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Found 4 results

  1. I'm creating a simple singe player fighting game. The basic layout is a player (You) attempting to finish all the mission by killing waves of enemies and gaining levels and cash to buy more weapons and what not. (Kinda like the game "ZombieVile") [CENTER]Estimated percentage done: [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]15%[/COLOR][/B] [spoiler=Team]Vexia Me[/spoiler] [spoiler=Things Done]Basic mission handler Basic entity handler (npc's, players) Basic weapons handler Tutorial mission started Player loading Player processing Frame start Shop start Images start Inventory Some other little things[/spoiler] [spoiler=Used Libraries]Currently none[/spoiler] [spoiler=Media][IMG]http://i50.tinypic.com/21bkeh.png[/IMG][/spoiler][/CENTER] [spoiler=Downloads][URL="http://www.mediafire.com/?50v18oycnyos3r3"]Open Source Dowload[/URL][/spoiler] Expect frequent updates!
  2. Hello guys! I'm here to show you my two latest tags: Kairi In Space and Space Fighter. Now I'm not the best graphic designer out there, now do I even consider myself an intermediate designer. More or less I am an aspiring graphic designer and I am bouncing from several community in search for some feedback. I've got a good feeling about this community, I feel like you guys will be straight-up and honest with me and won't give me the "it's good, don't change a thing" comment, because I will definitely not gain anything from that. Maybe when I was first starting it was a great self esteem boost and kept me going, but now I am learned that the negative comments are actually the comments I am looking for. Negativity is a person's interpretation that something is flawed, imperfect; needs work, so I thrive for these kinds of replies. However, I will certainly not take "it's awful, just stop" or similar replies as feedback. So, if any of you have that intent, please do me a favor and just push yourself to give me something constructive? I'd really appreciate it guys. Now, enough of my babbling on about my feedback preferences; I could go on all day! Here are the infamous tags: [INDENT][B]Kairi In Space[/B] [IMG]http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/103/5/1/kairi_in_space_by_novus_fx-d4w2i81.png[/IMG] In general I know what's wrong with this tag and I've already received exhausting amounts of feedback on this tag, but I was wondering what this community could offer me in the sense of feedback. This community just seems like a really good community to seek graphic design feedback from, so I think some 10+ more pairs of fresh eyes could really do me some good. Try to avoid feedback regarding: empty space on the left, poor render choice, and poor flow. The flow is actually non-existent, though. If you guys have pointers on flow, I will certainly take that, but I don't want you guys pointing out that there is non-existent flow; I know this! [B]Space Fighter[/B] [IMG]http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/103/2/7/space_fighter_by_novus_fx-d4w2jqu.png[/IMG] Basically, I know that the blending is horrible done and only exists on the render's cannon, but even still it's awfully executed. I also believe that it's slightly over-sharpened, but that might just be myself. Lastly, there is extraneous render pieces off to the right; those grey "spikes". They fill up space yes, but they in no way compliment the flow; lack there-of. Basically the same as above; if you are able to supply me with pointers regarding flow, composition, depth, etc I would really appreciate. But if you're going to point out the aforesaid wrongs, then it is useless to me.[/INDENT]
  3. Hey, I recently installed both of these items, has anyone used them? Are they good? Do you think they help your computer complete tasks faster and ect? Thanks! I was thinking of deleting MalwareBytes and just using this Malware Fighter as it seems pretty good. And deleting AVG with this Deep Care, as it also looks very impressive. Thanks, I'm looking forward for your feedback.
  4. chino

    Favorite MMA fighter?

    Mines is the Stockton Savage Nick Diaz. He is going to kill Carlos Condit coming next month and then after Greasy St. Pierre stops ducking him, Greasy will die. Yours?