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Found 2 results

  1. helo its me sico the one okii its about frimbscape i had som unn luck yester day out from no where one off the staff or helpers mod $$$chaosworld$$$ robbed me on his own feelings and meaning he just a help mod little sad and feel not much i whay me just find up new rules and make then fit just to me that meeent of him want my account back i ()spend many times on it) spend overlord max cash way i mean chosworld mod helper that i did not know could ban all that have ruined my life just had b day day befor he broke my life on lies name frimb developer suic coder contact them tell for me chosworld just lie and ruined all fir Sico i ask for i have no whays to contact then on banned all over my plans i had in my head wen i got banned its the staff application and my frends i had few played casino holdem on phone then all happend i wonder way any one should hate one that bad mad boy type rude stuff about you dont help just block you off im glad im not me now if i try speeak to him wit out tell its for or from me sico up that i have borrowed other players account and switched between that and mine own thats a lie big one biges in my life i lost staff application lost acccount sico 10qad bank total of 2.5k$ ofc i had some problemes before like first time i asked same one to buy my shit for real money name RWD i did belive its okii i saw player sell ingame items for players to donate in store for other stuff i gerrit after some min nothing happend did not try breaak the rule just studie it thats 1 lie and 1 thing you have to know; 2 of that tings he spelled right befor ban (don`t count ) gambled in fp i had unlucky planted 6 in ny world the last one don`t count like black and white flowerits re do we had 2p me and the dude but i had so unluck i planted the last one i think i saw 4 the last one its a 3 coller that flower do it count as i lose at same time just for i planted 6 ? chaosworld try make me lok like a scammer his on it again try be rude to me idk he say trade the items to otter you lost you planted 6 and you used to long time for redo so the other player could just sey to chaosworld i wont fp more give me my loot he plantet 6 right , just for that i asked way not redo? and i asked way do it do anything wit that last one we just keep follow start to end and just remove the last flower if i had unluck and planted for no reason i told all that to him he name me like a scammer and beg for that now to be truh the dude do have the items i let him won i had some prob any way can happend every one like much as you i realy cant see or gerrit whay he so much out after me all dis question actions i have bin thru do not count as ban its just stuff i get right in face if i want to or not
  2. me: planted 6 flowers miss click we had 2p vs 2p befor my last 6, the player: he say its instant win to him! player: get chaosworld to help him out, rule is there is redo and mine 6 flower count as my next 4 plant pleace give me suport, the story ended up that the player don`t want to do redo wit me he keep on that 6 plant, chaosworld say give him the loot if you don`t want to be ban for scam i gave items to him / but what about my right, chaosworld told me your scammer after the story to end of the one reason of my ipban:( one player i lend item to for gamble wit for me just to be cool friend , just moment after i get jailed told the dude that gambled for you is banned and here is you item you lend out (now out of jail ) i ask for the lot he won , mod: told lending items own risk and no right to get them , i got my helm? whay the player i know he wont steel no reason at all! mod: then he made up a new reason ( the player had ip ban december ) so we take the loot all ended there, unfear to me same one others problem just become mine ) i say ned to speak about it and it all ended up wit 0 results. end of the one reason of the ipban:(