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Found 3 results

  1. Website: Elveron RSPS: Best RuneScape Private Server 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6Y1LWlPjRo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LowAcNV4HJ0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMkNEpqRvuE
  2. TylerJ


    Hey, I've been playing this RSPS called Elveron and was wondering if you wanted to play with me. It's really fun and has tons of features and stuff to do. The server url is (insert your link here). When you get on the game you should also add me. My username is (insert username here). Thanks! [url]http://bit.do/ibe1coolguyelveron-[/url] [ATTACH=CONFIG]10979[/ATTACH]
  3. [CENTER][img]http://elveron.org/elvepk.png[/img] Welcome to my thread everyone! Elveron Pk is my upcoming second world for my Elveron series. I originally was working on a 718 pking server for quite a while, but then realized that no one wanted to pk on a 667+ server. Therefore, I did a poll and found that 614 was the most popular revision for pking. Although I did make huge progress with tons of content for a 718 pking server, that should be easy to port over to this 614 base considering that bases don't matter, it's all java anyways. I will be working hard to make this one of the most epic and fun pking servers out there in this revision :) bobismyname kaleem A large part of this project is driven by the community. We are looking for active pkers and people with creative ideas that can make this an awesome pking server. I have not come across suggestions or bug fixes that I couldn't solve, so don't be afraid to throw ideas at me. We have a skype group for ideas, discussions, polls, etc. We organize updates, data, polls and such on google docs, and have many ways of communicating with people who are interested in the project. If you are interested to help out, don't hesitate to contact me. Skype - mabrox97 Beta Status: [SIZE=4][COLOR="#00FF00"]ONLINE[/COLOR][/SIZE] Beta Client (.jar): [url]http://www.elveron.org/ElveronPk.jar[/url] Beta Client (.rar): [url]http://www.elveron.org/ElveronPk.rar[/url] Base: SpawnScape 614 New Features: [SPOILER]To be added...[/SPOILER] Old Features: [SPOILER]- Teleport Interface - Skull PvP Lvling System - Starter Interface - Custom Mage Arena Zone (No Range) - Thieving - Shops - PvP - Spawning/Selling - Dicing - Cash/Shard Eco - Account Logs - Commands - Magic - Custom Portals at Home - Custom Multi Donator Zone - Donator Ranks - Custom Names - Custom Levels - Custom Hit Splat (600+ Damage) - Fixed max cash stack resetting at 2147m - Godsword Specs - Safe PvP at Home - Unsafe PvP in other areas - Custom Auto Restart Messages - Server Messages - Donation System - Voting System - MySQL - ScanIP command - Trading[/SPOILER] Media: [SPOILER] [img]http://i.imgur.com/KSiOfFX.png[/img] [img]http://i.gyazo.com/c607c3c70bfc941cb23723902d6e7846.gif[/img] [img]http://i.gyazo.com/f9eff09f53145fd123ff8dff25bd52d2.gif[/img] [img]http://i.gyazo.com/d3ba7bc98346e9a7f5f9d03507e8c2b9.gif[/img] MORE TO BE ADDED![/SPOILER] FULL LOG LIST SORTED BY DATE [url]https://docs.google.com/document/d/1L_Jpg7XUejJQiaCHkLEqan7cVgSGFZY-mULgYJ_x6-8/edit?usp=sharing[/url][/CENTER]