!! :)
  3. The purpose of this, is to fix these two items, and make them to where the head is not glitched. (NOTE: Replace them with whatever you have these things named in item.cfg) EX: If in your item.cfg, you have it named "ganodermic hat" Then put that instead of visor. Open up item.java, and search for: [code] public static boolean playerHats(int itemId) { [/code] Next to the last [code] " [/code] Put this [code] ,"Golden Mining Helmet", "Ganodermic Visor" [/code] Then search for this, and do the same thing [code] private static String[] fullhat = { [/code] Now, last but not least, search for [code] private static String[] fullmask = { [/code] And do the same thing. Save, and compile, and you're done. The two things that it fixes: Ganodermic visor. [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?76445-REL-Golden-Mining-Armor-REL&p=653636&styleid=20#post653636[/url]