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Found 2 results

  1. hi there ive been playing simplicity rsps for about 4 months, in that time i have seen, staff members create bots on different ips to vote across your server. just an fyi admins need to take down simplicity rsps from the choices, the staff members on that ps are stealing data and reselling it , if you clean a staff member you get banned, its an awfulll server please take it off the list its predominantly bots also. admins constantly jail people for no reasons, people donate and admins and server support claim they didnt see it so members are losing alot of money the last month. this last month so many members have quit due to the fraudulent work of the server managers etc. they thrive off this vote page if you took them off , just yesterday i said i couldnt be server support logged in today and kevin the owner jailed me for no reason then he was lying over yell that he didnt jail me etc. you cant have staff members doing that to members. so yeah this website is 10000% fraudulent do not download it or it will put a bug on ur pc and steal all ur data. please delete this horrid thing from the internet there are so many other better legit and real rsps out there stay well away from this one!!!
  2. PureNation

    Fraud alert

    I do not take credit for this. It was posted somewhere else. I wanted to share it with you. Hi, Let me first begin by explaining something, Recently, as most of you probably know, 2006Scape and Near Reality, two fairly large scale private servers, were shut down. These servers had been receiving emails and calls from 'Jagex'. The same was attempted on Arrav, another fairly large scale private server, only yesterday. However, I noticed some strange behaviours when checking on Rene's mailbox. These servers have fallen victim to a scam which has cost them a LARGE (20-30k$ was the estimate for Arrav) scam. I'm going to explain HOW it works so nobody else gets caught out by this. First, The scammer gains root access to the commercial mailbox, in Arrav's case, it was a shared webhost. There're plenty of mailserver exploits going around. Now, What the scammer did is they used this access to send emails with headers that look totally legit - the server being either nx1.jagex.com, nx2.jagex.com or nx3.jagex.com. The IP addresses on the email header matched the appropriate mx record. At this point, the hacker is able to intercept all incoming and outgoing emails from that server. The scammer, in Arrav's case, then calls or creates communication from Jagex via a seemingly legit environment. For short, they act professional, this has tricked Near Reality, 2k6Scape and it tricked Rene. They offer them a deal which stops them being taken to court. This is actually against UK laws. In Arrav's case, on this phone call, they said that they had a staff member infiltrate their way (not their words) onto the arrav staff team. This is, also, against the law in the UK. No legal department would EVER confess to this. This was to trigger a state of alert. So, They have the owner by the balls at this point. They can do whatever they want. They demand a large sum of money, and the owner is in no place to reject the offer, whatever it may be. Anyhow, How can you identify the emails as frauds?Let's look at the headers, shall we? All mail headers from major companies and personal email providers such as GMail, if they have an ssl certificate on a domain, they can and always do encrypt their email servers with it aswell. In doing this, they add a header with a signature. Let's look at - facebooks: [url]http://puu.sh/1Lylh[/url] -Or Gmails: [url]http://puu.sh/1LylH[/url] As you can see, they're all encrypted. And as you know, Jagex.com is a corporate site for Jagex which handles information on billing and legal matters. The only flaw with the scammers attempt, they forgot to include a certificate in ALL of their emails. Check any @jagex.com email which wasn't phishing, it'll have a signature. You can verify Jagex has an ssl certificate by going to [url]http://www.jagex.com[/url] Whilst there's no webpage, the favicon in the addressbar says the site is ID verified and SSL encrypted. See: [url]http://puu.sh/1Lymr[/url] In conclusion, both the servers had fallen for an extremely elaborate plot to scam them out of thousands AND close them down. Who do I think has done this? Toil. What do all of these servers have in common? They've all pissed Toil off previously. Rene, the owner of Arrav, decided to go on Skype and ask how to verify if jagex had been on there. Toil told him the first 2 digits of an IP which are the jagex IP range. Both me and him had previously seen that on a DoX of Vault, toil was bragging that he had an IP address in the jagex ip range, ending .52 We verified, it was the same IP on the dox that he was bragging about. We pasted the IP address in skype to him. We asked what link it had to the pastebin post on his dox, he was refusing to answer anything. From this point onwards, he started acting stupid. He was denying knowledge of SSL certificates, encrypted emails and everything. When we mentioned signature, he kept referring it to a hand-written signature at the bottom of the email. This, in my head, has confirmed everything. In addition to this, after waking up, at the bottom of ALL the emails there have been excluding that of Dodian, the only known legit shutdown, there has been this: St John's Innovation Centre As the lawyer. This is a legit patent lawyer in Cambridge. However, Do they work for jagex? I think not. Call them yourself - They don't. Check the powerbot or Impulse Software legal documents, they use internal lawyers. In conclusion, Vault is the victim of scam, he's not a scammer. It may be too late for 2k6Scape, But it's not for near reality. Get this message out. If anyone knows the NR owner, Please show him this. Avatar Realms EDIT: I forgot to include, at the same time as this, Arrav's forums was hacked, and replaced with the FBI Megaupload.com defacement; I Suspect from this 'jagex' IP address. Will confirm later. UPDATE: Rene also received a message from Dan OogaBooga, A bugabuse member, stating that he shut down nr and that arrav is next. It mentions nothing of rs2006 Mod Timbo mentioning about near reality. [IMG]http://i47.tinypic.com/zx1v6s.jpg[/IMG] This was found at: [url]http://www.powerbot.org/community/to...-huge-servers/[/url]