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Found 3 results

  1. I have a pi source I was wondering if anyone could help point me in the direction of adding a Dismiss summoning familiar atm my server does not have one so we are stuck with one Familiar and cannot dismiss it
  2. so ive looked everywhere through my source, using rs2hd, anyways im trying to edit the inventory size of the familiar once its summoned, at the moment they all have 20... i have edited everything i can find for the summoning familiar inventory size so yea im stumped and need help its the old TKOScape if i remember correctly
  3. I know it's simple, but when i do: [code]getFamiliar().sendDeath(this);[/code] On player.java when u login, nulls the server. Now what? i need it because my summoning isnt compatible with my 667 players account, i converted the accounts into 718, just need to dissmiss familiars on login, because if they have a familiar, the server wont allow and gives a error on console.. about summoning pouch (familiar name) Like Steel Titans! Forgot to say, when the player have a familiar it says invalid login server ^.^ --- Edit: New problem... [img]http://gyazo.com/313ae5d9ff03296249a7141a5089466d.png?1344193285[/img]