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Found 9 results

  1. Over the last year RuneLocus has lost a large amount of active members and / or moved over to other communities. I believe if we use some of these suggestions, then we could gain more active members. We should add sections such as: [B]{This has been updated with new suggestions.}[/B] [LIST] [*]RSPS Freebies/Contests (Sort of like contests where you can win RSPS codes and configs.) [B]{updated}[/B] [B]{old}[/B] [*]RSPS Goods Market (Items, Files etc) [B]{old}[/B] [*]Ranked Sections (Donator, Extreme Donator, Staff etc) [B]{nevermind, found it lawl}[/B] [B]{old}[/B] [*]RuneScape Market (Items, Membership, Gold) - NO ACCOUNTS [B]{old}[/B] [*]PS/XBOX Market [B]{new}[/B] [*]GFX Of The Month [B]{old}[/B] [*]GFX Battles [B]{old}[/B] [*]Non-Virtual / Virtual Items Sales Section [B]{old}[/B] [*]Report A Scam Section [B]{old}[/B] [*]Sprite Section (A section for rsps sprites) [B]{new}[/B] [*]Reupload Section (A section for reuploaded files of expired/dead download links) [B]{new}[/B] [*]Higher speeds [B]{new}[/B] [*]Better security [B]{new}[/B] [*]Spam prevention system [B]{new}[/B] [*]Ban detector system [B]{new}[/B] [*]External Download area [B]{new}[/B] [*]Better Donator Section [B]{new}[/B] [*]RuneLocus Template & Theme Section (Where content team builds web templates and releases them for free) [B]{new}[/B] [*]Staff Applications Section (Min. 5000 posts, max rank etc) [B]{old}[/B] [*]Java Programmer Battle (Each programmer writes a certain code and the best and most cleanest code, wins Programmer of the month and a rank?) [B]{old}[/B] [/LIST] Then add: [LIST] [*]Custom RuneLocus-Hosted Server [B]{old}[/B] [*]More Ranks (Programmer, Graphic Artist, Trusted, Service Provider etc) [B]{updated}[/B] [B]{old}[/B] [*]New Look-&-Feel (New theme or logo? We need to change the rainbow color in the 'o' [B]{updated}[/B] [B]{old}[/B] [*]More RSPS Tools in the Toplist (Webclient Builder, Client File Virus Scanner, etc) [B]{new}[/B] [/LIST] [MENTION=1]Ikiliki[/MENTION] [MENTION=1573]Cart[/MENTION] [MENTION=12]Ziek`[/MENTION] [MENTION=188358]Envo[/MENTION] I doubt these suggestions will be used, but hopefully do as then this forum will be way more awesome :) Thanks,
  2. [B][CENTER]Sup guys, I wanted to share a little with ya'll! Considering a HUGE percent of the US is overweight, including me I thought maybe some people were looking around trying to lose weight or even gain some muscle? If you interested in that ripped core for the chicks or just wanna drop a few pounds.. [URL="http://iwantabs.webs.com/"]6PackAbs[/URL] is the way to go, with this guys 16 week tutorial on gaining muscle and dropping weight workout techniques you are bound to gain muscle or drop weight! Just thought I'd like to share the site with you guys.. :) [URL="http://iwantabs.webs.com/"]Click here for site[/URL][/CENTER][/B]
  3. ive just downloaded the 508 client and server and followed the tutorial to do so and got them both working, ive tested as many skills as i possibly can and for some reason, no clients or accounts gain any XP whatsoever, i could bury 50 dragon bones and not gain 1 XP at all, how do i fix this?
  4. This is very simple, first go to PlayerAssistant.java and go into the applydead method. In that method, declare [CODE] String a = ""+o.connectedFrom+""; String b = ""+c.connectedFrom+"";[/CODE] and then find where the player gets their reward. Youll see something like: [CODE]pkpoints += #; kills += #; magepoints += #;[/CODE] Anyway, on top of that put: [CODE]if (!a.equals(b)){[/CODE] And below it close the bracket with [CODE]}[/CODE] You should use this system if yours is currently using [CODE]if (o.connectedFrom != c.connectedFrom) { }[/CODE] That may look the same, but it actually does not work if you had it like I did. Hope this helps anyone who needed this.
  5. Alright, so other than finding a PI guide on this, I can't find anything on this for Delta. Would anyone happen to know how to set a [U]combat[/U] stat by clicking on the skill chosen? If there is a guide on this somewhere that [U]isn't[/U] PI, could someone post a legitimate link below? Thanks.
  6. I am a co founder of a new and innovative way of players admins to find and advertise their server with ease. Introducing RSPSToday. We will use youtube to get our fanbase out, and have many different types of videos. Reviews - Our honest NON buyest review on different servers. Giveaways - Won't come for a long time, but will be a "gift card" giveaway. PlayerSharing - Explained in one of our videos. This isn't an advertisement thread, just more of a project im starting out. Thanks Sam [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9UYULKNT34[/url] [url]http://www.youtube.com/user/RspsToday?feature=mhee[/url]
  7. If a eat 8 Mango's a day how much will i gain? and 4 hour of walking almost everyday i will do so how much, I want to know all the suggestions so plz share here.
  8. Edwinnn

    Weight Gain, Fast.

    When it comes, to fast weight gain does the amount of calories matter more than the amount of fat.I want to know all your opinions.So plz share here.
  9. Basically the point is I have not played RS in ages but want to make a RSPS. I have been with RSPS since the initial release of Moparscape and have been on and off with programming them. With so many sources to choose from now I don't have a clue about features etc..so I need some suggestions on what source to use (317-474). I want to do most programming myself so I want a rather basic, stable server as a good base. I also need some sites that I cqn rely on to get information about new minigames/skills that I am not familiar with. Again I am a decent programmer - both web dev. and Java so a stable, basic source would be good if you could refer one to me. Thanks.