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Found 1 result

  1. [CENTER]I thought of this useful tutorial my self and decided to share it with you guys. It's very simple (1/10 difficult) and 677 base ready. Please note I highly suggest using Eclipse before doing something like this. Make backups. I figured this would be great for bad words, and website advertisements. Lets get started: [SIZE=5]Client[/SIZE] IComponentDefinition.java : Find... [CODE]if(aString1212.toLowerCase().contains("runescape")) {[/CODE] Above that add all the codes below: Note: You can add more by using the same code over-and-over again. [CODE] /*Author: Gripper at RuneLocus*/ /*Bad Word Filters*/ aString1213 = class298_sub53.readString(332948556); if(aString1213.toLowerCase().contains("bitch")) { aString1212 = aString1212.replace("bitch", "YOUR REPLACEMENT WORD"); aString1212 = aString1212.replace("BITCH", "YOUR REPLACEMENT WORD"); aString1212 = aString1212.replace("Bitch", "YOUR REPLACEMENT WORD"); } if(aString1213.toLowerCase().contains("faggot")) { aString1212 = aString1212.replace("faggot", "YOUR REPLACEMENT WORD"); aString1212 = aString1212.replace("FAGGOT", "YOUR REPLACEMENT WORD"); aString1212 = aString1212.replace("Faggot", "YOUR REPLACEMENT WORD"); } /*Website Filters*/ aString1213 = class298_sub53.readString(332948556); if(aString1213.toLowerCase().contains("runescape.com")) { aString1212 = aString1212.replace("runescape.com", "runelocus.com"); aString1212 = aString1212.replace("RuneScape.com", "runelocus.com"); aString1212 = aString1212.replace("Runescape.com", "runelocus.com"); } aString1213 = class298_sub53.readString(332948556); if(aString1213.toLowerCase().contains("runeserver")) { aString1212 = aString1212.replace("runeserver.org", "runelocus.com"); aString1212 = aString1212.replace("RuneServer.org", "runelocus.com"); aString1212 = aString1212.replace("Runeserver.org", "runelocus.com"); } [/CODE] And you have completed! Good job. You got one step better at coding. Never give up! And always keep your server at a disrespectful FREE zone so you don't lose players! Need help on this? Contact me and I will fix your issue within 5 hours! Post your suggestions, and errors it will help me change the quality of the code! [/CENTER]