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Found 66 results

  1. Ziek`


    1. Cart



    2. Ziek`


      This is a 100% real screenshot from MSN days

    3. Ziek`


      I also have


  2. I remember I watched this and I was like I gotta make a rune pure. I loved being one. [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vg4SbYBP0fo[/url] Do I need to say anything? This guys a fucking legend. [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Q8BbGi2VWg[/url] Invented bridding, inspiration. [url]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A92Rvu3euAw[/url] What are some of your favorite Pkers?
  3. Animals are good friends to people. I like dogs.;)
  4. hey guys deatharmy here, from all the great rsps servers ever to be created, which private server you had the most fun on? [B]Personally for me creative-scape being my number one and emp-scape my second being best rsps.[/B] I am a oldschool kind of guy, i loved 2007 era and these two servers made that oldschool feeling back. [COLOR="#FF0000"]Reason creative-scape is my favorite cause it has that 2007 feeling right on the spot, it makes everything easy but not too easy to achieve these achievements, it's excellent. Creative-scape has all the right things in it i love it. [/COLOR] [COLOR="#008000"] Emp-scape being my second favorite, the exp was very slow, but 99 stats were still easy to be achieved which gave a great clone of runescape. [/COLOR] Personally if i had time to play oldschool runescape and get good stats again i would, but no time for that so these servers make it easier for us who don't have time to achieve fun things and relive the glory days. thanks for reading. :)
  5. What's your favorite Eminem song? I never really listen to him but his album recovery is dope. [video=youtube;5h9_L98H84U]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5h9_L98H84U[/video] What's your favorite Eminem song?
  6. Hey, I'm working on a project ( [url]http://superhostingcoupons.com/[/url] ) and I need 20+ webhosting companies to get this website off the ground. What I'm asking of you guys is to give me links to reputable web hosts so I can compile lists of coupons for them! Thanks, Envo
  7. What is your favorite sport, or sports if you have more than one? Personally I'm not the best at any particular sport, but I'd say I have a better chance at basketball than any other sport, tbh. I love watching it and it's fun playing with friends! I also enjoy watching and playing soccer with friends as well.
  8. Khristen

    Favorite exercise?

    Many people are comfortable in doing the same exercise routines. Like me sometimes, I usually opt for taebo. My parents choose jogging while my grandparents are used to walking. How about you? What's your favorite exercise?
  9. Envo

    Favorite Song?

    What's your favorite song of all time and why? My favorite song is Blink 182: First Date as it's an amazing song by my favorite band and it just represents me. [video=youtube;vVy9Lgpg1m8]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVy9Lgpg1m8[/video]
  10. My favorite kind of sports are: Swimming Motorcycle racing Basketball
  11. What were your favorite childhood videogames? I'm sure many of us miss the old ways of RuneScape and the community back then, but aside from that, what else? I miss the old days of C&C: Renegade! It was a much bigger community than it is today, but at least it's still alive! And hopefully it'll get bigger with the new release of Renegade-X! I remember playing Adventure Quest at the Library with my friends (as well as Runescape!).. Pretty lame ass game if you ask me. Probably all of the old Westwood games before they sold out to Electronic Arts. I also miss one of my favorite games on the Gameboy Advanced SP: Advanced Wars 2. Played it with my brother for years and had such fun with it. Supermario games, Driver 2, and some Simpsons game I can't remember on the GBA. I also remember playing Merlins Revenge (as well as the other versions of the game... they never came out with the 4th version!) such fun games I used to play with my brother. That's pretty much it for my videogames. I didn't have any consoles or anything besides a GBA and a computer. All I played with was hotweels, haha. Anyways, what were your favorite childhood videogames?
  12. tell me all your favorite cars!
  13. What is your favorite RS Player can be popular or can be not. Mine are: [CODE]Boomer Twin skat247 - Meh Nigguh from RS2001-06 [/CODE]
  14. What is the best games you played of all time. I might try em out :) Other Than Runescape
  15. My favorite Xbox games Final Fantasy XIII-2 SSX Halo:Reach
  16. I wanted to share my Favorite type of Films to you guys :) [B][U]Action & Fighting[/U][/B] [LIST] [*]The Mummy [*]The Mummy Returns [*]The Mummy, Tomb of the Dragon Emperor [*]Scorpion King 1, 2 & 3 [*]Never Back Down [*]Undisputed 1, 2 & 3 [*]Knuckle Head [*]Inception [*]Avatar [*]Skyline [*]Death Race 1 & 2 [/LIST] [B][U]Horror & Comedy[/U][/B] [LIST] [*]Alien [*]Alien 2 [*]Alien 3 [*]Alien 4 [*]Alien Vs Predator [*]Alien Vs Predator 2 [*]Zombieland [*]Land of the Dead [*]Diary of the Dead [*]Dawn of the Dead [*]Shaun of the Dead [*]Halloween 1 & 2 [*]Ghostship [*]The Devil's Minions [*]The Devil's Playground [/LIST] All the Films above, I recommend watching because they are just the best things you will ever watch. :D
  17. My favorite PlayStation game are Max Payne 3 Tomb Raider The Last of Us
  18. Sheldonpar

    Favorite PC game

    What is your favorite PC game which you played all time ? My favorite one is Need For Speed Run. I have finished that game more than four times in different difficulties.
  19. Since SoTW is over, [center][img]http://i.imgur.com/flYr3pp.png[/img][/center] Layers + stock if you think it's just booty [spoiler=images][center][img]http://i.imgur.com/kJrl61u.png[/img] [img]http://i.imgur.com/znnmSsw.png[/img][/center][/spoiler] I REALISE THERE'S A HUGE BLATANT GLARING FUCKING LINE ABOVE HER ASS
  20. My favorite movies are Seven Pounds and Gran Torino. I personally think they're the best movies ever made. >.< How about you guys?
  21. So im looking for some good movies to watch on my free time this summer, any suggestions?
  22. What is your favorite champion on leauge? My favorite is: Varus
  23. This is the best server out of hundreds i have ever played. its a semi spawn server. for those people who like eco there is still one so dont worry! I am not getting paid to advertise, im not getting ags, im not getting any bullshit! this is real i love this server and dont want it to ever end. please help us never let that happen. This server has great staff. well working client, no lag, is almost never down, and is just mindblowing. i truly recomend this server to everyone. Please go to RSWEBCLIENTS (dot) com and hit client list, then type immunity the server is called immunitypkz thank you for your time!