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Found 1 result

  1. Over the next few weeks I'm going to be doing an extensive guide on RSPS Finance, but before going on about the best ways to keep your server supported, we have to look at why finances are so important for a successful RSPS. Despite the cliche frase for new people looking to own an RSPS, it IS about making money. And if it's not, your doing something wrong. Without an interest in money, you are hurting your players by limited the advancement of your server. Let's take a look at all the current top servers. Although they all range from revision to content, they all have one thing in common: they make a butt load of money. You never see a non-profit server in the top ten, and with good reason. The key to success in RSPS is money. I can't tell you how many people ignore this and try to run a server solely off donations. Not that it's impossible, but if you want to be successfully you should be willing to put something in. As an active member of the RuneLocus forums, I see firsthand the amount of servers that start in the same way: "need coder will pay %50 of donations, I can manage community". If you don't have the skills or the money to run a server, what do you have? Now obviously not everyone can go out and learn how to program a popular server, but I can guarantee you that with a bit of finance knowledge a successful server is possible for anyone. However even with a lot of money, a server can STILL go down hill. I once worked on the forum for a server and the owner paid me around $20 a day for doing very little. Despite the fact he spared no expense for his server, his lack of financial knowledge left him with no players, forcing his investment down the drain. Thats why learning how to manage your money can be even more important than having any. Hopefully you learned a bit about why Finances are important, join me next week were I'll explain different methods of gaining money, and which are the most effective.