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Found 7 results

  1. bare with me as i have little experience in building private servers, but when i load the source then the client it opens and stops at 0% and on the command prompt thing it says: "error_game_js5connect" just was wondering how can i sort this out, was the possible causes? thanks! :)
  2. When I load my source, everything works great. When I load my client, I get no error messages, except for Error_Game_Js5connect. Which keeps my client stuck at Checking For Updates 0%. Does anyone know why it does this? :'(
  3. I've compiled the client with the client.java file set as "myservername.no-ip.org" and it works for me but when I upload the client folder to a website such as uppit, when other people download it, it just won't work lol it gets stuck at connecting to update server and the black box says "error_game_js5connect". Also it used to be that even when I downloaded the client folder from uppit it didn't even work for me but I got that to work because the Ip address that was in my host on the no-ip website was wrong and that got it working for me when I download the client folder but sometimes it keeps randomly changing back to the broken one and I've tried deleting it and making a new one with the right Ip address but it keeps going back to the broken one. Anyway when it's on the right one, it works fine and that's most of the time and its only a few seconds to change it if it breaks but this did not get it working for other people though which I really don't get, I've port forwarded, got it working for me with the no-ip address perfectly but it just won't work for other people and it's getting annoying now lol if anybody knows how to fix this any help is really appreciated (562 Atomicscape Source + Atomicscape Client edited to my no-ip address)
  4. Hi, i've port forwarded and everything because the server works when I load up the client it works perfectly. But when I put it on uppit for other people to download, when they download it, it doesn't work at all, it says "error_game_js5connect" and the client gets stuck at "Connecting to update server", i've tried it with 2 different clients that are succesful fpor me but aren't for other people. Also what I find really really strange is that when I download the thing that I uploaded it won't even work for me when it's exactly the same as the working one that I uploaded as far as I know. I don't know if its the actual website uppit or if something is changed when I upload it, as far as I know I have to add the client folder to WinRaR archive making it into a pile of books for the icon as that is the format every server I have ever used has been in and then I have to drag the folder from the books onto the desktop and bingo it works, but this doesn't for some reason lol technically it should be exactly the same as the working copy and theoretically it should work exactly the same as the working copy but it just doesn't after it has been uploaded and then downloaded. Also the actual client folder is something like 200mb or 300mb big and i'm sure it doesn't need to be that big lol Any help on either of the 2 things would be greatly appreciated :)
  5. I've definatley port-forwarded correctly and the ip in the client.java is "myservername.no-ip.org" and I personaly can connect to my server and play it but I've put the folder containing the whole client onto uppit and when people download it, on 2 occasions (I've only tried 2 people) the loading screen gets stuck at connecting to update server and the little black box says "error_game_js5connect" . One person has windows 7 and one person has Vista (Which is what I have) and I really don't know what to do, I've googled all different ways of how to fix it but that's stuff like change the Ip in the client.java to or or something which (as far as I know) means that only I can connect to my server :( If anyone knows anything about this preferably on how to fix it that would be amazing, I've tried putting the java into the client folder and if this seems simple, im really new to this stuff so sorry for the simplicity (I am using a 562 source Atomicscape) and the client is one that can be used for any 562 source providing it works but I have set the client.java to "myservername.no-ip.org" I have the no-ip client little box thing running and i'm just completely clueless)
  6. I've tried just about everything I can think of and i'm not exactly sure on how to search on how to fix this problem but basically , I compile the source, I run the server (both of those are successfull) and then I try and run the client which is associated with the source and it gets stuck at "Connected to update server" (Connec"TED" not Connect"ING") and in the little black box it shows my IP Address and the under it it says "error_game_js5connect". I know that this is probably something really simple that i'vev not done / done wrong but if anybody could point out what xactly and tell me how to fix it to get my server working then that would be greatly appreciated :) Cheers, Bananana :D
  7. when I run my client for my server it gets stuck at connecting to update server Ive tried many different things and I can't fix this error. btw this is a 517 server.