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Found 2 results

  1. [CENTER][IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/logo.png[/IMG] [B][COLOR="#324fff"]Fortis: Reborn – The Ultimate 742 Server[/COLOR][/B][/CENTER] [B]Introduction:[/B] RuneScape’s realm of Gielinor has been taken over by dragons! An ancient dragon named Elvarg has decimated the population of RuneScape down to the city of Falador. The last living white knight army commander, Commander Fortis, has taken hold in Falador and has expanded over time to take hold in other areas of Gielinor. Join us in a unique gaming experience that enables players to explore and thrive, just like the old days. [B]Links:[/B] [url=http://fortis-ps.com/home/index.html]Homepage[/url] [url=http://fortis-ps.com/forum]Forum[/URL] [url=http://www.fortis-ps.com/playnow]Webclient[/url] [url=https://www.dropbox.com/s/qxsbxaigg03r26g/Fortis.jar?dl=1]Client[/URL] [B]Features:[/B] [B]Home[/B] [IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/home.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/home2.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/home3.png[/IMG] Players will begin their journey in the city of Falador, the last city of RuneScape’s previous empire. Commander Fortis has set up in the White Knight’s Castle centered in the center of Falador. He has his brother, Pilot Fortis, provide transportation services that take citizens of Fortis to secured areas that he has taken back from the dragon, Elvarg. Players will start off honing their skills in Falador before they reach the total levels required to visit other places in Gielinor. The skills trainable here at home are: [SPOILER=Home Skills] - Thieving [IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/Thieving.png[/IMG] - Mining [IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/mining.png[/IMG] - Smithing [IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/smithing.png[/IMG] - Woodcutting [IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/woodcutting.png[/IMG] - Firemaking [IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/firemaking.png[/IMG] - Fletching [IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/fletching.png[/IMG] - Crafting [IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/crafting.png[/IMG] - Prayer [IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/prayer.png[/IMG] [/SPOILER] [B]Training Grounds[/B] Once players have reached a total level of 50, they will be able to begin training their various combat-related skills. Commander Fortis has secured his army in the following locations to enable his citizens to prepare themselves for the outer world, especially on a dangerous island like Karamja. [SPOILER=Training Grounds] - Rock Crabs [IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/rock crabs.png[/IMG] - Bandits [IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/bandits.png[/IMG] - Fire Giants [IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/fire giants.png[/IMG] - Green Dragons [IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/green dragons.png[/IMG] [/SPOILER] [B]Monsters[/B] When a total level of 250 is reached, players will have access to the dangerous locations only available for those who have trained hard enough—the locations of monsters. [B]Slayer[/B] Commander Fortis has made efforts to slay monsters that pose as a threat to Falador. Now that he has a whole city to defend, he needs the help of his citizens to slay those monsters. He decided to appoint Kuradal as the slayer master for his citizens. She gives tasks for players to kill various nuisances around Gielinor: [SPOILER=Slayer]- Slayer Tower [IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/slayer tower.png[/IMG] - Polypore Dungeon [IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/polypore.png[/IMG] - Jadinko Lair [IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/jadinko.png[/IMG][/SPOILER] [B]Bosses[/B] These monsters are too much for even Commander Fortis to handle, but there still needs to be a noble citizen of Fortis to fight off these terrible monsters! Kuradal’s father, Mr. Ex, offers Bossing Contracts to give to these terrible monsters in exchange for Fortis Points or even large sums of money! [SPOILER=Bosses]- God Wars Dungeon [IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/gwd.png[/IMG] - Corporeal Beast’s Graveyard [IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/corp.png[/IMG][/SPOILER] [B]Minigames[/B] Commander Fortis has not forgotten about the fun parts of the old RuneScape empire. He has secured other areas in which players with a total level of 1250 can enjoy their time playing minigames where Fortis Points and various untradeable items can be obtained. [SPOILER=Minigames] - TzHaar Caves [IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/tzhaarcave.png[/IMG] - Wars [IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/wars.png[/IMG] - Barrows Brothers [IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/barrows.png[/IMG] - Duel Arena [IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/duelarena.png[/IMG] [/SPOILER] [B]Karamja[/B] Commander Fortis felt that instead of securing multiple locations for his citizens to develop their skills, Fortis would have safer hold on the nearby, Karamja. His brother, Pilot Fortis, offers rides via gnome-copter over to the dangerous island where only the skilled players can train. He only considers those with a total level of 1000 the people able to survive at Karamja. This island includes the remaining skills, such as: [SPOILER=Karamja Skills] - Fishing [IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/fishing.png[/IMG] - Cooking [IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/cooking.png[/IMG] - Runecrafting [IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/rc.png[/IMG] - Summoning [IMG]http://fortis-ps.com/adpics/summoning.png[/IMG] [/SPOILER] [B]Under Development:[/B] - Dragon Attack Events - Task System - Fortis Points Shop - Construction - Dungeoneering - Quests - Hunter - Farming - Herblore - Agility
  2. Fuck RuneLocus for removing my post. Download our launcher [URL="http://www.fortis-rsps.com/Fortis.jar"]here[/URL]!