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Found 30 results

  1. Hi, I need help finding a file on 637 thats on 317 The file on 317 is called wearitem.java and I cant find the file on 637, heres the code I need to specifically find :[B] if (c.playerIndex > 0 || c.npcIndex > 0) {[/B] 《--( Need to find that on 637 )
  2. Topic says it all, I have all the other code done, but how can I figure out what the user is using in their attack equip slot? - Via RuneScript
  3. Need some developers for my server contact my skype: liam.12107 for more information Revision: 317
  4. [B]Hi Runelocus,[/B] I need help finding a good 317, that has everything in it such as PVP armors, Nex Sets, Rares, Kiln Cape, Claws, Custom Whips such as Limes, Lavas. You know the good old kinda pking 317, as-well as a hybridding one. For more of an example here is a video.. [video=youtube;b8ZaPVcX45U]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8ZaPVcX45U[/video] [HR][/HR] If anyone could link me to a source and client to one of these. I'd love you forever. <3 Thanks guys, Biggy.
  5. I've been searching for ages but just can't seem to find anything. I'm looking for a brand new server with oldschool graphics, doesn't have to be primarily pvp or eco, but absolutely no spawn. Anybody who can help me out in this, it would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I want to find a server where the main eco is doing barrows and selling it or killing corp for torva and spirit shield stuff. I used to play a server that had it and it shut down and looking for alt!
  7. I've been trying really hard to look around for an RSPS that is really fun, without admin commands and all of that other stuff that basically ruins the game. It gets pretty old after 10 minutes of spawning things. So I want to find a server that you have to work for everything (XP, items, gold, etc.) that is also fairly populated ( X >200 ) Could anybody recommend a server to me?
  8. okay so I know that the teleports are in clickingbuttons.java but my question is I cant find where the brimhaven dungeoun teleport is because the teleport itself is a null teleport and I need to change the cords please help
  9. Message me on here if you cant help, i have the forums link and it has a webclient.
  10. So I need help finding an old server I used to play on called "Acrylicx" I think it's down but it might still be up somewhere? It moved to AdamantScape a while ago but that went down too I guess. I pm'd the owner and an old mod but they haven't replied, any help?
  11. hey guys. i need your opinions cause i will start playing a RSPS since jaggex messed everything up. My Criteria : A large player base (300++ active players all the time) , a Working Grand Exchange or perhaps something like a grand exchange.Ofc fast leveling. Optional: Runescape 2 Version (rune full helm looks like Full helms. not like Knight helmets with tail thingies). thnx
  12. plot

    Finding sound id

    So I am working on a source and now I want to add sound to some of the curses but I have no idea of how to find the id for specific sounds. Specifically I am looking for the soul split sound Thank you
  13. gabol

    help finding server.

    hello could someone help me finding online 751 EOC server. if you know one please post it i really wanna try playing EOC.
  14. Can someone please help me find a source with client thats like "ultimatescape" please! i really really want it ill thank or rep u or anything ultimatescape.net or look on youtube pls and thx add my skype or pm me on here. cody.malinowski is my skype
  15. I have finished playing with the training set that is provided under the tutorial for this site. I am looking for the next server I should play with, I would like one that has the skill and GE working would be nice that way I have a good start any one make a suggestion plz.
  16. may-not be the right section but does anyone know a good 317 [PI] that has got good switches and a pvp server also does anyone know a server download that has Pvp system such as like soulsplit world 3. could you leave the link and stuff, would be much appreciated
  17. How would one go about finding this in a packed cache?
  18. newboy

    Finding ChildIds

    Does anyone know how to find childIds? Like where it says, Report Abuse, I wanna change that text. I know how to change it, but I just don't know the ChildId for it. Anyone help?
  19. I wanna make a server with graphics like this one [IMG]http://i46.tinypic.com/2ih1gdf.jpg[/IMG] What kind of server is it and what base has graphics like it?
  20. Hey guys, I'm looking for a good eco/pvp server that isn't just another complete leech. Tired of playing servers that bring NOTHING new. I hate servers that have people only sitting at home merching for private server gold.... I want to be able to boss then be able to pk. I don't want fast exp.. I want it low/medium. I'm planing on donating alot to keep this server up. LEGIT BOSSING and not bosses thrown together. I like TELOS 2 but they don't have any updates and they only work on Novarune. C'mon people stop leeching and make legit servers.... People don't want remakes WE WANT NEW SHIT. quest aswell
  21. I wanna make a server, but I can't find a base with graphics and player models like PKhonor and RuneWarp. can anyone help me and give me like to a pi that has graphics like the servers i stated above?
  22. I wanna make a server but people keep telling me to start off with a blank base so I can edit it and make it my own. Can anyone help me find a good blank source and link me to the forum thread please? will REP/Thank
  23. I can't find a really good 317 rsps source that loads 500+ and had Torva/Ancient armours, and decent bosses and no custom items like bronze (g) stuff that's not in actual Runescape. Send me a link the post. Thanks for the help Add me on Skype embodied.pkz if you want a Staff postion for my RSPS
  24. hello i have downloaded a server i had help setting it up but when i sent my bro the client file and loaded it and everything it dont connect i think it's because i need to change the Ip on the source but i cant find it can someone please help me?
  25. [CENTER][SIZE=2]Okay, i have the Project DungeonFest source and i just changed home from Draynor to Somewhere else.. and i was wandering how do i get the shop id's from the shops that were at the old home. -Monster[/SIZE][/CENTER]