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Found 2 results

  1. Being that I spent many hours working with this, trying to figure out what exactly was the issue and why it wouldn't work, I've decided to share this information with you all so that it may save you both the time and trouble. Furthermore, because I only have seen one snippet pertinent towards item floor examining and the amount of 718 revisions+ that have ground item examining are slim to none. What was the issue? Well, as most of you are surely aware, client packets must be precise. The variables were not. NOTE: If you either used this or if this helped you in ANY way, please don't hesitate to up-vote (its FREE!) First you'll need to declare your packets+size inside WPD: Then add this under processPackets method: Inside WPE:
  2. I'm truly surprised no one has done this yet tbh lol The only thing this is missing, is itemDefinitions with the proper examines (which can be done, I just don't know how to dump from something like RuneHQ or Zybez) Okay, so first, head to com.rs2hd.packethandler.PacketHandlers. Scroll down, and put this: [CODE] ExaminePacketHandler examine = new ExaminePacketHandler(); handlers[124] = examine;[/CODE] Now, com.rs2hd.packethandler.ExaminePacketHandler; Replace it with mine: [CODE]package com.rs2hd.packethandler; import com.rs2hd.model.ItemDefinition; import com.rs2hd.model.NPCDefinition; import com.rs2hd.model.Player; import com.rs2hd.net.Packet; /** * Handles examining. * @author Graham * */ public class ExaminePacketHandler implements PacketHandler { @Override public void handlePacket(Player player, Packet packet) { try { switch(packet.getId()) { case 38: int id = packet.readLEShortA(); player.getActionSender().sendMessage(ItemDefinition.forId(id).getExamine()); break; case 88: id = packet.readShort(); NPCDefinition def = NPCDefinition.forId(id); if(def == null) { player.getActionSender().sendMessage("It's an NPC!"); } else { player.getActionSender().sendMessage(def.getExamine()); } break; case 84: id = packet.readShort(); player.getActionSender().sendMessage("It's an object!"); break; case 124: //Inventory items id = packet.readLEShortA(); ItemDefinition item = ItemDefinition.forId(id); String examine = item.getExamine(); switch(id) { default: player.sm(examine); break; } } } catch(Exception e) { } } public ExaminePacketHandler() { } } [/CODE] There is one glitch, which I'm not 100% sure how to fix. The actual "It's an ---" won't show up, until you click somewhere... Have fun. See how easy that was? This is why I'm surprised no one has fully done it yet. I think CorruptionX sorta has it, but they just say "It's an item!" New: For NPC examining. Head into Constants.java, and with the others put: [CODE]PACKET_LENGTHS[14] = 3;[/CODE] In PacketHandlers.java Find the Examine packet handlers above, and just add: [CODE]handlers[49] = examines; handlers[14] = examines;[/CODE] underneath it. Now, in examinePacketHandler find: [CODE]case 88:[/CODE] And directly below it, put: [CODE]case 49: case 14:[/CODE] So it looks like: [CODE]case 88: case 49: case 14: id = packet.readShort(); NPCDefinition def = NPCDefinition.forId(id);[/CODE] Now go to NPCDefinition, and find: [CODE]public String getExamine() {[/CODE] and replace it with mine: [CODE]public String getExamine() { if(examine == null) { return "It's an NPC!"; } else { return examine; } }[/CODE] Done. To add examines, just go into your npcDefinitions.xml file, and put <examine>YOUREXAMINEHERE</examine> within the npc definition.