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Found 2 results

  1. dbpoo

    Member Object Problem

    Hi, I got a [B]F2P2006 Delta[/B] and the thing is that the dragon stuff, barrows armour, bandos, etc. appears me as member object and I can't use them. I tried to put myself, donator, admin, owner but still appears like member object. If anyone know how can I change that, please help me. Thanks for reading. :):)
  2. [CENTER]This project was started on [B]August 04, 2011[/B] [I](Approximately [B]472[/B] days old)[/I] [IMG]http://i779.photobucket.com/albums/yy71/lostmyphat/ftp2006.png[/IMG][/CENTER] [COLOR="Red"][B]Disclaimer:[/B][/COLOR] [I]this thread was originally posted on Runebit by Blake. I have his permission to re-post it on his behalf and make alterations accordingly. I am aware there are already existing topics but they were unofficial, feel free to lock them with Blake's permission. I am a friend of Blake's and a keen supporter of F2P2006 so I've decided to create an official thread myself as he rarely visits Rune-Server.[/I] [CENTER][IMG]http://www.youtube.com/favicon.ico[/img] [URL=http://tinyurl.com/8dnldh6][B]YouTube channel[/B][/URL] [IMG]http://i56.tinypic.com/imijbl.png[/img] [URL=http://f2p2006.net/index.php][B]The official website[/B][/URL] [img]https://twitter.com/favicon.ico[/img] [URL=https://twitter.com/F2P2006][B]Our Twitter[/B][/URL] [IMG]http://f2p2006.net/img/dailyscreenshots/daily2.png[/IMG][/CENTER] [QUOTE]"F2P2006 is a server that I have been working on since the 2011, and all throughout the summer. I have continued developing it even now, and I can say that it is starting to look very good. This project consists of my work, my friend's work, and halflive9's work. I have coded most of this, and since halflive9 and I shut down the actual online server last summer, I have lost contact with him. Also, all of this code is written by us, nothing bought. I want to see just how close we can come to making a good F2P version of a RuneScape remake. Before I finish this project I wish to have all F2P aspects of 2006 completely added, or as much to my ability. I don't plan on ever hosting this again, or releasing it. I also plan to make this as CLOSE to old RuneScape as possible, noticing and adding every single last detail. I am working on the bigger content right now like skills, but small things like drops, crates, etc will come into place." [B]- Mod Blake[/B][/QUOTE] [SPOILER="Content Progress"] [color="red"]The [b]red[/b] color code means the feature has not yet been started.[/color] [color="orange"]The [b]orange[/b] color code means the feature has been started and is under construction.[/color] [color="green"]The [b]green[/b] color code means the feature has been finished.[/color] [img]http://i.imgur.com/2EJAV.gif[/img] [b]Combat[/b] [list] [*][color="orange"]PvP fully complete[/color] [*][color="red"]PvN fully complete[/color] [*][color="orange"]Perfect max hit formulas[/color] [*][color="orange"]Perfect accuracy formula[/color] [*][color="orange"]Equipment requirements[/color][/list] [img]http://i.imgur.com/HhYtx.gif[/img] [b]Magic[/b] [list] [*][color="green"]Every modern combat spell[/color] [*][color="green"]Can't mage through walls[/color] [*][color="green"]Alching[/color][/list] [img]http://i.imgur.com/C2xH2.gif[/img] [b]Ranged[/b] [list] [*][color="green"]Bows/arrows[/color] [*][color="green"]Can't shoot through walls[/color] [*][color="green"]Ranged distances (9 steps for long range, 7 steps for normal)[/color] [/list] [img]http://i.imgur.com/t0SHW.gif[/img] [b]Prayer[/b] [list] [*][color="green"]All bones bury-able[/color] [*][color="green"]Every prayer working properly[/color] [*][color="green"]Prayer bonus affects prayer drain rate[/color] [/list] [img]http://i.imgur.com/4Ou9K.gif[/img] [b]Mining[/b] [list] [*][color="green"]Emptying and refilling rocks[/color] [*][color="green"]All ores can be mined[/color] [*][color="green"]Correct pickaxe finding and animations[/color] [*][color="orange"]Prospecting[/color] [*][color="red"]Random chance of obtaining gems[/color] [*][color="green"]Correct depleting of rocks chance algorithms[/color] [/list] [img]http://i.imgur.com/Bbq6R.gif[/img] [b]Smithing[/b] [list] [*][color="green"]All bars can be made[/color] [*][color="green"]All bars can be forged into items[/color] [*][color="green"]All equipment can be produced[/color] [*][color="green"]Correct animations, interfaces and objects used[/color] [/list] [img]http://i.imgur.com/HFOC2.gif[/img] [b]Fishing[/b] [list] [*][color="green"]All fish can be caught[/color] [*][color="green"]Big net fishing[/color] [*][color="green"]Correct item requirements[/color] [*][color="green"]Fishing spots located all around the world[/color] [*][color="green"]Correct animations[/color] [*][color="red"]Moving fishing locations[/color] [/list] [img]http://i.imgur.com/Xvfj1.gif[/img] [b]Cooking[/b] [list] [*][color="green"]Picking wheat[/color] [*][color="green"]Filling flour bin[/color] [*][color="red"]Bread[/color] [*][color="red"]Pizza[/color] [*][color="red"]Cakes[/color] [*][color="green"]Potatoes[/color] [*][color="green"]Eating food (in pieces)[/color] [*][color="green"]Correct animation and timing used[/color][/list] [img]http://i.imgur.com/QrNzk.gif[/img] [b]Woodcutting[/b] [list] [*][color="green"]Stumps and regrowing trees[/color] [*][color="green"]Correct hatchet finding[/color] [*][color="green"]Correct hatchet animations[/color] [*][color="green"]All trees cut-able[/color][/list] [img]http://i.imgur.com/0HOQK.gif[/img] [b]Firemaking[/b] [list] [*][color="green"]All logs light able[/color] [*][color="green"]Adding and depleting of lightened logs[/color] [*][color="green"]Ashes appear after logs burn out[/color] [*][color="green"]Correct animations[/color] [*][color="green"]Clipped[/color] [/list] [img]http://i.imgur.com/5zdcP.gif[/img] [b]Crafting[/b] [list] [*][color="green"]Leather crafting[/color] [*][color="green"]Full tanning[/color] [*][color="green"]Pottery (fired and unfired items)[/color] [*][color="red"]Gem cutting[/color] [*][color="orange"]Jewelry making[/color][/list] [img]http://i.imgur.com/bUmTj.gif[/img] [b]Runecrafting[/b] [list] [*][color="green"]All altars working[/color] [*][color="red"]Correct multiple crafting[/color] [*][color="green"]Talismans "pull" to altars[/color] [*][color="green"]Tiaras enchanting[/color][/list] [img]http://i.imgur.com/R4MMI.png[/img] [b]Music and Sounds[/b] [list] [*][color="green"]All skilling sounds[/color] [*][color="green"]Various attacking sounds[/color] [*][color="green"]Music on region of player[/color] [/list] [img]http://i.imgur.com/KKQ7R.png[/img] [b]Quests[/b] [list] [*][color="green"]Cook's Assistant[/color] [*][color="green"]Tutorial Island[/color] [/list] [/SPOILER] [COLOR="Red"][B]The Team[/B][/COLOR] [B]Mod Blake[/B] - [I]Lead Developer[/I] [B]Halflive9[/B] - [I]Content Developer[/I] [B]Mod Robert[/B] - [I]Content Developer[/I] [B]Mod George[/B] - [I]Website Developer & Community Administrator[/I] [B]Mod Matt[/B] - [I]Website Designer & Security Administrator[/I] [B]Want to be apart of the team? We are currently hiring content developers and one more website developer. Add me on Skype: [I]Gwb2k6[/I] [I][B][COLOR="Green"]View below for media and information![/COLOR][/B][/I]